10 month update - Austin, TX

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I really want this procedure, but now im going...

I really want this procedure, but now im going back and forth whether it will be worth it. I keep looking at my nose and other people's noses, wondering if mine's so bad afterall. Ive been looking at before and after trying to find my similar nose. Some after photos i like, some i dont, and some i cant tell. I want there to be a change, but now im scared the change will be so insignificant. I kind of already feel guilty for such a self-absorbed procedure. I really hope its worth it. I really debate cancelling it, and just losing my deposit.

I paid the hospital portion of my surgery...

I paid the hospital portion of my surgery yesterday. This surgery is becoming more real every day. Last night I had a nightmare about it actually. I dreamt that I didn't quite go under. I think that speaks more for my anxiety about the anesthesia:

>>In the dream, they couldn't quite keep me down. There was a lot of crying before the dreamt surgery, where the doctor abruptly gave me the IV. I dreamt that my teeth and nails were being pulled - it was pretty much a nightmare. And then after the dreamt surgery, I was told that there was a complication of "elfing" due to the high amount of "parmin" in my nose- which meant I had to do a followup surgery to complete the nose job. As I'm being told this information, I'm spitting out teeth, which are falling out.

Oh! and I'm posting before pics...which have...

Oh! and I'm posting before pics...which have strangely been rotated. The baseline is that I don't like my nose, but the degree of dislike varies. Some of attached pics I'm fine with, others not so much. Regardless, I'm going through with it. I'm confident in the doctor- and I believe he can't make my nose much worse.

Hospital bill... Check. Surgeon bill... Check....

Hospital bill... Check. Surgeon bill... Check. Anesthesa bill... Check. Now I have to wait 4 nights, and hopefully ill be that much closer to having a cuter nose. I've stocked up on most after care items and snacks. This will either be the longest (because of excitement) or shortest (out of nervousness) week.

Day 7 since surgery (cast off): I should be...

Day 7 since surgery (cast off):

I should be asleep, but I'm not because I'm nervous about my trip to Houston for the holidays. I just got my split removed, and I hope the nose blob that I see beforeme is attributed to swelling. The packing, split removal didn't hurt at all! I'm still stinging from the suture removal so it hurts to stretch my nose (which I surprisingly want to do a lot of). What I see staring back at me is this alien nose. I also still have dark bruising that my concealer can't quite cover up. So with all that, I'm so nervous about seeing the family. Only my brother knows, and I think it will really bother my mother. So I'm dreading it because I know how my mom can get; She won't bare to look at me (when I got a nose piercing years ago, she pretty much ignored me and sighed heavily). I KNOW the swelling will eventually go down- but I fear my mom will see: the suture outline, the slight bump on the bridge, and weird nostrils- and think I've botched my face. I have to keep reminding myself that it will take a year for the final result, or I'd resort to that negative thinking. I'm so worried I messed up my nose- I'm freaked out about the new bump and my uneven nostrils. I feel I may have traded one set of nose imperfections (round tip, undefined front bridge) for a new set (I at least had even nostrils and a straight profile bridge beforehand). *breathe*

I'm attaching some new pics of me in my split and after. You'll see I still have bruising. The worse part of recovery has been the sleeping. With the packing in my nose, I couldn't breathe at all. A humidifier helped somewhat, but I always woke up during the night off and on; and I would have a sore, dry throat. It was really miserable. With the split removed, I can now breathe which has made a world of difference on my mood. I still have to be careful washing my face (I use cleansing and exfoliating wipes) or I'll trigger pain.

This post has generally been a downer, and I apologize. But I've read a considerable number of these reviews, and I anticipate it will be a rollercoaster ride.

My quick and dirty recap of the last two weeks:...

My quick and dirty recap of the last two weeks: It's been 3 weeks since my surgery.

My last post was rather dreary. But nothing but positive for this one! Family was totally accepting of the surgery, which made recovery that much better. I honestly could have gone back to work when the cast was off, but was more than happy to take extra days for the holidays.

Can you believe I still have bruising? At least they are really small and faint, and concealer does a good job of covering them up.
I had a followup two days ago, and the doctor gave me a steroid shot in my nose. The tip was rather hard and inflexible, and I have a slight bump on my bridge. Did the shot make a difference? Nose changes are so freaking subtle so it's hard to tell the degree of change. But I believe it made an improvement by comparing the loads of daily pictures I take of myself :)

I'm excited to see how my nose will change in the coming months. I don't hate it (and coming from a 'more glass empty' kind of person, that is saying a lot).

I actually made a video update for those that want to see the progress in action. I've also attached some pics.
Day of cast where I'm really swollen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PihN_FltVQ
3 week update: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBGyIsb7IUU

I no longer think about my nose every day... now...

I no longer think about my nose every day... now it's every other other day :)

I went for a followup yesterday and was given another steroid shot on the right side of my nose - luckily it didn't hurt as much as the nose tip shot last time. As well, the doctor's med spa gave me laser treatment for the bruises that are still persisting (I'm a notorious bruiser). I liked the laser so much, I'm going back for some more next month to see if it will treat the crop of sun spots that have creeped their way onto the surface.

On the nose progress: Nose is definitely improving! I've included another side by side... I can't believe it's only been 1.5 months since my surgery- for some reason it feels so long ago. I really like how it looks now, compared to before surgery... but I'm still withholding my final judgement. I'm waiting to see if my nostrils will even out and my side profile will get smoother. If those two things happen in the next year, I'll definitely say this surgery is worth it.

10 month update

I'm attaching a video of the latest progress. It's not perfect, but I like my nose a lot better. I changed my status to "worth it." I think if you have the right expectations going in, you'll think it's worth it too. I'll let you know if any of the imperfections on my nose changes. I'm expecting that it won't though. For the most part, I think what I see is what i'll get. I'm not even thinking about revision at this point.

10 month photo

10 month update

10 month update pic

For some reason I can't update a photo... last time.
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