Asian / Latino ( Hispanic ) Rhinoplasty - Austin, TX

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I'm soooo nervous for my upcoming Rhino, I've seen...

I'm soooo nervous for my upcoming Rhino, I've seen so many horrid nose jobs that either had little improved results to show or upturned pig noses! But I've done a lot of research, found an excellent Austin Texas facial specialist , and I think that as long as I communicate thoroughly about not only what I want but what I DON'T Want in a rhinoplasty, it SHOULD be a success. I pray that my nose comes out looking natural and doesn't end up the slightest bit upturned ( my worst fear). I don't like my nostril holes showing at all. Im also worried about My bridge being build up Too High since ill be having grafting done with natural Cartilage, I like my side profile bridge, just not my nose tip and wide nostrils. I've read lots of good reviews about my surgeon so despite that I didn't see any Asian nose job pics from him, I'm still confident in him. Wish me luck!

Ethnic/Asian Rhino 1 week Post-Op

I'm happy to get my nose splint taken off tomorrow so I can finally be seen in public without starring! There was very little pain the first 4 days except when I yawned and my nostrils flared. I cut back dramatically on my salt intake since I do love it on everything and I spoke with my surgeon right before I "went under" to go over what I didn't want and what I did want . Afterward my doctor spoke to my fiancé and told him that my nose would be turned upward for now until the splint comes off and the swelling goes down. It's gone down slightly but I can still see my unflattering pig nose nostrils. My tip still looks fatty but I'm sure it's swollen and I hope my nose tip and nostrils will thin out and fall downward into place extremely soon. Dr. Buckingham & his staff even sent me "get well soon" Roses the day after my surgery, which was really nice. I've been taking this " recovery support program " box set of anti- inflammatory pills that promotes healing and contains a lot of vitamins , which I received from another doctor. I had to become a mouth breather with a dry throat for the first 4 days until I manages to clear my nose enough to breath through it. So I kept plenty of chap stick and cool drinks on hand to help relieve that. I've also been putting polysporine on my stiches since I read some where it'll help with the scarring and healing. Other than all that, it's been a decent 1st week. If anyone has anymore tips on preventing bad scars, please let me know!

One month post-op, not so enthusiastic.

I was fortunate to come out of surgery without any black eyes or bruising. I was in and out in no time. My nose looked horrid once they took my cast/splint off one week later and my fiancé wasn't to happy to see how it look either. My doctor called me after I emailed him to assure me it'll look very close to what I wanted... But judging from this point, I don't see how it could possibly dramatically change to how I wanted it to be. I know I still have a lot of swelling in my tip and it'll take at least 5 more months to see a final result but I'm not liking it right now. It breaks my heart and destroys my confidence to think that I handed over Eight Grand for a nose shape that I may not even come close to having. My bridge however, does make my nose look thinner, but its still very bulbous around my nostrils and tip. A monkey nose is basically what I have. I'm extremely worried about my nose being a little upturned. What I really wanted was just the opposite, a subtle arrow nose is what I really wanted, its a very attractive trait. But my doctor strait out told me he wasn't going to give me that. Now I'm starting to think .."What the heck did I lose Eight grand for??? Just a bridge with no natural curve? (despite not asking for a bigger bridge, just a smaller/refined nose tip) ". Most people don't even notice any difference except my fiancé , and as of right now I can tell he doesn't like my nose shape. I can only pray that it WILL dramatically improve, thin out, lower my pig nose and make it worth all the money & all the trips out of town. I would like the opinion of others to see if you think it's even possible for my nose to end up like the girl in the photo.

Ethnic/Asian rhino with donated cartilage

At this point I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to end up with the pretty arrow shaped nose I so madly wanted and payed for. My nostril holes more visible than before (despite what my doctor thinks) , it's much more bulbous because of swelling, not pointed or defined at all, and my femininely curved bridge was widened too much, making it masculine and crooked up top as the new donated cartilage CAPS the natural width of my bridge resulting in unsightly shadows on the sides. I can only hope it does improve in the next 6 months, as of right now I'm heart broken and disappointed, but I try not to think about my manly troll-like nose.

6.5 months post Op

Since I've had my surgery I've had an irritating issue with my nose running and having watery boogers? Water? Drip from my nose when I'm active. I've never had a problem with allergies before this. My nose is as big and bulbous as ever despite that my doctor gave me an anti-swelling injection that made my nose swell even more so two weeks ago. I feel unattractive and I sometimes think my fiancé hates it now when he looks at it. I can only keep hoping in another 6 months it'll slightly improve. It's far from the result I wanted but can't do anything about it now except deal with it until I forget about it. I even had three ppl come up to me and ask what ethnicity I was because they couldn't tell! My side profile used to look cute with the natural feminine curve, now it looks like a hump nose. In the mean time I've been learning to contour my nose with makeup tutorials to make it seem thinner & defined. Am I being to critical of my result?

A year and two months post-op

Hello again, as you can see my nose came out looking nothing like I wanted. My nose tip is much bigger and troll looking. I still have concave indentions on the side of my bridge creating ugly shadows as a result of shaping the cartilage too wide on top of my natural bridge. My doctor thought it came out nice but I certainly don't. I should have emphasized more that I didn't want a ski-slope bridge, I really miss my femininely curved bridge. He's a great doctor ( for Caucasian noses) and he treats you with care, but ethic noses are not his speciality. Even my fiancé thinks I have a HUGE nose :'(
Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

The staff is so nice, comforting, will go out of their way for you and the ladies don't treat you like a cow on a conveyer belt. Dr. Buckingham seemed to be in a rush and had to get strait to the point when I had my two visits with him but he was still able to answer all my questions since I had them all written down. He doesn't have the new Vectra 3D imaging machine, which is surprising but be sure to get a few free consults so you get the experience and learn from all of them. He was honest, he suggested that given the risks, my nose wasn't bad looking and he discouraged the Surgery, but he also said there's a 95% chance Ill be happy with my result.

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