Rhinoplasty, Upper and Lower Bleph W/tear Trough Implants, Surgisil Perma Lip Implants. - Austin, TX

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I have been to 3 different Dr's for consultations...

I have been to 3 different Dr's for consultations and opinions and estimates. I really liked two of the Dr's but have chosen Dr A because he only does faces so he should be really well practiced and good at this. I have watched several lip and tear trough surgeries on youtube to be informed on what I am choosing to do.

2 more days!!

Getting nervous. Been eating pinapple and got 3 diff neck pillows and a humidifer. My face will be super jacked up for a week. Then bruised and still swollen for another week. Hopefully not to bad after that. Going to try to add close up photos but doesn't look easy on here.

Pre Op Goodie bag

Forgot to mention when I went to my pre-op Dr Apostolakis gave me a whole goodie bag and 3 prescriptions. I bring it with me to surgery and they went over everything in it then and will go over one more time surgery day. I will post again when I am home so I can tell you what all is in it. Very nice not to have to run to the drug store with a list of stuff to purchase and wonder if I am getting the correct thing. There are two meds already in bag one is the antibiotic and I think one to help sleep and relax. Supposed to take that one night before surgery. Like I said I will post later with contents. I thought this was a nice touch.

goodie bag from Dr A

It includes a stack of gauze pads, 4oz bottle hydrogen peroxide, pkg of 100 cotton swabs, artificial tears ointment, refresh plus lubricant eyedrops, nasal decongestant spray, saline nasal spray, aquaphor healing ointment. I have also got Valium for night time, antibiotic, anti viral, pain and nausea meds.

pics night before surgery

24 hours afyer surgery

Hurts but totally not unbearable. Only taking over the counter tylanol. Dr days everytji.g looks ad it should day 1. I keep trying to post a pic last night and today. It keeps saying error. Sorry

Obviously can't see very well, all the spelling errors!

surgery wed and it's Friday morning now. Things are getting a little less numb feeling so a little more pain. I think mostly from the swelling. I did do a ton of icing for the first 2 days but still swollen pretty good. Taking arnica tabs and using Bruistick under eyes and drinking pineapple juice, I think today or tomorrow will be the worst of it. I took gauze off from under nose at Dr visit yesterday and haven't had any more draining. Going to try again to get a pic up.



i wrote a whole long detailed review and went to take some pics to add and the review is gone! I have zero patience right now so hope you get the pics anyway!!! This site is not the easiest to use

Edited short sweet version of lost update

Vaporizer- best friend
NOSE- Saline spray-Hydrogen peroxide - aquiphor cream 6x daily and can breath through both nostrils already
EYES- hydrogen peroxide- artificial tears ointment 3X daily with Bruistick under eyes
LIPS- hydrogen peroxide on stitches after eating and aquiphor lip repair to keep constantly moist.
Back to dr Monday for some stitches out. Just relaxing and healing. Think swelling hit its peak and things are going down slowly now. Drinking pineapple juice and taking arnica tabs I case they help any. More of my face is back to feeling instead of numb and tingly but my back hurts worse than my face does from sitting/reclining. I have to have a stand up job cuz I can't sit much bad si joint. Can't wait for a couple more weeks when I will look like a person again. But in pics it looks a little better everyday. I really love dr Apostolakis and his nurses and my anesthesiologist they have all treated me very well and listened and answered and encouraged throughout the process so far!

time for an update surgery wed today is Sunday

each day a little better. I did start having some reaction on my cheeks where the skin felt grainy bumpy and thickened so stop using Bruistick since that was only thing going there. I notice the more I get up to try and walk around to give my back a break the more the swelling comes back. I am now putting a plastic jar of coffee about 6" circumference with a beanbag tucked behind the right side of my back by the "butt dimple" to help keep that Si joint from distending and causing more discomfort. I also downloaded a couple free aps that use different frequencies mixed with nature sounds for healing and sleeping etc. It helps keep my mind occupied and relaxed. Taking pictures of self is hard to get good shots but here are a few more at 4 days post! I'm not a regular coffee drinker but when I do I seem to release retained water so last 3 days hubby has made me an iced coffee. ok not going to upload pics again finicky site!!! Will try later to upload pics from this morning. Lips more bruising eyes a little less and cheek hollows some bruising.

Trying again to post pics

Still owie

got stitches out of eye and under nose yesterday day 5. Wed day 7 I go back to dr and get cast off of nose. Very nervous because still lots of swelling which will spread quickly
Colt I to my already swollen nose. Tip is way swollen from day of surgery. I am still sitting and sleeping 30-45 degree angle all day every day I guess because I got so much done it is worse than on thing. I will post photos tomorrow after cast removal (if it will work) still swollen congested bruised hurting but hopefully will be worth it all in a few months!

Cast off no bump!!!

my tip very swollen, much bigger than day of surgery so I know/hope it goes down over next 6months. Bump/hump gone!!! Even with how swollen my eyes still are there is some lid showing instead of skin om eyelashes!!!! Lips plump en though still bruised. It will take months to regain all feeling back but hopefully somewhat better in next 10 days before back to work. Putting nothing on eyes since stitches out per Dr. Drops in eyes if dry... Only used a couple times. Nose rest of stitches will dissolve in time and continue to clean and keep moist with saline spray and aquafor healing ointment. Lips still trying to be chappy and tight so keep using the aquafor for lips constantly. The lower lid implants area is still swollen and tender but insicions in eyes for those have not bothered me nor have I seen them. Just bruised and swollen so interested to see once that resolves. They are to fill in the and smooth tout the under eye bags and creases or hollows. With everything still so swollen from multiple tramas it will take a little longer than if I had only done one of the 4 surgeries like most people I've seen on here. But here are some pics from today :)

Pics to go with 7 days post

day 11

This weekend it looks like a stich came out inside the lower lid of my right eye. A small chunk of tissue is showing. i have an apt tomorrow already and Dr was out of town last few days. Hopefully something they can fix. Still swelling around eyes and nose. Stiff upper lip. That takes a while to go away but definitely a cuter nose. Upper lip I don't think looks much fuller but lower is. One more week to heal up. Can't wait to be able to apply makeup again and actually have eyelid to use shadow and liner and see how it all comes together.

keeping on, keeping on

So back to work this week has been busy. Still a little swollen around the eyes and nose. Still cant feel the triangle from my eyes through upper lip. This is the most annoying part. After you get done at the dentist and you cant tell if you are drooling and you cant feel the cold water on the numb part. I feel as if my nose is dripping a lot but usually it isn't at all. The lips are stretching back out a little bit but even through the night when I wake up I put on chapstick and stretch again. At first you couldn't see but the tips of my upper teeth now you can see about 3/4 of normal. A little super stubborn bruising and dark circles under eyes and inside upper lip. I will try this weekend to duplicate pictures my daughter took the night before surgery in the kitchen with no makeup on again. I will have to see if I can figure out how to put them side by side. Because of the swelling around my eyes i look a little bit like the cat lady still. Hoping that look is from the swelling. My eyelids are a little tight feeling but they close fine. Definitely harder to put on the makeup because my eyes don't move the same way and the lashes are closer to the lids at the moment and just tender all over. At the moment I'm not sure about the lower eye implant it seems my eyes still have a big hollow and lots of skin (after being stretched out huge a couple of weeks ago) letting everything heal well before final judgement. I do love that the nose is smaller and dainty looking even only after 3 weeks. Oh ya and that thing in my eye. The Dr ended up giving it a shot of steroid and some steroid drops (I think steroids not to sure) and when I went back 5 days later it was smaller, but still there, so he looked at it for a bit and said why don't we just clip it off. I was nervous but when he did the shot in it last visit I didn't feel anything. So that's what we did. He grabbed it with tweezers and then clipped it with scissors. I didn't feel anything and it didn't bleed. In my mind I equated it with a more moist and pink "skin tag". That was last week and it has been fine ever since. So when I get pics up this Saturday it will be 3.5 weeks.

Updated pics

trying ro replicate night before pics. Well they have updated how you post photos now so you no longer just take a pic from here. You can get them from your album in your phone or iPad but they are rotated funny on this site now!!! I am so not good at picture editing etc so leaving them for now. Eyelid scar still pretty pink but easily covers with shadow. Still have the numbness and stiffness in upper lip and cheeks and nose. That is the most bothersome to me. I feel like miss piggy till I look in the mirror and see I do still have a face attached.

with makeup

before and after

trying again.....

Lower lip problems

I think looking back I got an infection in my lower lip pretty early on. I just didn't know what to expect or what it SHOULD feel like. My lower lip was very tight and uncomfortable. I kept thinking this would go away. Well by July it was definitely not normal and was very full and uncomfortable and feeling tingly and it finally got a bump that I knew was infection. The Dr was out of town then I was out of town so when I finally got to be seen he lanced it and drained the puss out and started me on antibiotics. I had it lanced and drained again a week later still on antibiotics. I go in to see him tomorrow. I believe we will have to remove the lower implant and let it heal and start over. The upper lip has been fine and has no signs of infection it is around the lower only. I'll let you know what happens after tomorrow.

Happy with face! Don't know how to change it up at the top from "not sure"

Dr took out lower implant. Looks fine with just the upper. Not sure I would use implants next time I try to make fuller lips. Don't want the fillers available at the moment. Maybe if I tried again it would be with fat grafting to the lips. Just scared of lumpy bumpy look. Totally happy with eyes and mostly happy with nose. I have thick skin on my nose so it's not the Dr's fault he can't reduce the tip shape more. The profile is perfect since he took the bump off.
Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

Have been to a consultation once and have a few more questions to make sure we are on the same page. So they have scheduled me for a second consultation. I am scheduling for Jan 14 2015. Second consult went good. The pre op was good and informative. So since surgery I went back the next morning then 4 days later and 4 days later and about 4 days after that then next apt is a week out. The aftercare is all part of the cost. It is so reassuring to keep seeing the Dr and to make sure things are looking as they should. I live a good distance from the Dr office so depending on traffic I am always early by varying amounts of time. They always just take me right back when I get there and I see the Dr with in 3-5 min. I don't feel rushed and I can ask whatever with out feeling like it is a dumb question. The nurses and reception and scheduler have also all been fabulous and kind, knowledgeable and helpful.

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