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Mom of 3 boys did not breastfeed because my milk...

Mom of 3 boys did not breastfeed because my milk just never came in right.......... I am obsessed with this site been looking at all the reviews all the pictures (but only the worth it ones do not not want to scare myself out of it ;)) I wanted to post my journey getting my breast done I am so excited been wanting to get it done for the past 4 yrs but every time I was about to set a date and do it we ended up needing the money for something else. SO finally we have the money again and I have my consult on the 10th of Feb with Dr. Kerr at synergy plastic surgery I have done ALLOT! of research on doctors here in round rock TX. My breast volume over the years seems to decrease I was a c I think pretty sure I am a b cup but most b cups are to small and and I don't fill out a c . Never filled out bras after having my 3rd boy been wearing sports bras all the time now because having a hollowed out bra cup was just so uncomfortable for me just didn't feel right. My husband is very supportive about all this I think he is just as excited as me but I am sure he is sick of me showing him boob pictures everyday lol I know I do not have much on here now will update again after my appointment going to show some before pics thanks for reading :)

Consult tomrrow!!!!!

Have My consult tomorrow can't wait to see how many cc's I will be getting I want a d or dd depending how it looks don't want to go to huge. Hope I remember all I want to ask him my husband had decided to go with me and that is really cool I am so happy he is being so supportive of this. My stats weight 135....... height 5'4......... boobs 36 c/b. I am pretty sure they shrank to a b :-/ lol I will update more tomorrow after I find out everything I SO EXCITED!!!

Went to consult yesterday

first of doctor Kerr is amazing he is so nice and makes you feel comfortable I can see why he has 5 stars everywhere you look up his name he pretty much answered all my questions before I even asked them the whole staff is so nice and friendly...... He said I am a solid b cup use to be a c but with working out and lost some boob didn't really lose it anywhere else lol I am going with saline implants 475ccs in right 500ccs in left going a bit bigger because they say you lose some volume going under the muscle going under the Breast fold...... wanted to walk out with the sizers in my bra they looked so good to me gave the the curves I have wanted for so long. He also said because I have good breast tissue that I should get a good natural look that's what I want also want them the same size as symmetrical as possible I am not nervous at all I am so excited I have my date set for March 16 2015 during the kids spring brake so it will be Easier on the hubs he will have to be the one to take care of them and me not having to get them to and from school will be easier. Only thing I am worried about right now is maybe going to big I know on here they always say you don't want to regret not going bigger. I forgot about taking pictures with the sizers :( but maybe when I go for my pre op I can play with them again and take pics :)

Few moew pics time is dragging now that I set my date

Few more pics and putting up my wish boobs

My pre op is today

Excited my pre op is today going to finalize my size I'm sticking with the size 475 cc in right breast 500 cc in left I don't want any bigger I don't think bigger will look right on me and I don't think I will regret the size and want bigger. Also getting my prescriptions today paying off the rest of my surgery :) omg I am so excited!!! I'm going to try and take pics with the sizers today so I can post forgot all about doing that last time if anythjng changer I will update again later surgery in about a week the 16th!!!!

Few more pics

Can't wait!!!!

Took a trip to wall mart ......

Got my front close bras, stretch mark cream, scar cream prescriptions only the pain killers my other prescriptions were suppose to be called it but I guess they forgot or something have call them on Monday.

Is there anything else I need anything else that will make my healing processes easier

Few more pics

The bras I will wearing after surgery can't wait to fill these out more :) surgery is on Monday


Tomorrow is my surgery I will probely be to drugged up to post anything tomorrow I will try to post picture. I have to be there by 9am My time got moved up and I am so glad I didn't know how I was going to go all day without water food is bad enough but no water all ugh .......hope my outcome is as good as I'm hopeing it will be

Holy morning boob

Woke up in pain not unbearable but It hurt after takeing pain meds and icing feels allot better now. They are so swollen though. I feel so groggy because of the meds but man do they work My husband is being such a huge help. He loves them already lol. I have a follow up appointment today he will take off the bandage and put a soft bra on I will take pictures then took to show swelling

Went to post op vist

I could not fit In the the bras a brought so had to run and get bigger ones after swelling goes down they should fit :-/ I can get around just fine really dizzy from the meds I almost walked to a wall at target my husband thought that was really funny lol I got high profile mentor saline implants 505cc in left 495 or 485 in right can't really tell he told me after surgery but I was so out of it I have the card and on card not sure what is says looks like a 9 though post some more pics any questions just ask :)

2nd day after surgery

Wake up today and there is pain but not like there was the day after surgery kinda hurts to take a deep breath took my meds waiting for them to kick in boobs don't look any differnt so no point posting any :) going to ice them


And if it dose not hurt bad going to try and massage them today

I feel like I am walking around with a really thick padded bra

I was given the ok to take a shower I feel a little better I was massaging my boobs or trying to, they are so tight and so hard and swollen still and I didn't want to get to rough didn't want to pop a stitch or anything. I really thought it was going to hurt to massage them It didn't I did it very easy because it's only my 2nd day post op don't want to mess anything up can't wait for them to drop

Day 3

I stopped takeing the pain pills they just knock me out was constantly dozing off the pain today is not bad at all just took extra strength Tylenol. Can't wait for them to drop they feel so high up on my chest like I have two balloons stuffed under my shirt lol AND man I'm I bloated i look like am pregnant I weigh 135 stepped on the scale today it said 141 :-/ hope it all goes
back down. Something wierd was wondering if anyone
else had the numbness? under my boob even my nipple I can barely feel it

Post op day 4

I have not had to take any pain meds today not even Tylenol they are still very high and tight. Can't wait for them to drop and fluff up just feel so wierd walking around feeling like I have balloons shoved under my shirt. I am very bloated can't wait for that to go down I am so bloated thank god for yoga pants probably won't fit in my jeans lol

Post op day 8

Not to much pain still a little bruised feeling but not to bad they don't really look differnt but they are getting softer everyday. Dose not feel like Barbie boobs lol I am doing my massage everyday 3 times a day sometime more because they get so tight sometimes massage really helps that and when it's cold it feels so wired like someone has a handful of my boob and is just squeezing it but they are starting to feel like it's apart of me dose not really feel like I have ballons stuffed under my skin can't wait for them to drop

Two weeks post up

Went to my two week post op vist everything is looking good pain wise there isn't any really I get wierd pains here and there nothing to bad under side on my boobs are still kinda numb only time it hurts Is if my bra rolls up and rubs my incision but it just started to feel that way there was like a wierd tingle when ever touch them again not painful Just a funny feeling there are softening up my right one is ahead of my left on my right as dropped a little left one not really at all and its tighter then my right I guessing because the implant is bigger is my left. I tried to get the doc to let me start lower body workouts but he is being firm and said not for 4 weeks no matter what. I hate not working out I just need it I my life lol. But I need to massage massage massage I am going to upload some more pics not much of a difference I want to to drop and soften more not many women say this but I think they are a little to big I think I had to much boob greed

25 days post op

Well my right boob is dropping and softening up still a little high my left boob is real high still looks swollen compared to my left still have numbness under my boobs feeling is slowly coming back I get some pain here and there. Sometime at the end of the day they just feel so tight.....Wish they would both just drop can't help but worry that my left one is so high getting scared that the implant my doc put in is to big I do not want lopsided boobs I'm reading and reading reviews says it's normal but can't help but worry my nipples even look off to me. Massageing like I'm suppose too just a waiting game I guess took some pictures posting now :)

Little over a month post op

I was a month post op on the 16th I was in Oklahoma to see my new nephew :) so I could not update at that still have some numbness under my boobs the only pain I really have is if I sneeze burns behind my nipples I still feel like they are really high looks wired to me. They are high profile but I don't think they will stay this high or I hope not I have been looking at before and after high profile pictures and non look this high I am massaging like I'm suppose too. one has dropped some. pretty sure the left one has dropped a bit as well. just not enough I want them to drop and settle already lol took some pictures I don't want to give the impression I don't like my new boobs just that I am concerned about some things with the healing process and I'm being impatient!!!!!! Lol my husband LOVES them everyone else is telling me how good they look even my mom and she thinks plastic surgery is the dumbest thing ever I am using meter a scare cream supose to do it 3 times a day but forget in the middle of the day allot but always get morning and night time


I worked out today my ps said wait a month no matter how much I begged him so I did what he said I did not want to do any damage to my new boobs some moves felt wierd I didn't even try push ups yet since all i read is most women can not do them for a awhile after surgery felt good though but wired workout with boobs I also didn't do allot of jumping type of excerize because I tried Jumping with my son few days ago it kinda hurt so will be waiting in those :)

Still to high at 7 weeks

Not liking how high my breast are compared them from the day after surgery you can see they have not dropped much at all I was told not to wear a strap wear a soft bra and massage I do all these things


Anyone else haveing a hell of a time trying to find a swimsuit top that fits the new boobs

Boobs have dropped

My boobs have dropped they are so soft and squishy and bouncy I love them they are perfect for my body I hope you can see in the picture the lighting was just all off in the bathroom but I can see they dropped I love them I have my two month post op comming up in a few days but I am pretty sure my ps will be happy with his work I can sleep on my side again missed that so much :) my husband loves them like a kid in a candy store everytime he looks at them lol

One more pic

Trying to show they dropped not sure I'm doing a good job at that lol

Up loading some more

Here are a few more I can't tell you how happy I am with my new boobs they have dropped a little high compared to some pics I see but they are high profile one thing I fogot to say is the under side of my boobs are still numb, some feeling came back but not all and some of the felling in my nipples is gone to I do have feeling in them but not nearly as sensitive as they use to be I am really hopeing it's all comes back but if not I am ok with it i knew it was a risk getting my Breast done any questions ask away :)

I am a 36 DD

Went to my two month post op Dr Kerr was very excited to see how well my Breast looked he asked me to do a review because he liked how well they turned on for only two month post op I was a little worried about them dropping for a while there but as you can see they dropped and look great I am so happy with my Breast I would recommend Kerr to anyone in tx or if they live somewhere else fly in have him do it he is really the best and he told me they are going to get even better as they fully heal :) Another note went and got a bra fitting done I am 36 DD that is exactly what I wanted a D or DD glad it went to a DD but now it's hard to find a DD bra that's not a granny bra victora secert had one but I did not like they way it fit most real pretty bras they had didn't have a DD went to a few other stores but but yuck did not like them at all have to keep shopping :)

What the look like with a bra on

I am so loving my new boobs

Still loving them

I think the numbness is healing because I am getting wierd pains under my boobs not painful just feels wired

Just another pic

I swear these get better and better not sure why the lighting is so wierd in this pic lol

Can't believe it's been almost 8 months

I am so happy I did this I wish I did it allot sooner. Only downfall I would say don't have as much feeling in my nipples as I use to and the outer underside of my boobs still a little numb. Dr. Kerr said it could take up to a yr for all feeling to come back but if it doesn't it's a small price to pay for how amazing they look and feel so happy with Dr. Kerr's work if I ever want anything else don't with be going to him I recommend him to anyone!!!
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