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So I've been on RS for ages dreaming of my mommy...

So I've been on RS for ages dreaming of my mommy makeover, but due to unforeseen uterus abandoning ship, we are taking care of the hooha first.

I'm 37 and have hated my pruney labia since I was 15. I feel like at one time is was pink and healthy, but after a very, very bad yeast infection that I was to embarrassed to tell my mom about till I was raw from scratching and smelling like an omelet, it just never bounced back. I'm sure going on to have 3 giant babies didn't help either.

The aforementioned huge babies put a real beating to my uterus as well as my bladder and rectum. I've ignored it for years but in the last few months, I've noticed that I bump my cervix when I wipe sometimes, so off to the Urogynecologist I went and he said it all had to go.
Last Friday, I had a total hysterectomy along with a DaVinci Sacrocolpoperineopexy (prolapse repair), and a Mid-Urethral Sling. When I go back for my post op this Thursday, he's going to do a labiaplasty. My sister said I'm going to have the Cadillac of Vaginas. Lol. Insurance covered all the non-elective stuff. Guess my tummy tuck will have to wait till next year. :(

They took pics at the dr office, and I will upload those when I get them rather than subject y'all to my subpar vagina selfies.

After pic

So, maybe not the best pic. It was just 2 days ago and I'm still pretty swollen.

I had the procedure the day of my post-op for my hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair. Per instructions, I had slathered the area with EMLA (numbing) cream, and taken 2 Oxycodone and 2 Xanax about an hour before the procedure. Then they had me take 1 more of each just before the started. Needless to say, I was pretty loopy. Lol. We chitchated while they did their work whenever I wasn't completely in lala land. I don't remember much about the ride home, but when the meds started to wear off....OUCH CITY! Even spraying it clean with the spray bottle stung like a son-of-a-gun.

I just took my meds as soon as they were due until I around noon today, when I realized it wasn't so bad anymore. I think it's started to scan over, so it's more of a mild ache now.

I don't have the before pic, but I'll get it when I go for my checkup next week. So far I'm happy with the results. And my dr and his staff just the best!

What a difference a day makes!

The swelling is really going down now. It will take a few weeks for the stitches to dissolve, but I can already see a big difference.


Omg...last night and this morning the itching was SO BAD!! I had mentioned it at my hysterectomy post-op before my labiaplasty and, they have me a diflucan so it should not be a yeast infection. I did some digging on RS and online and I guess some people are just sensitive to the stitches. So I took a benedryl and rubbed some vasoline on and it has significantly improved. I know it's gonna take some time, but I hope the worst of it is over soon.

Before Pic

Here's the before.

Not sure if it was worth it.

I'm sitting here over a week out from the labiaplasty and over two weeks out from my hysterectomy. I feel like having the labiaplasty a week later is just slowing my total recovery time. The last few days I feel swollen, and my urine comes out in a narrow stream and doesn't feel like it's emptying completely. On top of that the stitches get very itchy and it drives me mad sometimes.

My recommendation would be to do it all at the same time or far enough apart that you are healed completely from one before you do the other. As for me, no one but my husband and you all will ever see my labia, and he could care less what it looks like. This was probably a waste of time and money.

Nothing against my Dr office though...they did a great job. Just wish it was done at a different time.

Post op today

Everything's healing well. Dr S was very happy. He told me to take Zyrec for the itching (which still drives me nuts at night), along with Benedryl before bed. Also, they trimmed some of the strings which had gotten longer as the swelling went down. One side of the labia is still bigger than the other, but it will take months before I see the final results. If it stayed just the way it is now, I still would not revise it. It's a vast improvement and there's not such thing as perfection when it comes to vaginas. Lol.

The internal exam for my hysterectomy and etc. was not pleasant, but that's all healing well too and I feel so much better. Can't wait to be fully recovered and no longer bothered by my "female" problems! :)

Week 5 and still itching. ??

I ended up getting a prescription for Medrol, a steroid, and that really helped but a couple of days after I finished it the itching was back with a vengeance. They called in some prednisone and I'm going in tomorrow so the can cut out the stitches, cause that's defiantly what's causing it.

I started sitting in a hot tub a few times a day to get the stitches to dissolve. I also bought some cortisol cream. I took the first prednisone last night, and I slept all night with no itching. So far, so good today as well. I'm still going to go to my appt tomorrow though. The stitches are tight and uncomfortable and it's closed up, so not really needed at this point.

Ps. The doc said not to use itch creams at my last appt, cause it would make the stitches dissolve faster, but I figured at this point the remaining stitches aren needed since the incisions are fully closed.


Oh lawd! Let's talk about sex! Lol.
At my last appt, a few days before 6 weeks from the hyster and A&P repair (vaginoplasty),I was given the OK to resume "all normal activities." That night DH and I gave it a go, with less than optimal results. It felt like a burning ring of fire all around my vagina and it was like he was hitting the wall on the inside. Very uncomfortable for me and only adequate for him.

4 or 5 days later,we went for round 2 and it was much improved. I thought it wold be better with me in top...wrong. Still had the "ring of fire", so we stuck with missionary. He was able to penetrate fully, but it still burned. Still, it wasn't as bad as the first time and I could grit my teeth and get through it. Afterwards I had him lie there to help stretch things out and to my surprise, I almost came with him just lying there. The more exposed clitoris is much more sensitive.

Tonight I went out and had a few drinks and the hubby was waiting up for me. I tried getting on top, and it almost worked, but it still burned on the posterior side. Switched to good ol missionary and we had fireworks. (??) Mind you, it still hurt a teeny bit, but it was good enough to let me know THIS SURGERY WAS WORTH IT! It's been years since it felt so good with so little extra effort. Lol.

I am looking forward to our future sexy life VERY MUCH!


So here's the Drs pic from almost 3 months out. I'm so happy with it. So much easier to use. Lol. I've been kegeling on a regular basis to keep that baby in good shape. Sex is beyond amazing...hasn't been this good in decades. If you're in doubt, just do it. It's worth it.

Before and after

So it's still a shriveled prune, but at least is to chopped beef. Lol

I like Dr. Shashoua very much. He is thorough, straightforward, friendly and does not beat around the bush. His office staff are are very kind and professional and I never had to wait long. Glad I chose a specialist instead of just an Ob/Gyn, as he has a lot more experience with these types of issues.

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