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Labiaplasty i owe you guys m story, since I spent...

i owe you guys m story, since I spent hours reading in your page for lessons learned, stories, risks, side effects and everything about this procedure.
My inner lips were always big, but I guess not that big until after my kids and of course getting older. It was something that I was self-consious. I remember that once i asked my best friend about her labia and she said that hers was a little bit "thick" too. I got that answer and I shut my thoughts off.
I have been doing so much workout lately and my stomach was getting flat and I started liking how my body looked, but again my bigs lips was the first thing that I was seeing.
No one of my partners before my marriage nor my husband had mentioned anything before.
Anyways, I started research about this and bingo! I found the word "labiaplasty" and then I checked prices and it was 1000-4000, I though "fuck it! I will do it!"""
I called a couple of doctors and U made an appointment.
One cosmetic surgeon and one urogynecologyst. Both gave me their opinions and prices.
Cosmetic surgeon, very recognized lady here in Austin TX, was 4,500 with wedge method and general anesthesia.
And an Urogynecologyst Dr, also with his own Labiaplasty clinic, 2,000 with bao method (trim but with hot needle for precision). And local anesthesia.
Both liked, one: less scars but more expensive, a woman doctor, and general anesthesia. The other more scars, less money and only local anesthesia.
After giving a second, thirds and so many thoughts, I said, mmhh, "what for?" Too much money, nobody sees me anymore down down there, besides my husband and he told me after talking with him, that he does not care at all. That he likes me, and likes sex with me, no matter what.
So after having an appt alredy with the Lady Dr., i canceled. I also canceled because I had a work trip the next available time that she had it availability for next appointment.
Too many factors to say no: if I considered all the risk with even a minor surgery, they were a lot, i was not going to be able to workout or have sex for 6-8 weeks!! Did i mentioned that I had been working out like crazy? At work I would not have opportunity to be out for a week in the next months, etc.
BUT, One night i was thinking about my labia and surgery again, and my husband said, you know? You should have it done,
Otherwise another 3 yrs will pass and you will start thinking about the same.
So i called now the Urigyconologist, made and appt and went!
My surgery was done yesterday, and even if I look like frankenstein and super swollen, I am SO HAPPY of not seen my extra meat everything that i go to pee!
Pain, yes, very little.
Bleed, yea, just little too.

I will be posting pictures for you to see the progress !!!

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