Juvederm-Tear Troughs, NL Folds, and Cheeks - Austin, TX

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I originally went to Toccare, Dr. Nakra's medical...

I originally went to Toccare, Dr. Nakra's medical spa, because of asymmetrical tear troughs (left was deeper than right). We didn't want to waste the syringe of juvederm I bought, so I asked him to do the parenthesis and slight NL folds I have. I had no bruising whatsoever!

I came back a month later to totally eradicate my tear troughs on both sides and give more volume to my cheeks. I was pretty nervous, more nervous the second time, because I was afraid I had such a good experience the first time that a second syringe may ruin it. This kind of stems back to when I got botox a year ago (at a TOTALLY different office...not Dr. Nakra's!) and when I went back the second time it was heavy handed and made my face sag. I voiced these concerns (beauty baggage!) to Dr. Nakra and he went slow and let me watch him with a little mirror. After each trough/cheek, we stopped, I realized my face wouldn't implode, and then we kept going. We used 4/5 of the syringe. Again, I had no bruising whatsoever! With each experience, I actually was able to hit the town with friends that night. :)

I am on the younger side for fillers, 27, but I have been wanting to find a doctor who can make little tweaks here and there (with botox, fillers, skincare, etc) instead of starting with surgery when I am older or something. I think I found him!

It is a little on the pricier side, I paid $1400 for 2 syringes, but I think you get what you pay for...and I got no bruising, swelling, lumps, and I got a totally natural appearance. :)

Also, Dr. Nakra used what I think he called a blunt tip cannula (?) which is supposed to decrease bruising. In addition to that, I also followed this regimen (not prescribed by Dr. Nakra, I just did it on my own and maybe it will help you decrease bruising too!) for 2 weeks before each procedure:
-no alcohol
-no vitamins/herbs
-2 tablets of iron per day (1 morning, 1 night)
-2 tablets of bromelain per day (1 morning, 1 night)
-3 tablets of Vitamin C per day (1 morning, 1 lunch, 1 night)
-3 Arnica tablets 3 times per day (3 morning, 3 lunch, 3 night)

Added pics. Sorry they sort of aren't the best...

Added pics. Sorry they sort of aren't the best quality. You can get the idea though. One has super shadows, one does not. :)
Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

I originally only wanted my asymmetrical tear troughs fixed and so I looked for an oculoplastic surgeon in Austin, TX. I was nervous about someone other than an oculoplastic surgeon filling in the delicate eye area.

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