Juvederm for Nasal Fold Lines and Corners of Mouth. No Results. Nothing. :( Austin, TX

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You can see in my photos that I have the...

You can see in my photos that I have the nasolabial folds and the corners of my mouth have downward creases. I asked for this to be resolved and was told I only needed one syringe of juvederm for this. I had budgeted myself for two and was happy to hear I only needed one. So I asked if we could help my eye area with a second syringe. She recommended that I have voluma placed on my front cheek area to give a fullness that will help my smile area as well as my eyes, so I trusted her judgment and went for it, although the voluma was several hundred more. I just wanted to look refreshed and have those deep lines filled and gone. Whatever it takes.

As soon as she finished and showed me the mirror, I saw no difference. She showed me the before and after photos she took and again I'm sitting there wondering what happened here because I still see the deep lines. They weren't even halfway filled in. They looked the same. I saw the slightest increase in the cheek area from the voluma. But the nasolabial folds were exactly the same.

I've seen enough lovely pics here on realself to know that these lines are indeed filled successfully with juvederm - so what happened here? I don't understand. It appears that she filled the area underneath it all and didn't address the lines. I didn't want to puff up the underneath. I wanted the lines to be resolved and gone. Why wouldn't she fill the lines?

So I mentioned that I still see the lines. She told me that I will see results in several days and the optimal results will happen at about two weeks. Does this sound right? I've been reading here that what you see right away is what you get, plus some swelling that will eventually go down. But look at my before and after pics. Can I honestly expect the lines to magically fill in over the next two weeks? I sure hope this huge disappointment soon becomes a happy successful result, because I'm feeling very let down right now. I would love to be wrong and update this review and praise this RN who did this. But everything I'm reading online is telling me this is the result and it won't get better. I will give a full review in two weeks. But right now I am sad about this.

Has anyone had no results and then as the days went by they suddenly saw improvement? I'm hoping for some encouragement because I'm regretting this a day later.


Updating with photos. Day four and no improvement. I'm being advised by several doctors on this website that the juvederm was not injected correctly and more than one syringe is definitely needed. It is the consensus that results should be instant and do not magically appear in two weeks, which is what I figured. I am researching ways to resolve this mistake and finally to find a doctor to do this right. I've rated my juvederm experience as "not worth it" with the thumbs down, but this is not a critique of the product itself. I still have confidence that if injected correctly this product can make a great difference. I hope to post a positive result here some day soon.

photo four days later

Wow, this looks pretty much the same as the "before" pic. Over the weekend there was just the tiniest amount of swelling (which is to be expected after injections) and that is gone now, so today I see in the mirror the exact same lines I saw before I paid $1320 to have them filled or at the very least reduced significantly. It's as if I never had the injections at all. If only that were true. I made an expensive mistake going there.

Today in the grocery store I chatted with a neighbor who asked if I ever decided to go ahead with the juvederm. When I pointed to my face and said this is it, she told me no, no, no that is not how it works and there should be immediate results. *Sigh* that is what everyone is telling me.

I have scheduled an appointment with an experienced dermatologist at a highly rated medical facility and I am optimistic that I will have a good experience this time around. I will post an update then.

Final update two weeks later

I knew better that there would be no improvement in two weeks as promised. Of course the lines don't magically fill in like it was suggested. However, I did wait two weeks, and of course nothing. I did call the medspa a few days after the poor service and asked to speak with the owner. Instead I got a call back from the injectionist who insisted she did her job right. She kept cutting me off when I tried to calmly discuss that no, there are no results in the after pics so how can she keep saying this? She kept repeating that she did her job right and made a huge improvement. Seriously? Look at my pics. It was ridiculous that she called me and behaved this way. I wanted to speak with someone in charge. This was handled so unprofessionally. I asked to speak with the doctor who owns the medspas and she instead had the "operations manager" call me back. This person was no better. It was obvious I was on speaker phone although she denied it. She stonewalled and kept repeating over and over that the job was done right. She also cut me off as I tried to reason with her, and refused a refund or any attempt to fix this at their expense. She even had suggested I go back in and pay for more product! Clearly, they did not wish for me to speak with the owner and they would not take any responsibility for what happened. This cost me a lot of money, not to mention the disappointment and annoyance at how I've been treated. If there was maybe enough of a fill that I felt I got something for my money, I could let this go. But nothing for $1320? Absolutely nothing? I owe it to myself to try to be refunded the full amount, so I'm disputing this to my credit card company. Wish me luck!

Now, on to better news! After two weeks of nothing, I went to see a Doctor at a highly rated medical office. She was amazing! She listened carefully to my concerns and what I recently experienced, and after a good discussion, we agreed on two syringes of Juvederm. The results are awesome! I saw them immediately! The great results I have now are what I should have had in the first place. You can find my second chapter here:


Final update, with photos removed

After submitting my case, I was told a month later by the credit card company that they require a Doctor's letter specifically stating that the procedure was done incorrectly. Of course, it is too late now, and I cannot imagine any Doctor going out of their way, risking a potential lawsuit, to do this in the first place. I had several board certified Doctors on this website stating that the procedure was done incorrectly and that should have been enough. But this is how it played out. Shame on Beleza Medspa for their lack of accountability. I wonder if Dr. Lawrence Broder is even aware of the childish unprofessional behavior at his business. A lawsuit just isn't worth my time and energy, so I will have to put this expensive mistake behind me. At least I had this procedure done correctly by a talented professional afterwards. I have to focus on the good here. But I publish my experience to all here as a warning.

Photos have now been removed for privacy reasons. I just want to put this negative experience behind me.
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