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Hi everyone! Like most people looking into...

Hi everyone! Like most people looking into cosmetic rhinoplasty, I've been unhappy with my nose since early childhood. My dad is Middle Eastern, but although his nose is wide, it's relatively straight. My mom is of stereotypical "white American" extraction, but although she's got a thin nose, it's quite hooked.

So, of course, instead of the best of both worlds, thin and straight, I got the worst: wide and hooked. Naturally, both my parents think my nose is beautiful, but I have hated it since I was seven or eight years old. It's not crooked, nor has it ever been broken, but it's certainly not the aesthetic I want for my face.

Luckily, I was teased remarkably little about it, but I've always been self-conscious and have never seen my natural nose represented in the media--or at least never represented as beautiful. On top of that, I was never great with makeup as a teenager, and while I've gotten MUCH better at putting myself together as an adult, I'm a little shy and introverted to begin with and only feel comfortable in social situations where I'm ALL dolled up and flawless.

And even then, I'm still very aware that my nose is the most prominent feature on my face. I have certainly felt pretty, and quite often. I've even felt beautiful--but only until I catch my profile in the mirror.

I've had a socially tone-deaf coworker try to explain one of his acquaintances who had a "hook-nose" like mine (and YES, he made a gesture indicating a beak-like formation over his own nose), completely clueless as to how rude he was being. It didn't hurt my feelings, but it sure did make me mad.

I also have a growing community of YouTube followers, and while only a handful of tens of thousands have ever made comments about my nose, those definitely sting a little too.

I've made much closer strides to peace with my nose as an adult (versus active hatred of it as a child/teen), but after undergoing a breast augmentation at the beginning of 2016, I started thinking, "Why not this, too?" Financially, I don't think I'll ever be in a better place to do it (at least, not without waiting decades), so I've scheduled my rhinoplasty for February 2017.


Hello all! Here are several "before" pictures of my current nose.


I'm obviously still VERY far from my procedure. I booked for the earliest slot I could get (which was similar to the wait time for my breast augmentation, also with Dr. Walden, last year as well), but just knowing I'll have a new nose in February is exciting/exhausting/frustratingly distant.

I know it'll creep up on me suddenly, so it's good to have time to research and prepare, but oh my goodness. It's set, and I'm SO ready to have it done. Anyone else scheduled early 2017?
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