5 Days Post and Already See Improvement! - Austin, TX

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15K included anesthesia and surgery center. I had...

15K included anesthesia and surgery center. I had a full lift to correct sagging neck and droopy jowls. Combination of weight loss in past several years and aging (I am 55) caused sagging around mouth and typical, prominent neck veins. Days 3 and 4 were rough: lots of swelling and some pain. I also had some fat grafted to add volume in several areas in the face. Wow, a full lipo must hurt bad!!!!! Anyway, today (day 5) I am seeing a real reduction in swelling, much more bruising, quite a bit of tightness under chin and below ears. I had incisions from temple, around ears to lower hairline. Also an incision under chin.
I am already happy because I can see (sort of) what my face will look like after swelling goes away. Much smoother and neck smooth as well. Not a procedure for sissies, but I work in a business with lots of face-to-face contact, and my smile/neck/etc. was really bothering me. I considered this for over a year, consulted several doctors, and went for it! i'll report back in several days. Best of luck!!

Pics and Surgeon

I'll share pics but please don't show anyone! :)
And surgeon is Dr. Edward Buckingham. He came highly recommended, has an excellent staff and bedside manner, and I give him very high marks at this stage in the process. Sutures come out Thursday. And I probably could have iced better/longer...

Day 7

Much reduction in swelling, bruising is still heavy, but already starting to "yellow". Have most feeling back except for under chin (where most bruising is and had been from the first). Suture removal Thursday, then I'l post another pic. I'm a happy lady! :)
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