39 Years Old, One Child, Time for a BA/BL - Austin, TX

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Hi everyone! I've been totally stalking this site...

Hi everyone! I've been totally stalking this site for the past few weeks. Now it's time to post my own story!

I started developing in 4th grade, and by middle school I was a 36DD. I hated having big breasts. It didn't help that they were never perky--they just went straight to old-lady-droopy.

Over the years I got over my hatred, though I never really liked them. I had a daughter in 2009, breastfed her for 2 1/2 years (yes, 2 1/2 years!), and in the last year I've lost about 20 pounds. I call that the Saggy Breast Trifecta.

I currently wear a 32D from VS, but I swear it's mostly wrinkly skin. I actually like the size of my boobs in a bra, but once I let them out, they are two flat, white pancakes.

I have had three consultations, and two of them said that if I were to just have a lift, my breasts would be a "small, SMALL C." That makes me laugh because 20 years ago I would have given anything to be a small, small C, and here I am planning to make them bigger :-P

I've decided to go with Dr. Mahlon Kerr, who was wonderful at my consultation. One doctor I saw was very cold and standoffish, and the other was very touchy-feely (yuck!). Dr. Kerr was friendly, down-to-earth, and I felt like I could trust him.

I will be dropping off my deposit in two weeks (I am waiting until I close on my house), and then I am hoping to schedule the surgery for early October. Eek!

Before pics

Who knew rice was so fun?

I've been playing with rice sizers. At my first consultation I tried both 300cc and 400cc sizers. I was sure the 400s would be wayyyy too big, but they actually fit my frame/figure really well. Of course, now I'm afraid that 400cc will be too big, so I might end up doing 350cc.

Anyway, here are some pics with the 400cc rice sizers yesterday. I'm going to play with 350 tonight.

My stats

I totally forgot about stats :-P

39 years old
125 lbs
BWD 12-13 cm (depending on the doctor, apparently)

Current bra size 32D, but docs say without all the extra skin I'd be a full B/small C.

Wish boobs

I deliberately chose wish boob pics that were of a BL/BA patient. It seems unrealistic to give my doctor a picture of an 18 yo with natural perfect boobs and say "Make me look like that!" I know there are limitations, and the addition of a lift changes the outcome.

These are all from RS. RubyHolly21 is my #1 boob envy right now :-P

Ugh! Pics didn't upload


I just thought of something--I have NO idea what to wear with big boobs and a body I'm not trying desperately to hide! What tops do y'all like to wear? And what stores do you shop at?
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