31yr Old Mom of 5 ;) Small C Wanting to Be a DD - Austin, TX

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Ok so I have been on this site for months and I...

Ok so I have been on this site for months and I just want to thank all of you! So here I go with my story. I'm a 31yr old mother of 5. I have breast fed everyone of them. I have wanted a BA for so many years. I have a full B small C now. I'm looking to be a DD. I have been on the web doing so much research and reading so many reviews. I finally decided to go for it. I am 215lbs 5'4, I know probably not the ideal weight but I have the opportunity to do it now and I have a friend that is willing to fly out to where I live and take card of me for 2 weeks. I'm Gona need all the help I can get haha. I have a 14yr old,11yr, 9yr, 3yr and a 2yr old. So there's no way I can do it alone. ;) I am married lol but sadly he has to work the day after my surgery and he will only be able to help in eve and on weekends so it will be nice having her here. I finally met with 3 drs and I decided on the one I want. He is amazing! And so is his staff! I just out deposit down on my BA and my surgery is on May 29th 2014 @7am! I'm freaking out haha. So far I have decided on 475cc saline behind the muscle and he is doing a lollipop lift. One of my boobs is smaller then the other which is why I chose saline so he can fill them to be even. Is it just me or do u suddenly question everything after you book ur surgery?! Do u start to think of the worst? Do u start to
Feel how could I be so selfish and risk my life of a BA? I'm so nervous now that u booked it. I love my kids and the thought of something happening to me over such a selfish thing makes me scared! Is anyone in the same boat? Is this normal? I will post pics later today of what they look like now. ;) talk to you guys later! Xo

Wish boobs

These I the boobs I like lol

What I look like now. :(

Don't laugh I know there bad :(. I'm a small C full B and they are not perky at all. I'm so happy I'm getting a BA and lift.

Freaking out lol

First and foremost I want to thank the wonderful ladies that I've been talking to! They have given me such comfort and encouraging words...so thank u! ;) .... Now back to freaking out haha I've been looking at so many sites and some 475cc look huge and small look so small!! I don't want to be super big to where I look silly. Me being a mom of 5 I don't want my kids to feel embarrassed. I know I want saline and I know I want moderate plus but I'm now freakin about size. Did any of u go through this? I'm not sure I want to leave it up to my dr because he may think I want something I don't. I loved how the 450cc looked but my dr said if I liked that look I need to go 25cc's higher to achieve the look of sizers. And if I do that, thats 475cc and because one will be 475cc I will then have to go 525 in other side! Then he will over fill them... Oh my can u hear the panic in my typing hahahah. Any advice? I hope everyone out there is doing well! ;) xo

Bad news :(

I got the call I never wanted to get. My fiend called and said he husband is suspended without pay from work he works for the railroad and then she can't come out here for two weeks to take care of me. My heart stopped. In one hand I wanted to be the best friend I could be and then there was that selfish me freaking out because I knew If I canceled my surgery they would keep the $1,000.00 and I couldn't get it back nor use it at a later time. I felt so bad for her and her family and the thought of my husband losing his job freaks me out. I have no idea who can help me. I have called every one of my friends in Cali and offered to pay for there flight here to stay with me but they can't they to have families and they work and u get that I do. My husband offered to take thurs and fri off and would be home with me until Monday am. We do have a soon to be 15yr old daughter that would I guess have to do it (I would pay her of course) but to me that's just so much to put on her and it's her summer (even tho it would just be one week) still she's a kid and it's not her problem. I'm so sad and nervous. This is a happy exciting thing that I have always wanted. And I don't wanna stress this next few weeks! I wanna be happy and excited but it's hard now not to worry. I just pray that GOD will let it all work out and I pray things go they way I need them to ;) sorry but I needed to vent. I did ask my birth mom to help but she said no and I know it's because she doesn't believe I should do it not waste the money but she doesn't pay my bills and for her to not help me because of that is sad. I don't wanna take the chance in messing my surgery up not making my recovery worse. After u cried for 30min I told my self to stay positive and be happy I had a husband and my kids that supported me and my adoptive moms support and that's all I need. I picked my self up I wiped my tears and all I can do is hope for the best. ;) my friend once told me when u think,act and stay positive, positive things will come. So that's what I'm Gona do ;) I hope all of you are having a wonderful night and nice recovery (whom ever had surgery) and I hope those of u who are about to have ur BA. Have a great outcome. ????xo

Can't spell!

Sorry I meant *my friend and *her

Great news!

So great news, my friends husband will be able to return to work next week! She is such a great friend she called me and said even if he can't go back to work I made a commitment to u and her hubby wants her to come to. I'm so happy he is getting his job back! And ik truly blessed to have a friend like this! So I booked her flight the flight has a no cancelation policy!! I paid for her and her son which was almost $500 so add that to the 7,200 sugery this is getting expensive but will be worth it to me it would suck if I paid 7,200 and messed something up cause I had no help. After I booked the flight my heart was beating so fast! I am just so nervous that something will go wrong. I am trying to stay positive I am I just can't help but b scared. :p. well I hope you are all doing well! Only 28 days left!!


Hahah I'm seriously obsessed with the whole BA thing :p. ever sense I knew I was doing this I am constantly looking info up,lookin up pics,lookin at YouTube hahah I can't stop. My husband is probably thinkin hurry up and get them done already so I don't have to hear about them,little does he know I'll talk about them
More then hahah my kids are like "ok mom we get it u want some" hahah I even have it tracking ok my phone (STALKER) hahah just thought I would share. Do any of u have this problem haha?! ;)

Had a rough day with the fam

So it's been an emotional day. I got in a huge fight with my aunt and my birth mom. They don't agree on surgery and they don't feel u should have it. They say later in life I should have it. They say I should have 6mo to a year of living saved in a savings! No offense but the only people I know that has that kind of money is my parents. My bills are paid lol they don't support me lol. I'm 31 and have been married for 10years we have 5 kids I'm allowed to make my own choices. Well anyway she says that's why they won't help me during recovery. I find that to be so hurtful. If my daughter was doing something (as an adult) and I didn't agree I would still support her and help her. I would never want her to hurt her self or risk something more serious happening. I feel they are being selfish and not putting themselves in my shoes. Oh well I will have my friend for the week and the next week I will have to figure it out. I wouldn't b so freaked out if u didn't have a 2yr old ( just turned 2) and a 3yr old :-/ . Sorry haha I just needed to vent ;) I know everything will be ok I do I just get my feelings hurt when family doesn't support they don't have to agree but at least b by my side I'm scared shoot! :) hope ur all doing well!! I only have 3 more weeks!! Yay

Paid in full!!!!!!!

Hi there! How r u all feeling? Well I hope! ;) so I paid for my surgery in full today! I'm so excited!! May 29th can not come fast enough lol. I went out and got some things today! I got a tank, front closure sports bras. And back pillow, stretch make cream,soft pj pants ;) I still need vitamins,ice packs, dry shampoo,spray bottle and silicone strips (for scars). I have 23 more days! The drs office said I don't lay the hosp until day of surgery. I really wanted to pay them now so I didn't have to worry about it lol. Are there some more supplies I'm missing? Any advice on what helped u during ur recovery? Paying that today just made it even more real! I feel overly happy and blessed that it all worked out it's something I've wanted sense I was 18. I hope ur all doing well! Here are some pics of what I got and some pics of me now (not happy with my boobs) look how smushed they look :(.


Please forgive my iPhone for having a mind of it's own! Ugh!
*stretch mark cream
*paid in full

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies on this site! I hope you are all having a great day! I'm
Getting so nervous and excited, only 17days left!!!!! I have now ran into a problem lol now I can't decide on HP or moderate plus implants. I am going 475 or 500cc implants saline. Please help lol what advice do you ladies have on the two different styles of implants?

1 day till pre op!

Hello beautiful ladies! I hope ur all doing well!! Well Friday is my pre op and I'm so excited!! I know it's just a pre op but I feel like it makes it that much more real. How r y'all feeling? I have a question for all the ladies that have had there BA already...what things/items did u need after surgery? Like what did u use or what came in handy the first two weeks of recovery? I got a few things but from reading some peoples stuff they got a lot ;). I keep hearing about pills to take after to help healing?. Please help lol. I hope ur all doing well and u will post after pre op. :) have a great night.

Pre op done!

Omg it's getting more real! Today I had my pre op and I'm so excited. So can I just say how amazing my doctors office is! They are so sweet and make me feel so comfortable. Ok so my dr says due to my lift I can't go bigger then 550cc's what sux is that I'm so much smaller on one side that he thinks whatever I chose he will have to up the other side 75-100cc more, that being said I can only go 450cc in bigger side then. I really wanted 475-500cc on bigger side
:(. But that's ok I would rather be safe then sorry. The last thing I want is to have a dr say "yea pick what u want" and then a week after surgery I can't heal right. He did say he will put the 550 cc implant on the smaller side first so he can fill the other side to match he will go as big as he can staying under the 550cc. So as of now it's 550cc in one side and 450cc in other side. If he can he said he will do 525cc in small side and 475cc in big side. He said his #1 goal is to make me even! Which is true. I'm so excited. I was given 3 scripts ..I was given oxycodne,flexeril and a anti-nausea med. my time to be at hosp is 5:15am and thank god for that so I don't have to be hungry or thirsty lol. Oh and I'm so happy it will be done at a hospital it makes me feel better. I'm so excited 12days away!! Hope ur all well! Xox

Some b4 pics of me in my bikini top

Here are some more b4 pics in bathing suit

Been scared to upload face photos not sure why lol

So I have decided to put pictures of my face up lol. I have been nervous to do so but I don't know why. This site is such a positive site and one I'm proud to belong to. U have all been such an inspiration to me ;) I feel like I have made some friends on here and I feel blessed to have the support so... I changed my profile pic to my face lol and I have uploaded some with my face in it. There not good face shots but if there is anywhere I feel comfortable and not judged it's here! ;) xoxo

Trying to be positive

Hi ;) so I think of my self as a very positive person, well that's how I've been living the past 6mo anyway and I love the feeling better. But I don't know what come over me. I have so many emotions, so much anxiety. I'm making myself sick. Physically sick. I thought my pre op with my dr was done but now I have to have my pre op with the hosp. Having to do that makes me nervous. The guy said if anything comes up,if I have a UTI, cold anything that the surgery would b canceled :( I thought I was in the clear I was almost stress free. I was more excited then anything ;). But now I'm scared. What if I have a UTI and not know it. What if I get a cold. What if they find something. Everything has ran pretty smoothly so far and my old negative self comes in and plays the worst case in my head. I would have to cancel my friends flight, change date, hope she could come out at a latter date etc. now I feel like I will over think /over react to everything until the surgery is done. This isn't who I am so what's going on. Do any of u have advice on how u handled nerves ? How u stayed excited? Did any of u have to do pre op at drs and hosp? If so what did the hosp do? Please help haha I can't even breath I'm so worried. And I'm so sorry I swear I'm such a funny, positive, upbeat person but I feel the surgery process has made me worry more then I ever have! And I have had 5 c-sections. Hope ur all doing well!!!!!

Thankful to all of u!

So I wanna start off by saying thank you. All of you guys that have became my friends on here and have talked me down from the ledge haha. U have given amazing advice and shared ur fears/stories with me!! Ur positive advice/comments gave me my second wind today! So thank u! Now on to talk about my 2ND PRE OP ... So I went in the hosp filled out paperwork have them $1375 cash and went to leave and the lady said "wait u have to go meet with the nurse and test" (MY WORST FEAR BY THE WAY) and I told her that the head pre op nurse did it on the phone and all my test were faxed in by my dr. One girl was nice and said "ok bye" and the other was like "I don't care what ur saying u need to meet with her" so I told them I had to go (which I did, to take kids to school) and if they needed me they could call me and I would come back this afternoon or tues when the re opened and so u left as the one girl rolled her eyes. 5 min later I get a call from the "nice nurse" saying I didn't have to come back that everything was done and they would see me on surgery day!!!!!! She said I have to b there @5:15am on Thursday! Thank god it's in am hahah so I won't b starving or thirsty. So again I'm truly a believer in if u think positive,positive things will come and u ladies kept it positive even when I couldn't so thank u! Hey I have a quick question.. Did any of u take ur vitamins the day of surgery (in am b4 u went in) I just wanna see if I can take my vitamin c and my multi vitamin and my arnica ;) hope ur all doing well! Xoxo


*gave them

1 day 18hrs and 20min!

Hello my amazing friends ;) so today is the day I go pick up my friend. I pick her up at airport at 11:45pm. I'm so excited to see her and her son. I have cleaned the whole house. My hubby steam cleaned all the carpets and kids and I did all cleaning. I did laundry,cleaned car,cleaned bathrooms, paid bills,went two grocery store and stocked up for two weeks of food. Cleaned garage and yards. All I have left to do is wash car seats and sweep mop kitchen. I know slot of people say they get more at peace right b4 surgery I however am getting more freaked out the closer it gets lol. I am super excited!!!! I told my husband I will stop stressing the moment I can open my eyes and the say surgery is all done. Then I will stop stressing and be happy hahah. As soon as I know I'm alive! How r u all doing? I hope ur all doing well!! Xoxo


Short and sweet

Well tonight is the last night I will have these boobs. In one way I'm sad. These boobs have nursed 5 amazing kids! Well it's late and I have to be at hosp at 5am. In am gotta shower and shave lol. Then kiss my 5 amazing kids and go in. I am scared but I know gods hands are over me and he will be there every step of the way. Please pray all goes well! I will post once I'm done! Lv u all! Xoxo

Today is the day!!

Well I set my alarm for 3:45 am and yet I wake up at 2am and can't sleep. I'm showered,shaved and will be blow drying hair soon. I have my pillows my meds and my throw up bags hahah. Wish me luck!! ;) I leave here in an hr ;)


I'm hope safe! I have boobs I'm so out of it I will post and respond to ur posts tomorrow. Lv u guys!! Thanks for thinking of me. Xoxoxo

Fast update

Hey pretty ladies. I'm Gona make this short. I'm in so much pain!! Worse then my 5 c-sections :-/. Just got out if post op apt and they said all is looking good. I had my hubby take a quick pick. It's far away and u can't see uppile fullness in pics but it's there lol I brought a DD sports bra to wear home and it's to small yay! I can barley write this post. I will post later with lots of pics. This pic isn't a very good one but wanted to show u somthin ;) hope ur doing well xo

Out of it.

Hi there ;) I have no idea how u guys post on here after surgery. I can't even get up alone :( last night had to call dr I had a fever of 101.0 I felt like I was dying. I still do. I'm in so much pain. My hubby has to get up in middle of night to take me to the bathroom. My butt is so numb from laying on my back. And suggestions on how to lessen the pain on ur butt from sleeping this way? I have been taking all my meds and that's making me out of it too. I will post pics today. They look amazing tho! Every time I go to bathroom I look at them. I love my dr and his office the best in the world. Hope ur all doing well. I will update and post pics later ;) all of u ladies are so strong compared to me. U have all been walking, going out to eat etc after ur surgery I can't even move from my bed :( xox

Some pics. There not good ones

Hi ;) I just took a few pics. I will post better ones tomorrow. My hubby had to go into work today so my daughter too these pics lol

Not feeling good

So last night I got a fever of 101 and called dr he said it's normal . Now I'm starting to get another one. Anyone been through this. Please help I feel like poop


Hey guys ;) how soon did ur PS SAY to start massaging? They told me to do it as soon as possible I tried today (today is day 3) and I'm in so much pain! And I'm not to sure how to do them . She showed me but I was so out of it.

How my surgery went

Hi ;). I'm so sorry I haven't posted much nor responded to any of ur posts my recovery has bee good but pain full. I have been so out of it and didn't want to do anything
:( so here it goes . I got to hosp at about 5am and they asked me all the questions and then tried to get my iv 6 times and failed! Finally the 7th time it worked. Then my dr came in and marked me up and then I gave my hubby a kiss. As they were taking me back my aniexty kicked in. She have me a shot and I felt weird. Then we got into or and they told me to take 3 deep breaths and then next thing I know crying in pain asking for meds lol. They kept giving me meds. Orginally my dr said he thought my smaller side was about 75 to 100ccs off. I had wanted 475cx implant in the bigger boob. However when my hubby takes me home he said the dr had to put 600cc in smaller boob and had to leave the other boob at 450. I was kinda bummed but then I remembered how much I trust my dr and know it's Gona b fine. The first night I was good I was on so much pain meds I didn't know what was going on lol. Now it's day 4 and I'm still in a lot of pain!?! My left side (smaller side ) hurts the most. And now I feel/hear like a gurgling sensation!! What is that? Any of un have it? I read it goes away. I sure hope so I don't wanna feel that eveytime I move. I have been resting most of the time dosing in an out. I'm Gona rest now. I will update this eve with pics and ur posts. Xoxoxo sorry I just haven't felt well enough to do anything I'm sorry ;) xo


Here are some pics. Of course there black and blue lol and one is a bit bigger but will even out in a few months. He put this tape like stuff on me that I keep on for two weeks it allows no infections to come in. I love this dr he did an amazing job. They are still hard and up to my collar bone lol but I love them already!

2nd post op appointment

Hi there! I hope u are all doing well. So yesterday was a my 2nd shower and I had tried to do it by myself and that was a mistake. I felt some pain and looked in the mirror and saw that I was bleeding. My nipples and incision area was covered but I could see it through the tape. I freaked out and had my hubby call my amazing dr. The dr said to come in first thing in am. So today I went in and he said everything was fine and told me to rest because there are a lot of stiches there. He took of all the tape and bandages so I was finally able to see my incisions and my new areolas! My mouth about dropped! He did such an AMAZING AMAZING job! I never thought I could say this but there perfect!!!!!!! I'm so so happy I stuck with my gut and went with this dr. If anyone lives in austin tx I recommend him all the way! I am still in tons of pain. Without pain meds I'm an 8 out of 10 with pain meds I'm a 4. I have two days left of antibiotics and asked him for a refill of pain meds which he was so nice about and said no problem. I still have my muscle relaxers and I take those in am and b4 bed. My friend is doing a great job and I've been resting watching tv in bed. I know TMI but I still haven't pooed sense wed last week!!! It's been 7 days sense my last poop :( I'm so bolted and in pain. How r u guys? How did u all feel so good so soon.?! I think today in Gona go to walmart to get another sports bra. After my nap I will post pics of my incisions ;) I'm Gona post before and done after pics right now. I hope to hear from u guys and I hope ur all doing well! Xoxo

Another dr visit

Hey there ;) well last night I noticed yellow stuff on my bra from my right breast incision. I was concerned and I was nervous about my nipple looking so puffy. They again wanted to see me in drs office. Went in there and the dr said everything is fine I'm healing wonderfully ;) yay!! And he said it takes time for everything to be normal. I guess this is all new to me and it stresses me out. My drs office is so amazing and kind no matter how many times I call they are so sweet. I will post my one week pics (which was yesterday ) later ;) hope ur all well!! Xoxo

2 weeks!

Hey guys sorry I've been MIA lol. My friend went home Monday eve :( I was so sad! She did an amazing job taking care of me and my family. Now I have my daughter and little sister helping with the house and babies, they are doing the best they can but it's nothing like an adult hahah. I'm a little bummed about my size. I wish I could have chose the 600cc implant but again because of lift I couldn't. I just really wish my boobs were even before the implants so I could have gone a bit bigger on the bigger side. I wanted people to look at me and say "I wonder if those are fake" I wanted my monies worth. And wanted to be a full DD so I'm sad about that. They are of course bigger then they were and my gosh they are so perky. And I would rather be safe and go the size the dr recommend then have problems. My dr did say I can go big later (which I will) but to have to pay more really upsets me. All those women that can pick whatever size and only pay once. I envy those people. I have a drs apt Friday for my 2 week post op. My left boob is still bigger then the right due to him putting more cc's in there (it was the smaller boob) he told me not to worry that it would end up the same size. Also where my stiches are on my right boob it kinda makes my boob not so round my left boob is perfect! I love the size,fullness and the stiches look great. My right boob stiches I don't like and I want to bigger :(. I do love how full my boobs are my upper pole I love u can't see in the pics because if lighting but there so full. I love them! Here are some pics ;) hope u guys are doing well! Xox

More pics

Boobie. Blues

Ok so I know things will change (well I have heard and I hope lol) but it's not so much the size of my right boob that I don't like it's the shape. My left breast shape is round and my right is like slanted and I hate it! I don't have 7,000 to fix either. I'm wondering if my left side lift was done when the bigger round implant was in and that's why my right looks different. But I hate it!! And I know the dr is Gona say it takes time but I don't think the shape will change I know size might but shape is permanent I think. I can not live with one boob round and one slanted. Take a look for ur self and tell me what u think. Please I'm freakin out and have been crying all morning. I told my husband If by next summer it's not better we have to fix it and he wasn't happy. He already thought it was a waste of money and that there was better things to spend money on. I mean he was supportive and loves them but isn't happy about me using more money towards it. Ugh I just hate my right! Sorry I had to vent. I hope ur all doing well!! Xoxo

Pain in my chest

Hey there ;) how r u all doing?! I hope well! Hey I have a question.. I've been starting to get a weird pain in the middle of my chest. Has anyone ever felt that? It's not pain on my boobs it's like right where the cleavage is. So weird. Well I hope everyone is doing well. Oh and I wanted to mention something I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm negative or complaining a lot it's not that. It's that I don't have anyone to talk to, no one that can relate. So when I post about my concerns it's because I need advice. I'm sorry if it comes across like I'm some big baby or unhappy woman lol. I do love my results there are just some things that I don't like right now . Thank u for all ur support!! Xoxo

My 3rd post op doc visit

Hey there ;) so I just got back from the drs office. My dr said I look amazing ;) I pointed out the issues I had and he knew exactly what I was talking about which made me feel good, it made me feel like I wasn't crazy or seeing things. He said it's because I have a larger implant filling up the space where the other boob (my slanted boob lol) has a smaller implant so it's natural breast tissue that is filling up a lot of the space. He said that it will round out. And that my bigger boob will become the same size it's just Gona take about 6mo. I also talked to him about going bigger. I told him I want 600cc in my larger boob (my right)which I would then have to go 750 in my smaller boob (my left) he said the max we can do is 80cc. He said to wait till next summer. He said I might love the size. He said after they fluff I will have fuller boobs and they will be softer and a lot more cleavage ;) he said we will talk about going bigger in a year lol and my hubby looked at the dr and agreed haha. The dr then took of the glue which was all that blue stuff around my areola and said everything looked amazing! He did say that as he was pulling glue off on both and he pulled two stitches (one on each side) so he said to put neosporin on twice a day and that it would be ok. He said over and over he can't believe how perfect my boobs look and how amazing I'm healing which was reassuring ;) he then said to put this scar cream on twice a day on my areolas this week then the whole insicion site after that. I see him back in two months!! I love that dr!! I would recommend my dr to anyone!! And his staff is amazing. I hope u are all doing well!! Xoxo

The best sports bras for a BA or BL

Here's that pic love ;) I have these sports bras in all colors ;) they are long enough in front that they don't rub on incisions. They are $8.00 at Walmart and they are such a good support for the boobs lol. And so so comfy I wear it all day and only take it off to shower xoxo

New pics

Just got back from pool and man I'm in pain. I took all the kids by my self cause hubby is workin. I didn't get in the pool per dr orders but I put my feet in. Here are so pics I just took ;) I still have a ways to go before there even ;) hope ur all well!! Xoxo

Question for all u beautiful ladies!

So as u saw I posted all new pics last night. But in the pitures u can see my sitiches still (of course it's only been 3 weeks) but I have a question. How long did it take for ur stitches to dissolve? And what did u use for ur scars? After the dissolved and healed did it feel smooth? Right now my scar feels thick ( the tissue underneath) does that go away and soften up? Hope ur all well!! Xoxoo

Oops deleted pic

Good day ;)

Hi there ;) today has been the best day so far. I did wake up in pain as always but I was able to do much more today. As a matter of fact for about 4 hrs I forgot I even had them lol. They felt like mine ;). Just thought I would update that. I can't wait for them to feel 100% mine ;) hope all is well!! Xo

Incision might be infected :(

Hey u ;) I'm sorry I haven't been on in a couple of days and because of that I have yet to reply to anyone's comments I'm so sorry. It's been supper busy around here I have had an appt everyday. So today I have an appt with my PS because I think my left insicion my be getting infected. Everything was fine however at my 3 week post op when the dr took off the glue he accidentally pulled out two sitiches, well he said just two use neosporin twice a day for a week. My left side is healing great. My right side looks irritated and at the top of the incision it looks like the sitich is infected or something so this am he wants to see me. I pray everything is fine. Because of this it's making my scar look worse. Could all of u please pray for me today. Pray that everything goes well and that if it is infected that it clears up fast. Thank u xoxo. How r u all doing? How is the heing going? For all of u that haven't had the surgery yet I'm praying for u! I'm leaving right now for the drs appt when I get back I will respond to everyone's comments. I'm so sorry I haven't already ;) xox

Drs update

Hey everyone ;) so wanted to start by saying thanks for the prayers and thoughts ;). Ok so got to drs and he said wow u look great. He did say he say what u was talking about and how he could see why I might have thought it was puss and how I could have thought the red red part was infected. He said the white part is like a inner scab that it's white because it's been kept moist due to the neosporin. He said had it been dry it would b an actual scab. He said yes the incision on my right breast is more red then the other but again due to the moistness he said that the actual insicion is so small that with how while my boobs are (hahah) that there won't be a scar I will b able to really see unless ur super close which was great great news lol. He did say to continue the neosporin and the scar cream. I really don't want to (but will of course) only because I want it to dry like my lefty lol. On the other hand my boobs are rounding out and my left is finally getting smaller to match my other side ;) I hope u are doing good! And can I just say how aswome this whole site is! The fact that I can't take this journey with all of u and the fact that we all have eachother is truly somthing special! Xoxo
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Hi ;) well where do I start. I went to Dr Kerr for a consultation to get a BA and a lollipop lift and loved him right away! Not just him but all of his staff. My husband still wanted me to get a few more consultations (even tho I knew he was the one) so I did and sure enough Dr Kerr was still my first pick. So I asked to meet with him again and without any question they set me up another appt. Dr Kerr went over everything and answered all my questions and did not leave until I was done asking my questions. What I liked also is that he was super honest and that's what I want, I want someone to do what's Gona be the best for me not what I think will be the best. And I can't tell u enough how amazing his staff was. They are so amazing!! They got back to me right away. Even tho I called a million times they never got irritated with me. every time I called it just reassured me that I was picking the right place. So then the day of surgery he was early! Which u never see from a dr. He was ready and super happy ;) that made my nerves go away. He answered more questions I had lol. When I had woke up from surgery he told my husband everything which was awesome! Then later that night he called me personally can u believe that he called me personally to see how I was! I thought that was amazing!! The next day there was some blood (found out it had been there) he answered his phone right away and reassured me everything was ok! I have sense referred this dr to my mom and friends. I do plan on having more surgeries and he will be the dr I go with forever. Dr Kerr is the doctor I will always choose. He is so professional and his work is amazing! I have never seen such amazing work. My boobs look better then I ever thought they could!! Thank you so much Dr. Kerr you changed my life in a good way and I will forever be thankful to you and ur staff! You are the best doctor out there!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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