30 Yo Mom of 1, Bodybuilder and Runner 585 Cc Under Silicone Gel - Austin, TX

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I had my consult today and actually went ahead and...

I had my consult today and actually went ahead and paid my deposit and booked the day! I'm a little over two weeks out from my BA. I wasn't sold on having the procedure bc I mostly was stressing out about not being able to work out. I lift weights 5 days a week and run 3 times. My boobs are deflated and have no volume left on top from breastfeeding and getting huge during pregnancy. My doctor put all of my worries to bed. I feel so confident in my ability to bounce back. I also really liked the way the breast I tried on made me look so much more feminine and proportionate. I have a muscular chest and am broad shouldered. She suggested behind the muscle since I lift. I went in thinking 350cc but left knowing 450cc for my frame much better. I'm super excited!!!


I'm second guessing my decision to go with 450cc... I'm thinking I could go back to bigger. From looking at everyone's updates I feel like a lot regret not going a size up. Opinions? I found these and I love the look...

Pre-OP photos

So I want to show what bothers me the most. In my first pre-op photo my arms are up and you can't really see the extent of damage to them. So here they are. Deflated and sad. I'm thinking I'll NEED to go bigger to fill all of that boob skin...

Snoopy boobs forever?!

Okay, I'm getting closer just 9 days from my BA. I've been looking at way more reviews and pictures than I should probably, BUT im freaking out about the snoopy boobs. It looks like some girls end up with that misshaped boob look permanently. I DO NOT, want that. I would rather have no boobs than big ugly shaped boobs. I'm going to have to talk to my Ps At my pre-op on Friday and discuss my aesthetics. I want to make sure she is confident I'll have a pretty rack. She told me before I had great symmetry and an excellent "palette" to work with... But I'm still freaking out. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk.

Clothed pre-BA

So I decided to do a few pre-BA photos with a bralette on so that I can compare once I have my new boobs. You can tell I'm just a tiny bit excited, and by tiny bit I mean a WHOLE lot.

So as you can see in my side profile I have a pocket. No matter how lean I get its always there. My PS said that once I get my implants it will go away bc it will pull the skin back to where it should be. I'm super excited to have a nice famine side profile. I yo-yo between super excited and nervous/wanting to back out. I know I'll love them once I get them. It's mostly the guilt of spending so much money on myself when it could be used to take my kiddo on a vacation, or to pay off debt or even his college savings. BUT I assume everyone has these feelings.

Pre-Op Done! 550cc!!!!

Sooo, I had my pre-op and blood work done today. I also paid for my new boobs!

Guess what? I mentioned that I was thinking about going bigger and the nude seemed relieved. She showed me a chart with my measurements and told me I could actually go with a 585cc! I have a large chest I suppose lol. So I tried them on and I really liked the way 550 looked on me. So they are bringing 485, 525 and 550 into the OR and I guess we will see what I get! Super excited and also nervous. One week out! I have my surgery on Thursday 7/14 at 7am

Also, my nurse said they don't use the band I see everyone wearing that they just prescribe muscle relaxers.


OK so I am three days out from my surgery and I am freaking out. I guarantee if they weren't already paid for I would probably back out. Something about thinking of all the discomfort and initial ugliness of the new boobs is making me cringe. I keep having mini panic attacks when I think about it.
I am a very adventurous person with little to no fear of anything. But the thought of these boobs is putting me on edge. I think mostly because I've never had surgery before, I sleep on my stomach, I'm semi happy with small boobs (except only in clothes bc out of clothes they are deflated and ugly) and I read of all the things that can go wrong and those few people who hate their implants.

Ahhhhh. I'm so worried and so freaked out. I need to chill but I don't know how. I just keep thinking pain and discomfort. :(

On a good note I got all of my prescriptions filled, a bedrest pillow to help me sleep at a 45 degree angle on my back, and a book on positive thinking to read.... Lol

2 days pre-opI got a new bra and here is another before. Plus I've l calmed down.

I've stopped freaking out and realized it's going to be okay. I'm a big girl. I can handle it and I'm going to look soooo much better and balanced.

I ordered a brilliant contour dragonfly bra for my recovery. I like that it will help conceal my new breasts from co-workers since I said I was getting my wisdom teeth removed lol. No joke. The good news is even if they notice they can't say anything bc that's sexual harassment haha.

I had my last barbell workout last night. I did wide stance squats, narrow stance, front squats, one legged squats, leg press and heavy barbell lunges. I guess you could say I wanted to make my last one count. Today I plan on going for a trail run and then I'll rest tomorrow since my surgery is bright and early Thursday morning.

Morning of!

I showered in my Hibiclens and took a sip of water with my amend anti-nausea. I put on a zip up hoodie and yoga pants.. I'm ready to go! I'm so nervous and getting out of bed knowing it's the last time I would be comfortable for a while really sucked. My surgery is at 8am. I'll see y'all on the other side! I'm already starving!!!

Boobs! Omg I'm already in love.

Sooo I'm loopy so I'll keep this short. It went really well. I can't say anything that would describe how awesome my experience was.
I did start crying laying on the table right before anesthesia. However, he put me out quickly. I woke up feeling great jut nauseous. I had to stay in recovery for 2 hours bc I had a hard time waking up and they wanted to make sure I wasn't the least bit nauseous before releasing me.

I woke up looked down and smiled. They look so good already. I'm happy happy happy. I think they went with 585cc in one and 550cc in the other or something along those lines.

I'll update more later

Here they are. Day 1 Post-OP

Because I know you're all curious. I couldn't have asked for better results so far. My PS did an incredible job. I haven't had cleavage in years and it's pretty awesome. They are big! But in a good way :)

Day 2 (loving being pampered)

So I've only been taking half of a pain pill since I got home yesterday and my muscle relaxers. I wouldn't say I'm in any pain really just discomfort and pressure with the occasional zing in my muscle. Here is how yesterday went..

I woke up at 5:30 and took a shower in Hibiclens, dressed in a zip up hoodie and yoga pants. I took my anti-nausea and headed to the surgery center. They were ready for me when I arrived. I was taken to a chair that reclined with a heated blanket and undressed and put on my gown. I pee'd in a cup to make sure I wasn't pregnant and then met with the anesthesiologist and nurse. I got my IV in, before they did that they numbed my hand. Dr Gordon came and went back over what I wanted and let me know she would probably go up to 585cc but I trusted her and told her to make me look good. She drew two lines on my chest, just were my crease was. She said she didn't need to draw a map. At this point I kissed my honey bye and they took me to the operating room. I started to cry, silently. Tears streaming down my cheeks so the nurse and anesthesiologist started talking to me about Costa Rica (where I'm suppose to get married) and before I knew it I was waking up in recovery.

My overall experience was amazing. Restora Austin is great as well as Inspire surgery center.

I'm so pleased with my results so far. They are so symmetrical and full. She did use two different sizes bc my volume was a little different in each. I believe it was 550/585. I'm in love with my tits! I can't wait to see how they progress. Thanks to the ladies I've been chatting with who have been sooo helpful. I have ZERO regrets. These are incredible!

I was nauseous, so they gave me something and kept me in there for 2 hours, an hour longer than usual. I had a really hard time waking up. They gave me Sprite and crackers and finally I was able to look down and see my girls. THEY ARE SO PRETTY. I didn't cry like I thought I would bc I wasn't in pain.. Just felt really tight and sore. The ride home wasn't too pleasant bc there are quite a few bumpy roads around Austin. Once I got home I got in bed and crashed out for about 5 hours. My fiancé would wake me to take medicines and check to see if I was hungry. I've only had soup and crackers and a few prunes so far. My tummy is REALLY bloated.

Day 4 - love love love these boobs!

So it's day 4, I have only been taking Tylenol since yesterday along with my antibiotics, muscle relaxers, and anti inflammatories. I'm surprised at how good I feel. But let's get down to business.. The boobs! They look so great already! They are hard as rocks and I can't feel anything from about the nipple down but they are amazing. I love the shape and I know that once they settle they are going to be gorgeous. I have no bruising.

Better photos of what day 4 looks like

Here are a few pics. I can't wait until they drop and fluff. They are so damn pretty already! I'm
So happy. No pain. And I finally pooped today HAHAHAH. It was the besssst.

Return to work? Not so much

So I'm not in any pain whatsoever. I've been taking Tylenol and my antibiotics., plus my muscle relaxers. However I am still really tired and drained so I decided to stay home from work again. I can work remotely which is great I just don't think I am up to driving myself an hour in traffic and back and putting up with the stresses of my job, purchasing. I feel really loopy and incoherent sometimes. All I really want to do is sleep. I think a full week would have been best instead of trying to get back to work so soon. I don't have vacation so I take off unpaid. I am sure my coworkers are t too happy but they will get over it.

It's funny how my body feels natural with these gigantic implants.

So 585 cc is rather larger. Way larger than I thought I could do... But I left it up to my doc and I'm so happy she decided on that size. I don't feel they are too big, I think they are perfect. They already feel like mine. They don't feel foreign or weird. (Besides they are like rocks)
I am already super anxious to get back to working out. I want to run and lift! I know the time will pass quickly and I'll be back to it. As of right now just walking around or going up and down the stairs makes me winded and out of breath. I am soooo sleepy. I am not taking any pain Meds, just the Valium for muscle relaxers. I've been pooping regularly but I still feel super bloated.
I love the look of my boobs and I know once they drop and fluff they are going to be perfection! I love my surgeon! I can't believe these are mine!!!!!!!

So I feel like a lot of my clothes don't fit as they should anymore. This means I need to go shopping... Poor me. That's about it for day 6. I've made it through the day at work and I didn't have too much trouble driving.. But I would have liked to stay home a few more days.

Bralette, say whaaaat?!

So I tried this on, didn't buy it bc I know my boobs are changing... But ummm.. I had to share! Hellllloooooo ladies!

Practically one week! First postop appt is in the morning.

Ladies! I can't tell you how much I am in love with my new breast. I was reluctant, hesitant, and knew I would regret it. But I don't! I love them! Love them love them!

They are getting better everyday and I can't say enough about my doctor. She gave me the absolute best results possible. I trusted her on size and profile and I'm so happy I did. Once these suckers soften and drop I'll probably be even more ecstatic than I already am.

So you may be tired of seeing my tits. But I want to be sure to keep an update on the changes. I think they have already dropped quite a bit.

I quit my job yesterday and I've been so tired that all I want to do is eat (healthy balanced meals of fish and veggies and lean protein and protein shakes and nuts and salads). I'm taking tons of naps. I have ZERO pain. But I haven't really had pain since the surgery. I did get the Exparel shots and had little to no pain the entire time. I am really anxious to get back to the gym but I'm being patient.

I emailed my nurse and she said I could do morning or evening walks keeping my heart rate under 100. So I plan to do that tonight. 2 more weeks to light cardio and legs and 4 to lifting! I think in staying semi lean. I've had a sweet tooth which makes me nibble on dark chocolate almonds but overall I'm doing good.

If you are contemplating getting your breasts done, DO IT. Pick a fantastic Doctor, listen to what they say and DO IT!

Btw my Brilliant Contours bra is awesome! Buy one!

I feel incredible. Energy + Confidence + and a generally better outlook on life. Week 1 post op went great

I can't even say how great I feel. There are times when I get anxious bc I can't go to the gym but I try to remember I'll be back at it before I know it. My tummy isn't as lean, my abs are gone but that's okay. A better diet and some exercise will cure that in a few weeks once I'm cleared to lift.

I was afraid of all of these horror stories about implants making you feel bad and being toxic to the body... But I've never felt better. My energy levels are high (besides when I do too much and need a nap).

My boobs, they are huge. But not too huge. I'm curious to see the shape they take bc they are still so round and so high. I feel like they are dropping. I went shopping for some new clothes and the sales girl at free people was amazed at the fact that everything I tried on looked so good and I wasn't wearing a bra. I hope they stay as perky as they are but I know there is a chance they could drop more than I want. Overall, I'm soooooo happy. I can't praise Doctor Gordon enough. She is seriously incredible. I have no regrets and can't wait to post some photos of my soft boobs when they come. I've started massages so hopefully soon!

Bikini top photos... Wowza.

Day 10 : went for a walk and wallowed in pity.

I went for a 3 mile walk, keeping my HR under 100 (mostly, I averaged 109bpm). It was awful. I felt out of shape and was getting passed by grannies doing their power walk. I wanted to run. Not only did I want to run and breeze past everyone with ease as I usually do, but I wanted to run to the gym and climb under a barbell and squat a few hundred pounds. :( I spent my entire walk wishing I could just get back to normal. Without working out I don't really know who I am.

I like my breasts mostly, and up until today I haven't even regretted them. I think I'm just growing impatient. I can't be me if I can't push my body to its limits and pump iron. It's sad, how I let exercise define me.

I want to go backpacking and climb a few mountains. I want to lift and I want to run. I want to be ME!!

I have no pain just tightness and uncomfortableness every now and then. I don't see much change. I'm massaging but I don't know if I'm doing it right. I think so.

Today it's all pity me.

Post op / Day 11 Comparison

So this isnt really fair bc my first pic the day of op was before I had eaten or drank anything in like 12 hours and the Day 11 picture I just cheated and ate fajitas with chips and queso... Obviously there is a difference in my body composure due to my diet for today. But I am not happy with the bloat. I don't do Mexican food everyday this was my one cheat meal since the surgery. I've been pretty steady on protein shakes, fish, veggies, rice, crackers, and soups. Even with a good diet I've been SO constipated and bloated. Either I take too many laxatives and can't leave the house or I don't take enough stool softeners and I'm in the bathroom for the same amount of time a man is :) it sucks. I am off of everything besides my vitamins and I've still been taking a muscle relaxer just because I like how relaxed it makes me.

BUT, with that being said for my implants being so huge I think they blend in perfectly. I do prefer me lean look better but in a few weeks I will have that back. These are the same bra and panties obviously. I'm going to try this again in another week and see what it looks like.

I've survived TWO WEEKS

so I took zero medication yesterday mostly bc I had a dinner party to go to and I wanted to have a glass of red wine. It was amazing, the wine. My breast when I woke up felt so squishy and had felt like they had dropped more. I checked them out in the mirror and yes, I can see a difference. I'm so happy with them.

As for exercise I am walking 3 miles a day keeping my HR under 100. It's something to help me feel like I'm not wasting away! I bought tons of soft bras and Lacey cute ones to get me through the next few months before I buy real bras. My boobs are big. I don't have boob greed, at all. And I don't regret the size. I think they are as big as I could have possibly wanted them and I wouldn't want any smaller. As time goes on I know they will change so we will see.

I have no pain, I haven't checked my incisions but I will today when I change my tape. I can't feel anything from about a half inch up from my nipples down but I do feel zings and occasional burn like feelings so I know the nerves are working to reconnect. My nipples get hard a lot and I kind of like it! :).

Holy tingles and nerves!!!

The nerve regeneration is more annoying and painful for me than the surgery and days following where. It kept me up all night last night. I couldn't get comfortable.

It feels like my boobs have fallen asleep and I'm trying to shake them back awake (like when your foot falls asleep) and they are hyper sensitive!! I'm dealing. My nurse is calling in another round of anti-inflammatories and I'm refilling my muscle relaxers to help me sleep. I'm still sleeping in a semi sitting up position. I don't like the way it feels when I lay down yet. I think bc my implants are so big. I still ice at night bc it's hot here in Austin and I've been really active. They are dropping more everyday. Hard to believe I'm only about 3 weeks post op. They are looking really good. My surgeon was amazing.

My Incisions week 3!

Just to update what my incisions look like. they are completely closed. Done mind all the red marks from my bra.

Week 4, here we are!

I haven't posted any updates recently bc I don't see much change. They feel better. Way better. The tingles and burning sensation and most of he uncomfortableness is gone. They have softened up a little but I can't wait for them to fluff.

6 weeks Post-Op.

I haven't updated much lately bc there hasn't been a lot of change. They feel like they are getting softer and more natural feeling, which I like. I had my 6 week checkup and was cleared for regular weightlifting and running.

Although, I tried to bench press the bar at the gym, and the feeling was just too weird. I'm not ready for chest exercises. So I did weighted legs, finally. I can barely walk today.

My doctor was a little concerned that I don't have feeling in my nipples and lower breast back yet. However she seemed confident it would be back soon. She said I responded to stimuli which was good.

I am kind of wishing I had gone high profile but then I remind myself they would have been too narrow. I don't like the placement of my nipples. I knew going into the surgery that they wouldn't move. My surgeon did a fantastic job with what she was given. I've always had lower nipples and I like the look of the high nipple with fullness on bottom.

I'm hoping that once they fluff they look better, the shape seems odd to me and I wish I had more cleavage. Size is great and I don't think I would have wanted any larger.

I have zero pain and everything is healing nicely :)

Pictures with clothes on!

Here are some with clothes on. I have a sports bra on under my tank. I don't own any bras that fit so this is as good as I can do for now. I think the size is good. Now that I am back to lifting and running, my fears of being too big are out the window. I think they are perfect. I ran 5 miles yesterday in a ta-ta tamer from lululemon, DDD :)
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Couldn't have asked for better results! She is an amazing surgeon. My breast are incredible! Thank you Dr.Gordon!!!!!

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