26, 3 Boys Later, 505cc HP Silicone Under the Muscle - Austin, TX

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I am so beyond excited just sitting here in bed...

I am so beyond excited just sitting here in bed knowing that I'm only a week out from getting my twins!!!!! I am 5'1 and 130lbs. Me and my hubby started young, so we have three gorgeous boys that have come first for the last eight years. I've always been self conscious about my breasts but once I had my boys I knew I didn't want them to stay like this for too long. It's been five years since our youngest was born and it's about time for mommy to feel better!!! My PS is Dr. Mahlon Kerr in round rock. And let me say he is so professional and knowledgeable. During our consult he explained what it would take to get my results and was very sincere and earned my trust within seconds. I felt so set ease with him and his staff. I had my pre op on the 19th of December and we landed on 500cc silicone unders with an under the fold incision. He is highly acclaimed for his techniques and methods. So needles to say I am super excited. Within the next week I will be making sure everything is ready to go when I come home. Plus the hubby is taking 9 days off with me to help out.

pics didn't upload

So I realized the pics didn't upload and I wanted to add that I am a 34 A. So sad ????. But they will soon be replaced with amazing beautiful boobies!!!!

2 more days!!!!

I went in this morning to do my pre op labs and was given my instructions from the hospital for pre op. Just after, my PS office called to make sure things were going good and to say how excited they are!! (me too). I forgot to post pics of me with the 450cc sizers. I loved the look of these and that's why I chose the 500cc for under the muscle. I've already got all prescriptions and post op clothes. I feel that I am prepared and I am ready to do this!!!! Any lady minute advice from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks


the twins are here!!!

Surgery was this morning at 7:00am and I arrived at the hospital at 5:30am. The staff was so amazing and my pre op nurse was phenomenal. I met with Dr Kerr and he did his markings and within 10 mins I was being brought to the or. They have me the special stuff and I had not a care in the world. Surgery only lasted 45 mins. I was in recovery and I had the sweetest nurse there too. Apparently I was doing so good they let me go home 2 hours earlier than expected!!!! No real pain really just tightness and soreness. I cannot express how amazing my PS is. He's took such good care of me. I am all wrapped up tonight and will have the bandages removed tomorrow morning!!! They already look amazing and I'm so happy with my choice!!!! My hubby and boys are taking such good care of me it's amazing. Good luck to all my other January ladies out there and happy healing!


So I am post op day two and already seeing some great changes. Had my post op apt today and Dr. Kerr said everything looks great. They taught me my massages and I can shower tomorrow yay!!! Wraps were taken off and now I'm in my comfy front clasp sports bra I got from walmart for $10.00 in a pack of two. As of pain it has subsided and now just staying on top of the meds for soreness. Other than that things are going great.


More pics of side profile and incisions. Incision sites are really small due to the keller funnel that my ps uses.

day three po

So yesterday was a blur of sleeping and vomiting. I got really sick from the pain pills but all is well now. I stopped the pain meds and have been cleared to take ibuprofen. I've been doing that and tylenol with a muscle relaxer when needed. Toady is much better. Got out of the house for lunch and felt pretty good. Soreness is no joke and super tight. Other than that I feel great and the changes I'm seeing are amazing. Can't wait till they d&f they are gonna look awesome!!!

some pics and comfy bras

So my mom and husband brought me to victoria's secret and I had to try on a couple bras. I only got the ones with no underwire and they are soo comfy!!!! I've also been seeing some great changes and my pain and soreness is to a minimum. I actually woke up today and felt like my boobs have always been there, they are no longer a foriegn entity. So day 5po and I'm down to no meds just the antibiotic and I'm feeling great!!!! I'm hoping I don't have to sleep on my back all propped up for much longer. Right now that is my biggest complaint!! Hopefully all of you lovely ladies are healing well and feeling good and good luck to those of you who are getting ready for your ba!!! Best wishes.


1week po

I Love My Boobs!!!!!

two week post op

Not too much has changed other than most all soreness is gone. I'm back full swing at work and was so booked with clients (I'm a hairstylist) I didn't have time to do anything other than hair. I felt pretty good after work, so I'm happy about that since my job is using my arms rigorously. Also my left one is winning the d&f race. Frederick's of hollywood is shutting down so I couldn't pass up the chance to go get some bras on clearance. I got sized again and to my surprise I'm a 36DDD (F). Wowza!!!!! Love the way the girls are softening up and I cant wait to seefb the final results!!!

5 weeks and 2 days post op

I know I haven't been on lately to update. Sorry been busy with work and the boys!!! As far as the ba goes everything is looking perfect!! This was most definately the best decision I have ever made for myself. My confidence is through the roof and I'm so comfortable in my own skin now. I am posting some pics of four weeks po and five weeks po.

10 weeks post op!!!

Where did the time go? I feel great and can't believe that its already been 10 weeks. I am still seeing progress and I love my results. I am now inspired to lose some extra pounds to make them look even better come summer!!!! I still notice that my left still hasn't dropped as much as my left but hey it'll come with time! hopefully everyone is doing well and healing beautifully.

trying things on is so much more fun with boobs

I've been trying a lot of stuff on lately and I love the way everything looks with boobs!!! I'm living the fullness and I get compliments on them regularly. I'm glad I chose my size I feel it is perfect for my frame. It really balances me out. I definitely have a lot of junk in my trunk so to say. I hope everyone is healing well and seeing progress!!! Good vibes to everyone.

5 1/2 months

Yay time had flown by and I've not been on in a while to update!!! Everything has been great and I love my decision to get my ba!!! Not much has changed but I'll add some new photos and my amazing new swim suits from vs. Also I've officially been sized at Nordstrom and I am a 32 G!!! Well there aren't too many sexy or cute bras in that size but I found a couple of cute ones. Hey they are super comfy too!!! Good luck to all of my ladies and happy healing!!!!

the bras didn't upload!!!

other bralette i got from Nordstrom

Wow 1 year later!!!!

I am so in love with my results. They are absolutely amazing and more than I could've ever asked for. I had to go to petticoat fair to be officially sized and I am a 28GG or 30G. I have some of the cutest bras made by Freya. I am so glad I made my decision and am very pleased with Dr. Kerr. He is amazing!!!! I have included pics of how they look when laying down and how they look under clothes. And let me say I am in love with my cleavage as well. They are very proportionate and I am soooo happy!!!!!

1 year 10 months

so it's almost been 2 years since my BA and i love them still. I believe mine are the perfect size and shape for my body frame. Dr kerr did such an amazing job!!!!

More pics. 1yr 10 months

Austin Plastic Surgeon

I've been stalking plastic surgeons for years just trying to find one who's results were amazing! I found Dr. Kerr a couple of years ago. I've been following him just waiting for my chance to get a BA. On Sept 12th I had my consultation and was immediately pleased at how nice and amazing the staff was. They were generally excited and made me feel more at ease. Vlasta is amazing as well and the second I met Dr. Kerr I knew he was the PS for me. His knowledge and demeanor are amazing and he actually took the time to draw diagrams of different techniques. My husband and I knew we found our guy!!! We decided 500cc silicone under the muscle with a breast fold incision. I am generally excited to see my results and I know I'm in great hands. Had surgery today and pain is minimal. Already love the results :) and they are going to get so much better. Dr Kerr has amazing surgical precision and I couldn't be happier with him!!!!

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