20 Years Old, 5'6", AA Cup Ready for Change! - Austin, TX

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Hello RealSelfers! I'm writing this as almost a...

Hello RealSelfers! I'm writing this as almost a diary to keep my thoughts cohesive so that I can look back on this and see exactly where i've been and how far i've come! So, for starters, i'm a MTF transgender woman, and the reason I'm not putting this under MTF breast augmentation is because I don't want to be shoed in with that corner of realself that doesn't get any attention. I'm here, i'm a woman, I am valid, and I'm making a change for the better. With that said, let's get into things! I'm only 20, and I've been on Hormones since January 27th of this year. In that time, breast growth has started but it's still nowhere near where i'd like to be. I've talked with a couple surgeons over the phone and they recommend that I wait until 1 year on hormones. So that's what i'm doing! In the mean time i've been doing a lot of reading and research here on RS and I've kinda figured out what I want... I'm thinking 250/300cc Silicone Mod+, I think something in that realm would bring my body proportions back to where they should be. My hips are wide and my thighs are a little thicker, but I have nothing on top to balance it out. For now, i'm saving up money and i'm trying to live day by day. I just lost my job, unfortunately, which is really setting me back and killing my joy, but i'm trying to move forward. Here are just a couple pictures of what's developed so far, there's not very much at all. I'll be updating more as things start to progress and change!

Wish Pics

I just thought i'd upload a couple of wish pictures, I like keeping things easy to find! This is more so that I don't have to dig through my phone all the time! Some of these are trans women, some are not, all are beautiful <3


So in the last couple months since I posted last, my hormones have still been treating me well. I'm noticing a different shape to my breasts now, and there's much more tissue there to work with in a push up bra. Still not a full A cup though. I got a job, and I'm anxiously awaiting my first check this week! I'm going to start saving as much as I can, My fiancé knows how important this is to me and we're both working very hard to get me there. I've been wearing just sports bras to work, I remember reading somewhere that leaving them alone can in some cases help them to progress a little more, so i've been doing that and mixing up my hormones a little. I still need to make an appointment to up my dosage, as i'm still taking the initial dosage I was given in january. Here are a couple of pictures, some for progress and others are wish pictures from other girls here on RealSelf :)


My pictures didn't upload yesterday! These are the progress pictures, the others were inspiration

New pictures

Here's some more of what I'm thinking for my endgame. I like this look because it balances out my proportions a lot, as I am now being so flat up top, it almost disguises my waist line. With the larger bust, it gives me an hourglass figure which is what i've been after the whole time. Soon enough i'll be booking a couple consultations and seeing where I can go up to! I had a couple of people give me recommendations for doctors they went to and I have a better idea price point wise, It may be about half what I was quoted originally! Thank goodness! In these pictures I like the width I get, as well as the projection and the new shape.

10 months on Hormones!

Yaay yesterday marked 10 months on hormones, I just wanted to share a few more pre op pics. I've started looking around more for places to get my BA and it honestly looks like my original place is trying to rip me off, estimate wise. So we'll see how it goes when it comes down to the consultation in January!

Almost 1 year on Hormones!

In two weeks, i'll have been on hormones for one year! This is a huge milestone for me, I'm getting married next month, i'm doing well at work, everything is lining up! Financially i'm not where i'd like to be, so my BA may have to wait a little while, however I'd still like to show some progress pictures to celebrate! Turns out, though, I was taking the lowest possible dose of my hormones and just upped my dose to a normal range, so we'll see how things change in the near future :D


So! It's been 1 year on hormones, and I've got a lot of growth compared to what I used to have, however... seeing myself in my wedding dress this last weekend really showed me how depressingly flat I actually am. Unfortunately, money and living situation prevent me from getting my breast augmentation and it's really depressing me as of late. I can wear two bras with inserts to get some kind of cleavage, but I can't do that every day, it's just too uncomfortable. Either way, it's looking like I'll be waiting until the 2 year mark to get my surgery. I may have to shut this review down and start another one once I can actually get it done... really kinda bums me out :/ anyhow, have a wish pic! Lmao if I ever got my breasts to look like these, I'd be in boobie heaven!
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