BBL!! 28 y/o no kids I want FAB not FLAB - Austin, TX

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I am a member of the RealSelf stalker club lol. I...

I am a member of the RealSelf stalker club lol. I decided to go ahead and start my profile. I am following @major_curves and decided to look at Dr.Mahlon Kerr in Austin,TX. I would love to go to Florida to get it done but I think staying closer to home will be easier. I am 5'4 155lbs and carry the bulk of my weight in my thighs, lower back, and flanks. I don't really want big butt but I love that athletic look but still thick. I will upload some of my wish pictures. My consultation with Dr.Kerr is on 7/16 so hopefully he will answer my questions and can produce my vision!! I want to join @ Major_curves and be the next Kerr Kitten lol!!

Consultation Date Changes

Soooooo I called last Tuesday to switch my consultation date to today. The person I talked to was very nice and said "no problem we can switch your dates. Yesterday when I called to confirm I was told my appt is on 7/23 not 7/16. I explained the earlier call but they didn't have any openings. Le Sigh*. So now I have to wait another week. I'm so ready to get this going!!

Dr.Kerr is AMAZING!!! Great Consult :)

Ok so today was my consultation with Dr.Kerr. I had a laundry list of questions and was ready to interview him lol. I arrived 30 minutes late due to getting lost twice but his office staff was super nice and understanding. I filled out my paper work and was more than willing to wait however long due to me being late. A patient came in that he did some work on and she looked AMAZING!!! After waiting maybe 10 minutes Dr.Kerr himself came and got me from the lobby. We went into his office while he was waiting for a room to open up for me. Now I work in a doctor's office and there is noooooo way any of the physician I work for would personally call a patient into the room. I work for some very nice and personable doctors but it just wouldn't happen. We sat in his office and talked about the procedure and any questions or concerns I have. Of course I didn't have any questions because he answered them all in his explanation!! So great. He showed me to a room where I got changed. I am very shy and I felt extremely uncomfortable about being naked. Dr.Kerr made me feel completely comfortable and went over realistic goals for me. After our consult I spoke with his Office Manager V and we talked about price. For Inner thigh, upper back,flanks, sacral area ,fattransfer and anesthesia fees it totaled to be 7524.00. I had another consult scheduled but based off of his previous work and the patient I actually got to see today I am going with Kerr for sure. Deposit is getting paid tomorrow!!!! So I am looking for either Jan 2015 or maybe sooner depending on if I change jobs. Now I am going to start making my list of supplies and getting as healthy as possible before the surgery.
The only thing I'm wondering is what to do with this belly ring. Now yes I understand I'm 28 but it has been with me for 12 years and I want to keep it for a little while longer. Has anyone had this surgery and got to keep it? So excited!!!!!! I can't wait :)

Plastic Surgery App

Countdown begins!! BBL Dr.Kerr :)

So it's official today!! My job just gave me the time off for Feb 5th 2015!!!! I kinda sorta told my boss that I was having back surgery which is technically true right?? Lol. Well she sends me an email about FMLA and automatically I was like uhh yeah doubt they will approve that. Any HR ladies ever seen cosmetic surgeries get approved? Well anywho I emailed the office manager at Dr.Kerrs office about the forms and if I qualify. She said absolutely forward me the forms and we can get those filled out for you! I was like whaaaaatt!! Ok! She also said that they will not put what the procedure is but I am still a little skeptical. We shall see :). So I am having lipo to back, flanks, and inner thighs with fat transfer to butt. I know it's too early to start taking vitamins but I am going to start buying supplies. I decided to use care credit. I want to move into a house next March so my hubby and I (mainly him) are saving" but not me lol. He supports the surgery and will be there to nurse me back to health. He said he would take a couple days off and I'm sure he meant only two lol. He is a workaholic and my expensive ass is not helping!! Oh well I told him it's a gift for both of us LOL!! Women are always saying "Hubby can't keep his hands off" soooo we shall see ;). Now it's a waiting game? Is there anything that I should be buying now? Can't wait! I will update pics of my pre body. I definitely am going to try to lose 5 lbs and tone up. I am not getting my stomach lipo because Dr.Kerr said I didn't need it. I was thinking to myself uhh are we looking at the same pudgy stomach. But he is right. My stomach is the first thing to shrink and tone up so I didn't push it. My expectations are realistic. Dr.Kerr said that it's not how much he can put in my butt but how much he is taking away from other places which is so true for me! I know Feb will be here in no time. Thanks for letting me vent ladies :)

Need to lose weight??

Like all of you ladies I love to look at real before and afters. The transformations are amazing! I notice that all the reviews I follow are from women who are more physically fit and closer to their goal weight. So I guess I'm going to try to cut at least 10 lbs before surgery so I can get a better look. What do you ladies think about losing weight? Especially because of the reviews about inner thigh lipo. I have seen some great results but I have also seen some s scary results. You know the ones that look like two popsicle sticks with a bean bag on top. I still have 5 months to go but I just want to be happy with the results and do what I can to make sure it looks good and natural.

Good News Weight Loss!! Bad News No FMLA

So I've gained almost 10 lbs since my consultation visit and decided to start working out again. I notice the ladies who work out before surgery have a nice recovery. I'm only doing cardio no weights. Surgery is a little less than 90 days so it's time to get serious!! Lol!
Now to the bad news. I had to do a couple of emails and phone calls to get me FMLA paperwork back and everyone was so nice at Dr.Kerrs office. I really like the staff at Synergy. Well the forms had plastic surgery all over it. I was under the assumption that it would be a little more discreet but honestly they tried to be as vague as possible. Anything else would've been a complete lie. So I haven't turned them. Instead our company has a personal leave policy that I am going to use. It sucks because a surgery is a surgery. If I have the PTO why couldn't use FMLA and have my job protected. I think my manager is going to approve the leave anyways so no more complaining. :)
I can't wait until my pre op appt. I see that a tour of the facility is included in the visit. I think that will make me feel more comfortable. I'm still finding myself feeling crazy about doing this sometimes. I told my mom and of course the hubby is on board. My mom IS NOT for it but she wants to come along. I told her that she only be there in the event hat she is not negative. The last thing I need is negative energy right!? I don't mind hearing advice and opinions of others but don't get mad if I don't agree. I mean seriously it's my body my money and my life. Whew! Ok that felt good :) thanks for the support ladies. Keep updating your reviews :)

2 weeks and counting!!!

Very very nervous. I am going to buy a bottle of arnica pills and a cheap spanx to wear for the first week. Since they are going to cut it up, I do not want to bring the more expensive one I bought. I asked about wearing foam under the garment but the nurse didn't really recommend it. I think I will still buy some for my thigh Lipo. It might not help but I want to reduce the swelling as much as possible. It's soooo hard to not drink! I don't even drink that often but not being allowed a glass of wine is torture! When I take my pre-op pictures I will add them to the site. I decided not to go crazy and buy a bunch of supplies. I am just going to buy the arnica tablets and cream, cheap garment to wear after surgery, a couple of gowns and sweat pants, large panties, Tylenol, antibacterial soap, compression socks, and noodles to make a seat. Anything else that comes up will be bought by the hubby. Well ladies any advice is wanted and necessary. Thanks for your help :)

One Day at a Time

So I'm 4 days post op and healing I think fairly well. I couldn't use my garment so I'm wearing workout tights with an ace bandage around each thigh to compress my inner thigh lipo. I am also wearing the binder I received at the hospital. I hate it. I am ordering a squeem today. I know I'm supposed to wait two weeks post to use it but the binder is almost the same. I'm actually glad I don't have on a garment. I've been able to use the restroom alone and take showers and I believe it's because I don't have on a garment. I'm sure they work for most but this is actually working well for me.
I've been taking arnica pills, bromelain tablets, extra strength Tylenol, and a multivitamin daily. I was taking antibiotics but they were making me super constipated. I am also taking colace twice a day. I had my first bm yesterday and it was GREAT!!! You def have to shower afterwards no matter what.
I have a lot of swelling and bruising from the Lipo. My lower back is very swollen and tender vi can't really feel anything. I had a lot of fat suctioned there and so it's the most sensitive spot. The swelling is going down everyday and I am able to see more if the shape. My butt isnt big at all. I only got 720cc per cheek which is what I wanted. The inner thigh Lipo sucks! He did a fantastic job but it is so sensitive. If I take the ace wraps off for 10 min they swell up immediately. I know I need to post pics so I will at my one week post op appt. if you have any questions please ask :)

Pre op Pics

Austin Plastic Surgeon

The consultation was great! Dr.Kerr is so down to earth and he knows his craft. He answered all of my questions and is highly credentialed. He does tell the truth in regards to expectations and what he will and will not do. His office staff is amazing!!! I loved how comfortable they made me feel and how nice they all were. So far so good :)

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