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Hello ladies! I've decided that I should finally...

Hello ladies! I've decided that I should finally start a review on my journey to joining the BBL crew! I've read so many reviews and I've become so much more confident with this procedure with the help of all you beautiful women. I have 3 gorgeous children and I'm now focusing on getting my body right! YES! I am 31 years old, 5'4 and 168 lbs. my current measurements are 38, 34, 44. I got some hips now I need some A** to match!! I'm hoping to achieve a tiny waist (would love to be 28 in waist)! I like my hip measurements but my booty is falling flat...seems like with each child my booty got flatter and flatter. I also lost a lot of weight which didn't help with my booty situation. The booty was the first to go! Please Dr. Kerr fill it back up!! On July 10th, I will have liposuction of the thighs, flanks, sacral areas, arms and lower/ upper abdomen, BBL and arm lift. I'm so ready... Bring it on Dr!! ;)

Before Pics

I wanted to add my before pics... I can't wait to have the figure I've been wanting so badly come July 10th. Please Dr. Kerr work your magic! I need it! :/

I'm getting SO NERVOUS!!!!!! HELP!!!!

I can't believe how fast the time is flying....I'm so nervous! I've been driving myself crazy wondering if I have everything? I was suppose to maintain my weight at 168 when I had my initial consultation with Dr. Kerr and now I'm 171.... sooooo, I'm trying to get that weight off prior to my pre-op appointment on June 25th which is just 6 days away....Should I be trying to lose weight up until my sx on July 10th? I feel like I weigh a lot for my height... What do you ladies think? What height weight ratio do you think produces the best BBL? Is there even such a graph? Our bodies are so different... I was looking up this chart with women who were the same height and weight but, they all look so different (body shapes) it was amazing!

My BBL has been bought and paid for! My pre-op appointment was today!! 2 weeks left!

I went to my pre-op appointment today and paid for my procedures! It's officially going down July 10th!! I'm so nervous only 2 weeks to go. I have all my supplies; just need to fill my prescriptions. I am still maintaining my consultation weight although it has fluctuated a bit with nervous eating.... :/ I did lose those 5 pounds I had put on and I'm currently 167. ;) I'm getting scared but, very happy at the same time.

Less than a week to go!! Making sure I have all the supplies I need! ;)

I have less than a week to go for my bbl and arm lift! I'm hoping that everything goes well and that I don't have too much of a struggle considering I will have minimal use of my arms... Getting out of bed will be a challenge! I'm getting really nervous but, still very excited!! I think I have everything I need and I bought 2 different garments one with the mesh on the butt and one butt out. My Dr likes to use the butt out for right after surgery then I will switch to my faja with the mesh (2nd stage). :D So anxious!! I hope I get a big big booty!!

Had my pre op with the hospital today!

Today was my pre op with the hospital and everything went smoothly! My procedure will happen in Round Rock, TX at St. David's Hospital. The hospital was very nice and I got to see the recovery rooms for outpatient surgery and everything looked very clean and organised. Another plus is that the surgery center is located by the Women's health department and has it's own entrance away from the main hospital entrance and away from the ER so it was very calm and comfortable. I'm impressed!! :)

Last minute outfit (PJ's) to wear out the hospital!

So, I needed to buy something to wear out the hospital.... Of course, I did this last minute! I went to Target thinking I need something cheap as it may get stained from all the leaking that I see post op dolls dealing with. My Dr wants me to buy something that will button in the front so I don't have to lift my hands over my head or move my arms too much in general (arm lift). I thought for sure I'd find something loose and comfortable which I did... :/ People are going to think I'm a professional bowler or that I just time traveled from the 1950's. LOL! I was thinking about it later that the set (PJ's) came with shorts and my garment is knee length. I'm a look a mess walking out the hospital but, I'm sure I won't give Aaaa..... What is the best thing to wear home for comfort and I'm in TX it's HOT!!!! What should I make sure I have plenty of? Your help is appreciated!

It's all happening tomorrow!!!!

Well, this is actually happening! Can't eat or drink anything past midnight and when I wake up I'll shower with the safeguard I've been using all week (Dr's orders)... I'm Dr Kerr's first patient of the day! Wish me luck!! Will post pics as soon as I'm able. :)

Booty Birthday!!

Sitting at the hospital...nervous and excited! I hope I wake up with a big ol' booty and bat wings finally gone! Thank goodness!

I am 1 day post op and my booty is fat!

My sx went as smooth as smooth can be! I don't have any drains and I'm not leaking at all...Didn't even need my wee wee pads or depend! LOL! I'm feeling great! My arm lift is the most uncomfortable part... If it wasn't for that I'd be doing awesome! Getting out the bed is challenge cause I can't use my arms but, with the help of my husband and pain meds I'm straight! 1150cc EACH CHEEK ya'll YES!!!!!!!! I'm lovin it!!!!!!!!! Will be posting pics soon! Thank you everyone for your wishes and support!

Swollen A$$ Pics! LOL! LOL!

Pictures taken by my husband one day post-op.

I thought the swelling was the worst on the 1st post op day???

I'm day 2 post op and my butt is HUGE! Bigger than yesterday!! I got a big time shelf going on right now! My husband could put his drink and dinner on that thang shoot all my kids joke! How long does this last???

Never looked like this! Lol!!

This robe I've had for years!! It's never looked like this on! LOL!!!!

The swelling is driving me crazy!!!!

I'm 6 days post op and the swelling isn't getting any fact I've gone up again on the scale! I'm up 24 pounds!! :/ Please vets tell me what should I be doing??? I feel like I've tried everything...I'm drinking sooooooo much water and taking those pineapple stem pills. Elevating my legs the best I can for not being able to sit on my a$$... Smh... My skin itches like crazy! I've been using arnica gel, Benadryl cream. I feel like a water balloon! The scale has been my enemy...I just need some of this water weight gone!

Day 6 post op! Booty is getting bigger!

Day 6 booty pics! :)

Tummy is flat! :)

Here's a pic of my tummy @ CurvyGreed14! It's flat! :) My pelvic region is super swollen...gina is looking scary right now! Like I said girl, it looks way worse than it feels!!

8 days post op!

Still very swollen! My butt is sitting really high up. I wonder how much it will drop?

The swelling is starting to go down!

The swelling is starting to go down...not by much but any decrease in swelling is making me happy. My hands are still blown up and my feet are the biggest that I've ever seen them but I can see that my tummy swelling is getting better. My pelvic area is also getting better! Hopefully I can get some relief soon the swelling is the worst of this entire process!

I love lymphatic massage!!!! :)

I had my first lymphatic massage yesterday and it was awesome! Today I woke up and the swelling that was hard as rocks around my knees is finally loosening up! I can't believe it!! It's amazing what one massage has done so far!

I was scared going in hearing how painful it can be...I had also forgotten to take a pain med before going in which was highly recommended by other RS dolls. I was pleasantly surprised that the massage was not as painful as I had thought it would be! It was great!! There was discomfort around the really hard areas of my knees and inner thighs but it was a good pain (if that makes any sense). LOL!! It really helped me so much! I went to Heart and Sole Massage in Austin, Ashley was the therapist she's a miracle worker! I will be posting updated pics soon! Almost 3 weeks post op now and feeling like I'm getting back to normal!

3 weeks post op pics! :)

I am now 3 weeks and 2 days post op! I'm feeling so much better! If it wasn't for the arm lift I'd be close to 100%! My PS says that I can stop wearing my compression garments at 4 weeks post op! I'm very excited about that!! I'm not sure if I'll be able to go without my arm compressions...I'm pretty dependant on them.

I'm also at the weight I was on the day of surgery! Yay!! I had ballooned up with swelling definitely the worst part of the entire process so far... I still have swelling on my inner thighs and lower back. I will be getting another massage to help with that! :) I'm very happy with my results so far and hopefully my booty stays at this volume by week 5... I hear that's when the most volume is lost from other RS dolls! I would like to see my booty drop a bit more. I've got some serious shelf! Pics don't do it justice!! Seriously!!

4 week post op pics! :)

Here are my 4 week post op pics! I'm loving my results and I'm feeling so much better!

Almost 7 weeks post-op this Thursday!

I'm almost 7 weeks post-op and loving my results! I'm so happy that I didn't lose a lot of volume! That was one thing I stressed over these last couple weeks as they say around weeks 5 and 6 is when you may see a decrease in volume. My booty is soft now and it jiggles (wiggle wiggle wiggle)! Lol!! I'm pretty much back to normal. I only sit for 35 minutes at a time and I'm still using the rolled up yoga mat. I haven't worn my faja since week 4 as my PS told me I could stop wearing it (my skin contracted back nicely after lipo). I'm still pretty numb in my lower back and arms (from arm lift). Overall, everything is going smoothly! :D

No panty line pics!! Lol!

My husband said I needed to post more pics that didn't show my panties digging into my butt cheeks! Lol! So here you go!

Kerr Kitten 8 weeks post op!

I am 8 weeks and 1 day post op now and I've been doing great! I'm so happy with my results!! I've noticed these last couple of weeks that my booty has dropped and is looking natural. I'm loving the shape it's much fuller now towards the bottom. I'm so excited that I haven't lost volume since weeks 4/5 (which was mostly swelling) and I'm hoping my booty stays this size until the 3rd month which marks the final result time! I've been really comfortable sleeping on my back and sitting is back to normal although I still sit on my yoga's a habit now. I can't stop! Lol!! This surgery has been so worth it and I love that I can fill out pants!! I put some jeans on and the booty was completely filled out! No more droopy a$$. I know you know what I'm talking about! Lol!! Have a good weekend and I'll be posting again soon! Thanks!

3 Months Post-Op!!!! Made it! :D

I am now 3 months post-op.. Well, in a few more days but this is close enough! Thank you Kerr Kittens for thinking of me and checking in!! I've been thinking of ya'll ;). I can't believe I'm at my 3 month mark!! I thought I'd be sitting on that rolled up yoga mat forever.... I'm confident that this a$$ will stay this phat! I'm so relieved! I still have all my volume minus the swelling that went away weeks 3/4. I'm loving my results!! I've posted my 3 month pics. Sorry for my messy room and yes there's a lamp on my floor..I needed the extra lighting! Lol!

I hope these pics settle some of those nervous feelings @ ChocolateCakes! Your day is right around the corner!! Whoohoo!!
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kerr is AWESOME!! He really listens to what you want and does not push his ideal body image. I have had consultations with PS that seem to do all the talking and absolutely no listening... The PS I met with prior to Dr. Kerr had me leaving his office feeling like I was going to be this impossible project (basically had me feeling like sh*t)! I met with Dr. Kerr ready to hear the same BS and what I did hear made me feel like I was truly going to get the body I desired so much! Dr. Kerr is patient, honest, caring and so considerate! He let me go on and on telling him what I wanted and he showed me what we can achieve and what expectations to have! I didn't feel rushed and I felt that he took my concerns to heart and that he was on my team really working for me and what I wanted! I know he's going to do his absolute best and his integrity really shows! The staff at Synergy Plastic Surgery are A+!! Vlasta was the first person I spoke to when booking my consultation and she was so welcoming! She is amazing and makes me feel like a long time friend whenever we speak. I could talk and laugh with her all day! I met with Ashley when discussing some photorejuvenation (photofacial) options and she was extremely helpful! Ashley showed so much excitement for my upcoming procedures and I so appreciate her really taking the time discussing different options with me. I also loved and very much appreciated that there was absolutely no pressure to book a procedure! The entire consultation was informative and comfortable! It was such a great experience and I anticipate the journey ahead to be just as wonderful! I highly encourage anyone thinking of having a cosmetic procedure visit Synergy Plastic Surgery. You'll know your in the right place when a handsome PS wearing cowboy boots and a white coat comes through the door.

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