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I have been wanting to get this surgery done for a...

I have been wanting to get this surgery done for a long, long, long time. I am terrified of getting a botched plastic surgery job and lord knows I've been hiding my arms for years for obvious reasons and my worst fear is to get it done and then hide them for different reasons: botched job, even uglier scars than the flappy wings I've got. I have lost as of today 131 lbs and have 24 to go to get to the "chart weight". Even if I only lost 15 lbs I'd consider it a success. Its 10 years in the making but Ive maintained over 110+ lost for those years and in the past 3 months I've lost the rest. I am engaged and I am starting to plan my wedding and everybody knows those pictures are forever and I refuse to get married without getting my arms done first or I KNOW I wont enjoy that day because the entire time I will be worried how much my arms are showing, what do my arms look like in this pic or that pose, etc. I'd love to get my thighs done so I can wear shorts but let's face it I'm not made of money. I didn't get gastric bypass or lapban, I lost it the old fashioned way, otherwise I'd be done by now. I wish I could get the full body lift but after seeing pics I'm absolutely terrified, that and I don't have kids. Hoping I can lose 20 lbs more and get this arm surgery, and maybe even make it to one of those "half her size" People magazine annual issues!! For those on here, let me know what was the best part of the surgery, what was the worst, what did you do if you felt the outcome was not what you anticipated?

The part of my arm that I want is the upper arms, but its not all the way to my elbow, its a little less than 3/4 from arm pit to elbow, a perfect little area they can just lop off. Looks easy enough. . . LOL. but is it?

getting my consultation today

On my way to San Antonio to get my consultation. Not sure the costs involved but that's what this day is for, right? I'll admit I am a little nervous. . .lord help me the day I get the surgery whoever that may be with. any last min. words of advice or suggestions of things to ask are welcome!

Surgery is scheduled. . turning back now

I finally did it. i booked the surgery. They told me if I scheduled it within 30 days of my consulatation they would knock off $800. So I booked it, however when I did so the deposit was based off the original number. So, I expect that the $800 will be taken off when I pay in full during the pre-op appointment/meeting. It will be in December in between semesters. I'm starting Nursing school this Monday and I'll have my preop 2 days before Thanksgiving and the surgery the day after my final. No time for funsies here!!

Surgery in 1.5 days . . . and I am terrified!

My surgery is scheduled for Wed. Dec 11, 2013. I live in RR and the procedure will be in San Antonio. I have to say I am one pretty terrified/nervous/sweaty palmed gal. I don't know what scared me more, the post op recovery, or the anticipation that I will still hate my arms after all is said and done, the cuts have been made and there's no turning back, that and my life savings has been spent. I am currently in nursing school and I have a wedding to plan all during this winter break on top of my surgery recovery and I think the stress is wigging me out. But I plan for my wedding to be at least a year from my surgery date so that gives my arms time to heal and time for this horrible scar to go away. I wanted to watch a video about the brachioplasty but I am terrified if I watch it, I wont go through with it. But then I wont watch it afterward b/c it would proabably make the incisions hurt worse (ah the power of the mind and pwr of suggestion!) so..when will I watch it, probably never. I still have a huge final to take tomorrow and then packing and getting ready to stay 2 nights in San Antonio.
any words of advice, on my pre- or post op are greatly appreciated. Thank you again in advance for this worried woman in the heart of TX.

1 week post op

It has been one week, I need to post pictures but I think i'm just a lil scared to look at my arm for too long. The surgery was a week ago and my fiancee took great care of me. i live in RR so after getting released from the surgery center on Spurs Ln (a good sign right there) we went bk to the hotel. It was the perfect hotel for recovery, had a full kitchen with stove and pots and pans and fridge, micro, living room, etc. I was asleep off and on, kinda nauseated but had soup and pudding , drank from straws to keep hydrated. I followed the instructions. Lots of serosanguinous drainage but he removed the bandages and it needless to say it continued to drain... Word to the wise, wear dark button up clothing or something you dont mind getting dirty. It got stuck to my arm, not bad but just a lil uncomfortable. I have a 1 week post op appt tomorrow where I will get my compression garments and a week after that I believe I will start using the Embrace Scar Therapy, if not that will be 2 weeks from now.
My armpits hurt the most. The inside of my forearms feel severely bruised, but there's no marks, just hurts severely to even push up the sleeves of my shirt. where the incisions are feels tingly and i can tell there is going to be loss of sensation where we discussed. Again, its only week one and we'll see how things progress. I am optimistic!

before and after pics

Apparently a few stitches popped on the right arm and those are the pics you will see. The after photos are about 10 to 11 days post-op.

three weeks post op

So after popping stitches the doc cleaned what he said was fibrib (the white stuff in the hole on arm pit right arm) with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin with a band aid. The hole got bigger which i was told would happen and i got blisters from the band aid adhesive (Murphy's law). He also cut off a few stitches to help alleviate some agitation. Unfortunately some still havent dissolved and we'll address next visit.
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