25 Years Old- Breast Augmentation! Austin, TX

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I just got back from my consultation with Dr....

I just got back from my consultation with Dr. Kerr! He explained the procedure and risks. It was all really straight forward and Dr. Kerr was so nice and informative. The consultation lasted about 45 minutes all together.

He took my measurements and said that I would look great between 375cc and 400cc. My right breast is slightly bigger, which I've kinda noticed before, but it never bothered me. He mentioned that he may place a larger implant in my right breast to correct the asymmetry, but it won't ever be perfect. That's not really a big deal, considering my breasts now never really bothered me, I actually thought it was kinda funny. I texted my boyfriend telling him that my right breast is bigger and he said, "lol. i know" haha!

Then the fun part! I got to try on sizers. I had gone to a pre-consultation appointment with Dr. Kerr's patient coordinator, Vlasta, before and I had tried on a few different sizes and decided on 400cc. I loved them! She took pictures that day, and I do like the way they look. But today I had second thoughts on the size. I know the difference between 375cc and 400cc isn't that significant, but I don't want to look huge, or bigger than I really am when I'm wearing loose fitting clothing because my breasts are bigger. I think I'll stick with the 375cc. My pre-op appointment is on July 27th and my surgery date is August 13th! I have time to change my mind about the sizes. I'm so excited!

I'm 5'4" and my weight typically varies between 120-124. I guess I'm a 34b, but I've never been measured before, so I think that's wishful thinking. ;) Any one else out there with similar stats? I'd love to get opinions from people who have a similar body shape. Do y'all think 400cc would be way too big?

Also, I just realized that I didn't think to ask what profile I would fit. I assume moderate plus, but I'll double check. :)

3 weeks away!

I have a pre-op appointment with my doctor on Monday. We're going to finalize on size! I still haven't decided on 375 or 400cc. I'm not sure if I'll end up needing two different sizes since I'm not symmetrical. I also need to ask what profile would work best for me. I assume mod +. I'm bringing my bf with me for moral support and he's really good and being thorough and asking questions I might not think about!

I've been thinking about things I need to buy before surgery as well. Here's a few things I want to get/ do before surgery:

-Wedge pillow
-Smooth move tea
-Front closure bra (I just have NO clue as to what size I should buy-- I should bring this up doing my pre-op)
-Hire a maid to clean the ENTIRE house. I want to do this SO BAD. But I'll probably just spend a few days deep cleaning everything. :)
-A couple zip-up jackets or button up shirts
-Make a few days worth of freezer friendly meals that the bf can pop in the oven for us to eat.

What are some things you guys think will be helpful during the recovery process?

I've been getting more nervous as my date gets closer!! I think I'll relax a little bit when I get to talk to Dr. Kerr and his awesome patient coordinator, Vlasta, again!

Pre-Op Appointment

Ohh my gosh. I just got back from my pre-op! We decided on 400cc high profile. He said that mod + would give me way too much on the sides since my upper body is small. Since I'm a little asymmetrical, he may put 430cc on my smaller side, but that won't be decided until I'm in surgery.

He went over risks. He has a 2-3% capsular contracture rate in his practice. I'm so scared of getting this!

He went over warranty issues (10 year warranty for any issues with the implant and they'll pay some of the surgery fees).

I wish I could say that I'm super excited, but right now I'm more nervous than anything! I think this is normal...

It's over!

I had surgery this morning right at 7 am. I had to be at the surgery center at 6. I was a nervous wreck, but once I got there and spoke with my doctor and his nurses, I calmed down so much. Every one was soooo nice!! I'll post more about that experience when I'm not so out of it haha.

I'm in a little pain and discomfort but nothing I can't handle. :) my chest does feel tight and there's some pressure. It's a weird feeling. Laying down feels best, im at a slight angle so my back is lifted a little bit. When I sit up my boobs feel like there's being pulled down slightly, probably because they are lol. I've just been sleeping on and off a lot.

Oh! He did go with two different sizes. 435cc in my left and 405cc in my right, high profile implants.

Okay, that's it for now. Gonna go back to bed :) :) sooo happy!!

Surgery/ Day 1

Hey ladies! It's been a little bit over 24 hrs since my surgery. Yesterday was a breeze! I think I slept like 20 out of 24 hours haha. I made up for not sleeping like at all the night before surgery.

I got there at 6am and got taken to my own personal room. I changed into a robe, provided a urine sample so they could test for pregnancy, and my IV was started. I have the tiniest veins haha I felt bad for the RN, Allie I think is her name. She was great and helped me relax tremendously! I signed some paperwork.

Then dr Kerr came in and drew on me. He wrote the cc's for each breast above them, marked down my center marking it, and then underneath each breast for the incision. He could tell I was nervous! He squeezed my shoulder and said everything would be fine. :) We spoke briefly and then my CRNA came in and went over my info to make sure I haven't had any bad reactions to anesthesia before. She was awesome! My boyfriend is in the medical field and was asking about the procedure, so they 'talked shop' which was really cool. I love hearing about what my boyfriend does I'm so proud of him and took the attention off of me. :)

My CRNA led me to the operating room. I was in a surgery center, not a hospital which I loved. I hate hospitals.

My doctor and like 4 other people were in there. Dr Kerr said they would come at me like I was in a car race and did a pit stop lol. They strapped my arms (the tech told me they try to make their patients feel helpless, it was just a joke and made me laugh). Then my CRNA gave me propofol. My doctor asked me where I got one of my tattoos, I answered and then I woke up to my RN giving me pills and a cup of water haha. This is all cloudy, but I remember thanking everyone that came to check on me and falling back asleep. I got to drink water and it was heavenly. I was so thirsty because I hadn't had anything to drink since 11pm the night before. No pain really. just sooo sleepy and itchy from the medicine.

At around 9am I left! Surgery only took an hour and so did recovery. When I got home, I took one oxycodone every 3 hours or so. I can take up to three every three hours, if needed, so I obviously I wasn't in too much pain. I also took some Tylenol with it, Doctor Kerr's suggestion. He's found that taking Tylenol makes it work better for some reason.

Last night around 8pm I started having more pain, but nothing unbearable. Dr Kerr said I could ice the top of my chest, so I did. It felt great to have something cold on me. I kept taking my meds as scheduled. I woke up twice during the night to take my meds and then fell back asleep.

This morning I woke up at around 9 and I was really uncomfortable. I was late taking my muscle relaxer, so I took that right away along with oxycodone, my antibiotic and my anti-nausea pill.

I had a post op appointment this morning at 10:30. I didn't see Dr Kerr, I visited with his nurse. She took off the ace bandage they had put around me, and it felt so good to have my boobs free!!! I saw them for the first time. They definitely look crazy but not as bad as I thought they would! They are pretty high up and a square-ish shape but I can tell they'll be lovely. :)

I had bought 3 soft bras because I wasn't sure what would fit me. she put me in one of the larges I bought. A LARGE! Haha I've never worn anything in a large before. Woo hoo!

She also told me that I can start massaging. I'm supposed to pinch each breast at the top so they fall down in the pocket, then lift them up from the bottom and push them both together. 5 seconds in each position.

I have a post op in 2 weeks from today and I'll see Dr Kerr then.

The pain has been more intense today. I have very limited movement in my arms, and my left breast incision burns slightly and so does the side. I think this is because that was my smaller side and he put a larger implant in there. Out of a ten, I'd say my pain level is a 5 or 6 right now. Manageable yes, but still very uncomfortable. I'm so happy with my decision!

Day 5

5 days post op! I feel like recovery has been pretty easy. I was only on my painkillers for 3 days, and even then I didn't take them consistently. I've definitely relied on my muscle relaxer though. I've been taking that at night to help me sleep a little better.

My left breast has been more painful and uncomfortable than my right. I assume it's because I have 30cc more in that one and it was my smaller side to begin with. If I try to move my left arm to fast, or too far away from my body, I have this weird twinge/cramp/pain and it feels like the implant is stuck on something, or its moving. idk, it's super hard to explain haha. It doesn't hurt too bad, but it does send a shock through that side.

I've been able to shower normally without much restriction. I am very careful with how fast I move my arms. I didn't lose much of my range of motion which is awesome. I have noticed I'm weaker. Opening and closing doors, and pushing the pump to my face wash feel odd. I use both hands, haha.

I drove for the first time yesterday. It doesn't hurt but it does feel weird to have my muscles move. Turning is a bit difficult, I use both hands and go really slow. I know if I had to swerve to avoid an accident I would be in a lot of pain, so I'm only driving to work and back right now. It's a pretty straight shot with not many turns, so it'll be fine.

They both feel really foreign to me, and sit like they're rocks on my chest. Both sides are numb from my nipple down, but I each day the feeling comes back just a little bit more. :) I hope I get all of the feeling back!

I'm excited for them to get softer and feel more 'real' to me. :)

One week!

One week post op! I have noticed tiny changes in the shape. They're not entirely alien looking lol. They still have tons more dropping to do, they're super high. But they look kinda normal in shirts. It looks like I'm wearing a fabulous push up bra or something haha.

I'm still uncomfortable. I couldn't sleep last night. I've been sleeping so well, I was actually surprised at how much sleep I've been able to get, but last night I think my back finally got tired of the extra weight on my chest and sleeping propped up. I didn't sleep more than 2 hours at a time because my back was aching so much. :( I really want to be done with my oxycodone, so I just dealt with it.

I've heard a lot of people talk about 'morning boob'. I don't think I've really experienced this. I do feel my implants move a bit when I sit up after waking up but it's not too bad. If anything, I've noticed that I get 'evening boob'. By the end of the day it feels like my skin is super duper tight and like the implants have returned back to my collar bone. Weird. I want that to go away ASAP. :) I've been taking a muscle relaxer when I get home from work to try to deal with this.

Also, I start school on Monday. I'm really hoping that I'll feel much more normal then! I'll have to do a lot of walking and carrying my computer/books around. We'll see!
Austin Plastic Surgeon

I highly recommend Dr. Kerr to anyone who is considering a breast augmentation. Dr. Kerr is meticulous and so talented. His staff is also amazing! Everyone I spoke with put me at ease and all the questions I had were answered. I'm so thrilled with my results. :) I'm a year post-op and couldn't be happier.

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