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After years of just talking about it, I finally...

After years of just talking about it, I finally took the plunge and had the surgery on April 25th. Reading these reviews and stories were incredibly helpful to me in preparing, so I thought I'd return the favor to others! This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I still remember being teased in middle school and asking my mom to get me a nose job, which of course wasn't possible then, and she figured I would grow into it.

I did grow into it, but it continued to still be big for my face. I've hardly ever like any pictures I take and bad pictures are a constant reminder of what my nose looks like from other angles. I do like my "different" look and think it's funny that people constantly ask me what my background is. I'd like to keep my look, but with a smaller, more refined nose. I've kind of "joked" about doing this for years.

And then, I came to a day where I just thought, now or never? I'm almost 29, and only have a few more years before I have kids and recovery would be more difficult. Having talked about it forever, my family, husband and close friends were really supportive when I decided to do the surgery. I'm someone that does LOTS of research, especially when it comes it something like this. So I went for several consultations, and decided on a doctor that specializes in facial plastics. He also had a great, caring demeanor. I also got to see images of what it could look like, which I loved.

Fast forward to prep before surgery.. I have a very busy job which makes it difficult to be away for a long period of time. Therefore, I needed recovery to go as well as possible and I read up to see what I could do to best prepare. Besides cutting out all of the medicines, vitamins, alcohol, etc that they asked, I also started taking Arnica 5 days before surgery and started taking Bromelain 3 days before. I also have heard good things about pineapple (and whether it is true or not that it helps bruising, it is a healthy food), so I ate pineapple several times a day leading up to surgery. Now, I don't know if it is my great doctor, or the arnica, bromelain/pineapple or religious icing (or probably a combination of all), but other than slightly darker eyes on day 2 - which probably was from not sleeping much, I have had no bruising and I am on day 5, so something is going right :)

Anyway, so surgery was pretty easy. I woke up at the hospital and honestly the things that bothered me the most were a sore throat and my front teeth hurt a little. But I felt fine other than that. I wanted to walk, but the nurse insisted I ride in the wheelchair.

The first night was easy, I was so pleasantly surprised. I stuck to mild food - applesauce, NAKED smoothies and Pineapple juice. Slept in our recliner, but was not comfortable so did not sleep very well. Spent a lot of time on the computer online shopping :) I iced almost every hour for 20 minutes. I put frozen peas in zip-loc baggies and held those over my eyes/cheeks. Day 2 my husband had to go back to work so I was on my own. I removed the dressing and tape under my nose. I also had to remove the packing in the morning, which I was dreading, but it really was not bad at all. The nurse had instructed me to spray saline and let it sit a bit before pulling it out.

That helped a lot! I had some dried blood to clean as well, but after that I could see already my tip looked much smaller. I iced this day as well. Another easy day. Day 3 Another easy day, adding some more solid foods now, scrambled eggs, mashed sweet potatoes. Still drinking pineapple juice and taking arnica and bromelain. I was going to switch to tylenol, but the evening of day 3, I got a pretty uncomfortable headache. Iced part of the day.

Day 4 Probably the worst day for me.. had headache on and off all day. Spent most of the day sleeping and with ice packs. Day 5 is today. My head is feeling better today and I'm feeling a lot better overall. Only taking tylenol as needed and went for a walk with my husband and out to grab some lunch. Still no bruising/swelling that I can see. I cannot WAIT to get my cast off on Thursday!! Oh, something I noticed is that I can't smile with my top lip. I asked another girl on here about it and she said that happened to her as well and comes back in a couple weeks. So far has been pretty easy other than the headache. But if that is the toughest part, I'll take it! I'll keep updating. I'll also upload a few "before" pictures below as well as a picture I took from my phone the 2nd day after surgery.

So, today is my birthday so I decided to take a...

So, today is my birthday so I decided to take a chance and see if the PS would take my cast off today instead of Thursday morning. He said YES! Yay, happy birthday to me! They let me take a shower and get the splint wet for easy removal..which was SO nice! I took a few shallow baths over the week but nothing compares to a shower :)

Anyway, removal of spint and stitches was easy. My nose is definitely swollen, but I can see the improvement already. I'm so excited to see what it looks like once the swelling goes down! I'll post some iPhone pics I took myself right after. Not great photography, but gives you an idea. I'll take some better ones later in the week or next week. I'm ready to get my smile back too, I look mad in these pics but I'm not. My smile just looks so funny because my top lip doesn't move a lot yet :)

Posting a pic below of what the imaging software...

Posting a pic below of what the imaging software showed my nose should look like. After getting my cast off today, my doctor thinks it will look just like this after swelling goes down. Imaging software is great btw if you can find a PS that does it. It shows you exactly what they have in mind. My doc did the changes step by step right in front of me.

Well I am almost to the 6 week mark already! It's...

Well I am almost to the 6 week mark already! It's flown by! Sorry I've been so bad about updating. To be honest, it's almost as if this is the nose I have always had, I am already so used to it! No one really says anything about it unless I've told them I had a nose job and then they're like "ohh you did!" but even my good friends say I still "look like me" which is great. My 6 week post-op appointment is next week, so I am excited to hear what my PS has to say. The swelling has continued to go down, but my tip is still hard and somewhat numb to the touch. I am back to my intense workout routine and have no issues there. I'll post a pic I took this week. I still want to get the mole removed on the side of my nose (I've had it since I was 11 or 12) so I am going to ask him about it at the appointment.

I had my 6 week post-op today (it is actually 7...

I had my 6 week post-op today (it is actually 7 weeks tomorrow) and he said everything is going smoothly. He said my tip is still swollen and there will be more refinement there, but he is happy with the progress. I'll upload a front view I took in my car today since it was requested and I'll upload some better pictures soon as well. I'm not the best at remember to take pictures, but I definitely don't mind people taking mine as much now :)

Today is exactly 2 months post-op :) I'm adding a...

Today is exactly 2 months post-op :) I'm adding a few random pictures below from my husband's birthday party this weekend. They are by no means good photography, but I never would have liked these types of pictures before my surgery :)

4 years later.. worth every penny.

I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since I had my nose done. Time flies! I truly don't even remember my old nose, unless I see a picture. I would the surgery again in a heartbeat. I was looking through my maternity pictures (were taken a year ago - I now have a one year old) and some pictures of my baby and I when she was 6 months old, and there were some side profile pictures that made me appreciate my new nose all over again. I would have hated those pictures in the past and thought I would share with people that are considering getting it done. So glad I did it.
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