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My breasts are 36K and I just want them to be...

My breasts are 36K and I just want them to be normal. I'm in constant pain and am so sick of people telling me I have huge boobs (Really? I had no idea!), not being able to wear clothes, my boobs knocking things over, etc. I have my consultation today and I'm so nervous because I want this so very badly. Wish me luck!


I went to consultation and the surgeon seemed to think I'm a good candidate for reduction...I said I want to be d or dd, but now I'm thinking more of c or d. Doctor said it takes about 3 weeks to get a decision from insurance, but his assistant said United Healthcare is pretty good about answering quick.
I want this SO VERY BADLY. I'm getting married on June 11th and am hoping to actually be able to wear a dress. Dresses have never worked very well for me and my disproportionate body.


I just called insurance and found out I was approved! Insurance agent said it was scheduled for April 28th, but I haven't talked to surgeon's office yet. It was approved just today and surgeon's office is closed. I'll have to wait until Monday morning to confirm date. So happy and grateful right now!

Pics of my giant boobs

Surgery scheduled

Surgery is scheduled for 4/27 and pre-op is 4/21! Can anyone tell me what pre-op appointment is for?

I'm so excited! I'm getting married on 6/11 and I'll actually be able to find a dress without being limited by my boobies!


Went for mammogram today. One step closer!

Mammogram callback

I had a mammogram on 4/5 and got a call today saying that the radiologist wants to do an ultrasound. The lady I spoke to said that this is fairly common since it was my first mammogram and they have no other images to compare them to. What has me worried is the fact that they are going straight to an ultrasound, rather than a diagnostic mammogram. Has this happened to anyone else? Please share!


After freaking out for a few days, I had ultrasound on my right breast. It's only a cyst...yippee!

Pre-op Appointment

I had my pre-op appointment today and am so excited to be on this journey. My back and neck give me constant pain and I can't believe I waited so long to do this. I really like my surgeon, Dr. David Mosier, and have nothing but confidence that he is going to make me look and feel amazing. His staff is so great, too. Crystal has been so patient and prompt in answering all my questions and putting me at ease.
During initial consultation, I had said I want to be a D or DD because I thought that would make me proportional. Thank you ladies for telling me that cup size isn't the best way to describe desired size. Today I clarified that I just want to be proportional, which seemed to please Dr. Mosier. He said that he will probably make me a full C or small D...he'll see how it goes during surgery and I have to just trust that he's going to do what's best to eliminate my pain and make me look good. I love his confidence and trust him completely!
After my appointment, I ran a million errands so I have every little thing I may need. I picked up front closure bras, button down shirts, grocery shopped so I can prepare some meals beforehand, and got prescriptions filled. I looked at size C and D bras and they look so tiny...I could wear the cups of the bras I wear now as hats! This weekend, I'm going to get my house in order, pay bills, and rearrange furniture so I have a recliner in the room with the biggest tv we have.
I am so incredibly grateful for my fiancé, friends, family, and coworkers for all the love and support they have offered me. You ladies have also been tremendously helpful and supportive, and I appreciate it. I am one lucky woman!!!

2 days post op

I had my surgery on 4/27 and am now home and feeling great. I was so tempted to chicken out the morning of surgery, but am so glad I pushed through. As they were putting me on the OR table, I told the anesthesiologist that I had a dream I woke up during surgery. She said they wouldn't let that happen, and boom I was out. I woke up 2 1/2 hours later in recovery room. Everyone at Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital was amazing, but extra special shout out to Ron. Ron is incredibly knowledgeable, and put me completely at ease. If they're smart, they will never let him go!
I came home yesterday morning and slept most of the day. Went and saw surgeon this morning. Dr. Mosier said everything looks good and took drains out.
I honestly feel great today and haven't even taken any pain medicine. I know I have to take it easy, but I'm recovering much faster than I thought I would!

I may have overdone it this morning

I felt so great this morning that I may have been overly ambitious and moved too much. I didn't do anything strenuous and realized my mistake after about an hour, but the girls look a little mad at me. Do they look okay? Please compare to last picture I posted. Thanks!

Should I be worried?

I'm 3 days post op and very splotchy and bruised. I don't know whether to relax and give my boobs time to heal, or contact my doctor. Do they look okay? Please share any thoughts!

Bad day

I stupidly left my pain medicine in my Jeep last night and it got stolen! I normally have a habit of not leaving ANYTHING of value in my vehicle because, well...it's a Jeep so it's never really "locked" if you only have to unzip it.
I've barely had any pain at all, but today I actually am hurting pretty badly and wish I had my medicine!
I did file a police report for my own protection. I'm uncomfortable with narcotics floating around out there with my name on the bottle.

Feeling better

Today is 6 days post op and I feel a little better. The last several days were rough- my pain pills were stolen 2 days post op. I hadn't needed to take very many of them, but with none, my pain built up and spiraled out of control. Last night was absolutely horrible. I don't think I slept more than an hour, and I threw up because of the pain. I decided that, despite foolishly leaving medicine where it would be taken, I definitely don't deserve to have to feel like that. This morning I called surgeon's office and explained the situation, and doc agreed to give me another prescription. Dr. Mosier really is a very kind and understanding person. I'm very grateful to have some relief! I've taken it VERY easy today, and pain is still pretty bad, but no longer excruciating. I'm hoping that after a good night of sleep, tomorrow will be better.

10 days post op small bump on side

Feeling better, but still sore. I didn't get why my boobs have been so painful last few days. This morning it finally hit me...I'm about to start my period! Today I also discovered a small bump (about the size of a bb) on my side near incision. Anyone know what this is? I plan to call pa Monday morning to ask about it. (See pics. Bump is where my thumb is pointing.) I saw some friends today and no one could stop staring at my chest. It was so funny! I thought br would prevent that. Lol. Everyone said I looked great and like I'd lost a bunch of weight. They also said I had dropped certain mannerisms that showed I was always in pain, and my posture looked so much better. So grateful tonight for all the lovely ladies in my life. If you're reading this, that includes you! Goodnight, beautiful ladies!

I know those boob!

Funny...I'm at the point where I can scroll through this site and identify many of you by your boob pics!

2 weeks post op

I absolutely LOVE my boobs. I think my surgeon is amazing. Seriously. I think we should be watching him to make sure he doesn't cut his ear off! I have been in a moderate amount of pain. (Did I really think I'd get completely off the hook?) Look how well I've healed! I realize I'm not completely home free, but I feel leaps and bounds ahead of where I should be and couldn't be happier!

19 days post op

I have resumed most normal activity, but in small amounts and haven't done anything too vigorous. Still a lot of swelling, and a good bit of pain. The swelling is the worst part. I don't know how to explain it...my boobs just feel weird. Like, they're not really part of me, something foreign. Ugh, I know that's vague and doesn't explain very well. The numbness is a big factor in that? Can anyone relate to that? I also haven't shaved in close to a month because I'm really uncomfortable without a sports bra and I just want to get in and out of the shower as quickly as possible.

3 weeks post op

Feeling good

Been feeling so much better last couple of days. I was active all day today. I didn't do anything too strenuous, but was able to get out and about since early morning (it's now after 11pm) without major pain making me stop activity. I didn't overdo it- visited friends, shopping, etc was the extent. I even bought some clothes without bothering to try on. I love that I can look at a cute top and not have to wonder where I'd put the rest of my boobs!
Maybe it's a coincidence, but I started feeling SO much better after I switched bras. I'd been wearing a Fruit of the Loom front closure sports bra my ps had told me to get. It was increasingly uncomfortable because it was sitting right at incision lines and didn't give much support. With every move I felt like my boobs were going to fall off. I went to Walmart the other night and found one that is very similar. It's basically the same Fruit of the Loom front closure sports bra, but it has racer back. In the early days of recovery, that would've been difficult to put on, but now it's perfect. It sits below incision lines and keeps the girls from jiggling. After 2 days, my swelling has gone down so much that I went and got next smaller size to keep everything in place.
I have been in a pretty good amount of pain, or at least discomfort, since surgery. I am so glad that I am only in very mild pain now. My right breast didn't hurt at all today and my left breast was only painful on the side.
Hope you all are well, and have sweet dreams tonight! ;)


4 weeks post op

I am feeling pretty good! My boobs no longer feel like they're going to fall off with every step I take. The bruising is gone, swelling is way down, and incisions seem to be healing nicely. I haven't been putting anything on my scars because I couldn't stand touching my boobs with all the swelling. My ps recommended Miderma so I'll give that a shot. Yesterday I was on the back of my fiancé's motorcycle for the first time post op. I had to hold my boobs over big bumps, but was fine. I have only gone back to work part time so far (I manage a restaurant so my job is very physical at times) and am going crazy at home because I'm running out of things I need to get done. I'm taking this as a healthy sign that I should go back full time. I'll just have to be careful not to overdo it. The one thing I didn't realize about recovery that I wish I had known is that it takes time. I thought that I would be in a lot of pain the first week or so post op, but that I would be pretty much recovered after that. In reality, the pain isn't all that horrible. It's only painful, and incredibly uncomfortable when you move, or try to do very much of anything...for weeks. So as long as you take it easy, the pain isn't bad, but you can't do much of anything for weeks on end. I wasn't prepared for that. I hope everyone is well. Despite the few brief moments that I struggled with my recovery, I'm already so glad I made the decision to have this surgery.

5 weeks post op

Feeling pretty good...I'd say I'm about 70%. My energy isn't what it normally is yet, but I went back to work full time this week. (I run a restaurant so my job is very physical.) I do notice slight discomfort after work, and I have been watching what I lift, but I can do most of what I need to. Usually, my days average around 10 hours. I've shortened them to 7-8 so I guess I'm not COMPLETELY back full time, but I'm back at 5 days/week. Swelling has gone way, way down. I don't feel like incisions will split and my boobs will fall out anymore. They feel like they're a part of me now and are starting to soften. For those of you that are still pre-op, the thing I want to stress most is to take it easy, even if you feel good! You'll read that over and over on this site, but when you feel good it's easy to assume you can be active until you don't feel good. This is not true! If you overdo it, it'll just prolong your recovery. At 5 weeks post op I still have to be mindful of this. Take your time, take care of yourself, and let others take care of you. Good luck!

6 weeks post op

I'm getting married on Saturday! My dress is strapless! I wore a tank top today with a BUILT IN BRA! I am loving having smaller boobies!
My boobs are a little red and irritated right now because my job is very physical and I worked 60 hrs in 6 days so I can be off to travel to Las Vegas for my wedding. I saw my ps for a follow up today and he said that even though they're irritated, everything looks good and he gave me the go ahead to wear an underwire bra. He said that I should somewhat limit the amount of time I spend in it...if it hurts take it off.
I'm so happy right now! I know it isn't all because of my boobs, but they certainly are adding to my happiness!
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