38yrs Old, Breastfed 2 Kids, 17kg Weight Loss, Asymmetrical, Deflated Boobs! London, GB

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Finally, after years of living with being...

Finally, after years of living with being asymmetrical, plucked up the courage to do something about it. Breastfed my 2 kids for 6-8 months each & have lost 17kg in weight over the last year, which really took its toll and made me even more deflated & asymmetrical! I researched for a long time, to find a ps who specialises in reconstruction & asymmetry, when I came across Aurora Clinics & Mr Adrian Richards, I knew I had my surgeon. Everyone at Aurora are so nice, calm & reassuring, even when I was so nervous at the initial consultation, I came away feeling quite positive that something could be done to help me. Mr Richards & Aggie, his surgical assistant & specialist nurse are both lovely, they make a very good team. I had my BA & BL with areola reduction done on the 10th feb at Highgate Hospital, everyone was amazing, can't fault a thing, I was anxious as I'd never had a general anaesthetic before, but needn't have worried, I've had no nausea, sickness & to my absolute amazement, apart from the tightness & feeling a bit sore initially, no pain either..! I had nothing stronger than paracetamol, which I stopped on day 2 post op. Still feeling tired & have dropped off a few times in the middle of reading something, which makes me laugh as I usually don't get 5 mins to myself to sit down! Hope the rest of my recovery is as good, I keep looking at my new boobs & can't believe they're mine! So happy I did it!!

The details..!

I had a vertical lift, areola reduction & 360cc L / 420cc R silicone gel implants to correct the asymmetry, under the muscle. Procedure was done at Highgate Hospital in London UK, through Aurora Clinics, as I did a lot of research before ( for over a year..!) to find a surgeon that specialises in reconstruction & asymmetry, Mr Adrian Richards had excellent reviews, after photos & as I wanted the best, he was my first choice. I had my initial consultation at Harley Street, London & belive I was very lucky to be able to schedule my op for 2 months later at Highgate Hospital, the last available appointment for 4 months, as Mr Richards only operates at Highgate Hospital once a month, being based in his Buckinghamshire Clinic. On the day of my surgery, my husband drove me to the hospital, I was checked into my room at 7.40am & then the anaesthetist came to visit, I was very anxious as I hadn't had a general anaesthetic before & had worries about pain, nausea & sickness after & how I'd react to everything, he put my mind at ease. Mr Richards & Aggie came round about 9am to do the surgical markings & take before photos, we went over sizes & placement again, then they said as I was 2nd on the list I should go down about 11am. Spent the next 2 hours pacing the room, with hubby trying to keep me calm, until at 11am a theatre nurse came to collect me. Had the usual trouble trying to get an IV into my vein ( shy veins apparently..! ) last thing I remember is feeling all floaty, then a recovery nurse commenting I was back with them ( I was a bit confused & wondered why I wasn't at home in my bed. Lol) I just wanted to sleep at the time..! Got wheeled back to my room, hubby very relieved to see me & I can honestly say I had no nausea, sickness or pain, I only ever had paracetamol, nothing stronger & apart from the tiredness, tightness & soreness I felt good, but was busting to have a wee..! (Sorry if that's TMI..!) Remarkable really, when I hadn't had a drink for 14hours! Couldn't wait to have a peek at my newbie boobies, they look amazing!! Hubby stayed with me for a couple more hours, then went home to spend some time with our kids, while I slept. Aggie visited to see how I was doing & to check things, then again about 2hours later with Mr Richards too, pleased to know everything went really well :-))) I felt really good later on that evening & kept getting up to walk around, the night nurse kept putting me back to bed, until she offered me a sleeping tablet...Zzzzzzz Everything was checked again next morning by Aggie, got my meds & then hubby took me home. Apart from feeling very sleepy & a bit sore I have been totally amazed at how pain free I am & I have much more movement than I ever expected :-)))) plus I'm slightly overwhelmed by my lovely, high, round boobies ;-))) If you're considering similar surgery...GO FOR IT..! Can't thank Aurora Clinics, Mr Richards & Aggie enough xx

7 days post op

Since my surgery 7 days ago I've noticed subtle changes almost daily, I had a tiny bit of bruising come out a couple of days ago, but nothing like I had been expecting. I feel like my left has maybe dropped ever so slightly & it doesn't feel as tight as before, my left has rounded out a bit more, but is still very high & tight, but then the muscle has further to stretch as it was my smaller side. I've been getting what I can only describe as prickles now & then in my nipples, hopefully a sign that the nerves might be reconnecting..? I no longer fall asleep at the drop of a hat, so that's good ..! I woke up at 4am ( maybe the thrill of being able to have a shower today instead of a shallow bath :-) ..!) managed to fall back to sleep, but when I woke up again around 7am I was almost flat on my back, not good for the boobies..! Had a severe case of morning boob when I got up!! My 1st follow up appointment is next week, to have everything checked & the tapes changed... Bit apprehensive to see what's underneath as the moment! I then have to change the tapes every 3-4 days. Then I've got another follow up at 6 weeks ( will be nearly 7 by time of app) when the tapes come off for good, feels like forever at the moment, but this last week has flown by, probably as I've been asleep a lot..!! :-) I'm even starting to forget how they looked before, which is great..!! So pleased at the moment, hope it continues...

Pics to go with last update

Photos didn't load before!

Day 8 post op...

I had been feeling so good, I wasn't prepared for how I felt today. Was a bit achy when I woke up, tried to keep a balance of resting & moving & had a couple of friends over. By early evening I wasn't feeling myself & think I had some fluid shift...boobs feel like milk is coming in..?!?

Day 9 & 10 post op

Feeling down, I'm quiet, keeping myself to myself. Had a busy day on day 10, friend came round, went to watch kids go karting, mother in law came round, went out for dinner. Feel tired & had a melt down when I checked boobs before bed, looks like my nipples have been leaking & the milk ducts have white bits on them..?!? WTF..!
I'm soooo nervous about the tapes coming off in a couple of days, both about how it will feel & what's underneath :-/

2 week (13 day really) check up..????

Went for my 1st follow up appointment yesterday, saw both ps & nurse, had my surgical tapes taken off for the 1st time, I was worried it would hurt like hell & been having nightmares about a nip coming off with the tape & having horrific scars...couldn't have been more wrong, tapes didn't hurt, slightly sore after but nothing major, both nips attached (!) & I can't believe how my scars look at this early stage!!
Ps very pleased with how things look, healing well, smaller side starting to round out more where the muscles have stretched, still got some way to go, will take time. Nurse said they look amazing..so pleased!! ????
They showed me how to put the tapes on, now it's my turn to change them every 3-4days, until my next check up in 5 weeks.

Righty is relaxing a bit - 20 days post op

Something's been happening with righty over the last couple of days, I've been feeling the muscles starting to relax a little bit.. Ever so slightly softer at the top & nips are trying to react to cold on both sides.. Woo hoo..!
Had a bit of a try on today...liking what I see..so is hubby. ;-)))

Photo update

Just thrown out all my old B cup bras..don't think they'll fit anymore..! ;-)

The pressure..!

Well things are starting to speed up a bit, been feeling lots of pressure on righty for a couple of days & muscle aches under & around ribs. It's a bizarre feeling, top muscle feels quite soft now at times, then rock hard again very quickly, shape is definitely rounding out more :-)

28 days today!

still feeling lots of pressure on righty, along with some zingers in both, muscles might be relaxing now & then, but I'm feeling quite tense! Hoping things settle down a bit soon.

Nearly had a meltdown!

I had been feeling a bit sore yesterday, put it down to doing a bit too much. So last night was getting ready to have a shower, removing my tapes & the whole scab covering the incision under righty comes off on the tape!! Nearly had a meltdown until hubby pointed out what was underneath... His face & statement said it all "wow!" ...1/2 on the other side also came off, didn't want to pull the rest - ouch! Feels bit itchy now though!

6 week check up

Since my last post all but 1 tiny stubborn stitch/scab has gone, most of the others came off in 1 go too! feels so good to finally have the tape off & get some air to my skin! I've been massaging in silgel onto my scars 2x per day, plus using bio oil on the rest of my boobs, as well as my usual cocoa butter ( not on scars), it's so nice to have smooth, soft skin again :-) instead of flakey patchy, taped up skin.

I've been for my 6 week check up today, lovely to hear how soft my skin is ( see above!) & how good they're looking. Had after photos done, saw Sinead, Aggie & Mr Richards, got given the ok to slowly introduce underwired bras again & advised to wear a crop top or similar to sleep in, for extra support & comfort at night. Everyone at Aurora has been so lovely, I can't put into words how happy I am right now, thank you so much xx

Went to be measured for new bra size after... Slightly speechless...34F / FF..!!! & still have to fluff ... Measuring lady said she thinks I'll be FF or G cup..!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

Wait to buy a new bra..!

In all the excitement of my bra measuring last week, I bought 2 new size 34F bras. Wore 1 for the 1st time for a couple of hours while out for dinner, was a bit uncomfortable, when I took it off OMG, big red digging in marks on sides of boobs & in middle, obviously the wrong size! Looks like they've changed a bit in that week! Will have to wait a bit & get measured again, but it's looking more like FF!! ;-))

8 weeks post op.

It's been 8 weeks now since my ops & I have feeling in at least 80-90% of both boobs, the vertical incision area on both being the last area to feel ' not quite back to normal' yet, although in the last few days I've been a bit tender & have had lots of sharp zingers again. Nipples are reacting a lot quicker & have both been a bit hypersensitive at times, the colour of them is much better too, sometimes they've looked a bit pale, especially the left 1. Scars are looking better every day. Righty is still sitting a bit higher, but is settling & stretching nicely.

Starting to fluff??

Time has flown, I'm now 3 months post op, I'm not getting muscle aches as much & boobies are looking & feeling better every day, think they're starting to fluff! There are times when they go hard, but most of the time now they feel soft & getting squishy & feel very natural. Most of the tenderness has gone now & nipples react instantly, which is great! Loving how they look, I'm sooo happy!! :-)))
Mr Richards has done an amazing job, can't thank him & his team enough xxx

Forgot this !

We're fluffing!!

Can't believe it's been 4 months already, it's gone so quickly. They are soft & squishy & feel very natural. Tenderness has gone, as have the muscle aches, I don't feel worried about using my chest muscles anymore.
Had a hol in the sun, used SPF 50 sun block on scars & kept them covered, was paranoid about getting uv light on them! Felt like I had extra floatation while swimming! Lol boobs felt cold for ages after being in the water.
On flight back I made the mistake of wearing an underwire bra ( sports bra on flight out ) was uncomfortable!

Fluff, fluff, fluff... Keep on fluffing!! ;-)

6 months already!!

Been meaning to update for ages & always seem to get distracted! Can't believe it's now been 6 months!
sometimes I can see red marks on boobs from the bra I've worn, seam marks, & can't be a good thing.
Over last week or so my nipples have been hypersensitive, hoping that settles soon.
Still can't believe how great they look, never thought they could be like this.
I love my boobs, I would recommend anyone to go with Mr Richards & Aurora, they are amazing! xxx

Photos didn't upload!

Fairly brief initial consultation at Harley Street, longer spent with Aggie, who explained things very well, then saw Mr Richards who examined me & said what needed to be done, both very calming people, which is good as I was very nervous! That list of questions I had at the initial consultation went out the window, I just forgot about them! Asked more at subsequent consultations. I felt I could put my trust totally in Mr Richards, he knew what needed to be done to get the results I hoped for, so glad I let him 'fix me', it's early days for me, but so far I'm amazed at the transformation & with how I look & feel..!

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