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Finally doing something for me. I am 5'7"and about...

Finally doing something for me. I am 5'7"and about 150lbs. I have a very tiny waist for my frame. I also have larger hips. Three kids and breastfeeding really changes your body. I really like having bigger hips and a small waist. However, I breastfed and lost any boobs that I had. I am maybe a 38b. I am really stressing about the amount of CC's I should get. Based on my body frame the doctor has recommended 500 cc's (saline). Is this too big? I have a friend who had surgery done and she is regretting that she didn't get them big enough. If anyone with similar dimensions has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Less than a week to go and I am so excited. Desperately seeking advice.

Had the surgery yesterday

After I went to try on the sizers again I was still undecided. However, the PA insisted that 500cc's would be the right size for my body type and frame. The doctor indicated but she would make me look like I wanted to in the pictures I gave her. I trust her. I have included some pics of the morning before I had my surgery in my sports bra and yoga pants so you could get a little idea of what I look like before. No boobs. I will take a similar picture when I get my bandages off. I have one post op picture but I am in bandages. As soon as I get the bandages off I will include more pics. She ended up putting in 505 in one and 510 in the other. I feel great. Threw up a little yesterday but by early evening I felt great. I also feel really good today. I am a little sore almost like when your engorged when you're breastfeeding. I really don't feel like I need the Percocet but I'm going to go ahead and take it through today. I can't wait to see my boobs without the bandages. Right now they don't look so big. I will send you an update as soon as I have one.

Pre op and post op

My pics keep loading sideways. Sorry.

New boobs

Here are my boobs now!

6 days post op...loopy

Feel super loopy. Stopped pain meds and valium on the 4th. I didn't really need it. The massaging has been a bit uncomfortable expecially on bigger implant. Honestly just wish all the drugs would get out of my system. Here is a pic from today.

10 days in

Feeling great. Tape is off the top of my boobs so I can wear different shirts now. I posted a few new pics. Time to get the tummy and arms in shape. Make sure you massage daily. Good luck ladies.

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