23 Year Old, 5'5", 195 Lbs- Abdomen and Flanks Liposuction - Augusta, GA

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I had been debating changing myself permanently...

I had been debating changing myself permanently after struggling with consistent weigh gain despite a strenuous workout regimen. Once I finally committed, I was so nervous. I told one of my friends what I was doing (lipo full abdomen and flanks) and she was so amazingly supportive. I am so glad I chose her. She came with me to appointments, held my hand and made me laugh waiting to go in for the day of surgery, drove me home and stayed with me the first couple days. This support was amazing.
My first 24 hours at home consisted of a lot of pain despite taking the Percocet every 4-5 hours. I am hoping the pain starts to decrease soon. I'd say I'm a 6 on a scale of 10. I call the Dr tomorrow to see if I can come in and have my drains taken out. Too early to tell whether it was worth it or not but I am remaining optimistic. :)

3 days post op

Today is possibly the worst I've felt. I thought I was doing well last night, as my pain was subsiding a bit. I woke up this morning at around 0515 to pee but almost passed out from the pain. I was able to stumble back to bed in time, but I was so uncomfortable. After a small nap, I woke up in sweats and feeling so nauseous. I've been eating soup and crackers but still throwing up. I can't wait to get past this hump in the road! I'm slightly regretting putting myself through this pain.

4 days post op

Hey everyone! It's Friday and I am 4 days post op! Feeling much better today. I went into Dr. Ewart to have a small check-up and see if I could have my drains removed. Everything is looking good and the drains came out! What an odd sensation that was...I'm still a little numb to the touch so the whole exam was a guessing game as to what I would feel or not feel. Dr. Ewart suggested I switch over to taking ibuprofen to help with the amount of swelling I'm experiencing. I was cleared for a shower!!! Oh my goodness, let me tell you. Best shower of my life! I feel so refreshed and thankful I don't smell anymore. :) I took the opportunity during the shower to start massaging areas. My back is definitely more tender and I can feel the lines starting to form. My guess is from the compression garment and how I've been sleeping. I want to litigate that so the massages will hopefully help in that process. I took some photos pre-shower. I am already so delighted with my results! I can tell with more time and less swelling, I am going to love my new self- I already do!

3 months post-op

Hello everyone! I've completely neglected to keep everyone updated and I'm sorry for this. The first 2 weeks were bad for pain but I was completely back into my normal routine with work and exercise by week 3. Now 3 months later, I couldn't be any happier!! My results are amazing and I'm sure I will only make even further progress with skin reduction and toning as I continue my journey. The scars are hardly visible, they look like little bruises at this point. I would recommend this to anyone!!
Augusta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ewart was very friendly, answered all of my questions during the consultation which reassured me I was making the right decision. I met with him again during my pre-op appt when I did my blood work and before pics. On the day of surgery, Dr. Ewart came in and did all of my markings. He even apologized that the body marker was a little ticklish and cold and that his last surgery had run a little over. :)

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