Tummy Tuck (5'6", 145lb)

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I am SO nervous going into this, I am only 18...

I am SO nervous going into this, I am only 18 years old. As a child I was quite heavy and lost a very large mount of weight in my teenage years, gaining a smaller scale number, i also gained saggy skin. I still have some extra weight, I am 150 lbs. and 5'6'' height. I still want to lose about 25-30 pounds, but most of the fat I have is located in my stomach area. Do you think that a tummy tuck will be good for me still?


Updated on June 2, 2010:

June 2, 2010 - Today I woke up @ 6:30, having to be at my PS's office @ 7:30. When I arrived at the office, I was scared to death about getting put to sleep, I even cried! My anesthesiologist said that young, healthy girls like myself should have no problems concerning the anesthetics. About 45 minutes after talking to her, and my nurse, my doctor showed up. I was lying on the bed, getting medicine in my arm to calm me down. I remember my doctor coming in and marking my hipbones and being covered with a heated blanket. My memory has faded from what went on there after, I don't remember her putting me to sleep on bit. My surgery lasted from 8:00 til' 11:00, when I tried opening my eyes they kept shutting back considering how sleepy I was still. I finally remember saying I felt sick ( I didn't feel sick ) but I thought it was better to be safe than sorry.. she gave me medicine threw my IV so that I would not throw up.

My doctor said he usually gets about 2lb.'s out of the procedures he makes, he got a little over 5lb.'s with me! - & It's not because I'm overweight whatsoever, I am 5'6" & 145lb.'s. I was amazed he removed so much. I was never in pain when I woke up or when I had to get up into the truck I was riding home with. Right after I got home, I feel straight back to sleep.. I'm telling you this is the best sleep I've had! I don't know what that medicine does for me, but I haven't slept like that in a while.

Today is still the day of my surgery, and I have not encountered significant pain. The only thing I have experienced is discomfort, but at most times I forget & can not believe I've had it done already. I can't look at my stomach because my doctor ordered me to keep my compressant garment on until Friday, when he looks at my pumps for a check-up. The blood pumps are the only thing that bother me, they have a little sting, but nothing real annoying. I'm excited to get them out either this Friday or Monday.

I will post pictures soon so you all can tell me what you think. I just hope it covers my bikini line well, I'm going to the beach in 2 months.

Okay well, I have had NO complications except for...

Okay well, I have had NO complications except for blisters around the incision line because I was allergic to the steri-strips! There going away though, so I'm happy. My belly button looks good, except for the fact that the skin has not dropped back yet - Is this common? & I have kind of a pain under my incision on my left side - Weird ? Or normal ? Anyways, I'm in love with the new me & couldn't ask for more. I'm just wondering about those few things. Thanks!

Dr. W was so sweet to me, and the nurses also tried their best to comfort me. My anesthesiologist made the world of difference when she told me I had nothing to worry about & I would wake-up. I would recommend Dr. W to anyone, him & the staff are wonderful.

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