UPDATE 34H to 34d/dd almost 3 years later-Baby is here!!- Augusta, GA

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Okay, let me start by saying thank you to everyone...

Okay, let me start by saying thank you to everyone who posts on here. I combed through all of your stories and it has all helped me so much. A little about me, I am 24, 5'9", 155lbs. I have had big boobs since 9th grade. Pretty much over summer it seemed like they grew from nothing to a c cup in 9th grade, then just kept getting bigger. When I graduated high school, I think they were double ds and now, a few years later they are Hs! I don't know why or how they got so large! They are definitely the biggest in my family and I am tired of it. I didn't even know my true cup size until about a month ago when I was fitted at Dillards. I thought I was a triple d. Shows how much I know...let me just say, the shock of being told I was an H was a lot to deal with. You can't even find that size in most stores! Needless to say, everything all of a sudden made sense in that moment. Why my back and neck hurt everyday, why it is so hard to find clothes that fit, etc, etc. I know it sounds crazy, but I still don't feel like an H. I know my breasts are really big and they look really big, but I feel like that size seems extreme, and I hope I don't look extreme ( I don't think I do??)...So anyway, after being told my new cup size, I started doing a lot of thinking and decided to pursue a reduction. I am so nervous, I have never had surgery or anything, and it feels strange to in a way be volunteering for surgery. I am just so used to feeling and looking the way I do that it is hard to imagine what better would feel like. The constant back pain and struggle to find clothes to wear is just apart of my life at this point. Sometimes I don't mind them and think they actually look good, but I have to remember how hard it was to make them look that way and fit the clothes properly. I feel like my life revolves around my breasts. Do they look okay? Too big? Too provocative? But I am very tired of that and know this is for the best, and that it will change my life in an amazing way. I look at photos when they were probably a small d and I love the way they look. However, I do have a fear of them growing back! I don't have children yet and my husband and I don't plan on having any anytime in the next few years. But when we do, what if they get this way again and this was all a waste? Very afraid of that. Anyway, I will continue more later, I don't want to keep rambling!


Sleep chair

So word is you aren't supposed to sleep on your stomach or sides for a bit after surgery... but I am guilty of sleeping in both of those positions a majority of the night :( I was thinking maybe a comfy recliner to sleep in would be a good idea until I heal more. I found one on craigslist today for $25! It isn't gorgeous, but it doesn't appear to have fleas or lice, and it's comfy. I am going to clean it well, throw a blanket over it, and when the time comes, hopefully it will be a good temporary bed!

First negative reaction to surgery

So today while at lunch with a friend, I told her about my surgery and was surprised when she wasn't on board. She just said things like "they look good, people pay big money for boobs like that, there is nothing wrong with being busty, I think you look fine" etc etc. SO, that was interesting. A couple of my rebuttals I had were things like "people don't pay for H's they pay for d's or dd's, yes they look good, but it takes a lot to get them to look that way/clothes are extremely hard to find, there isn't anything wrong with being busty but nobody needs an H, a small c/full d would still be busty and beautiful without being such a burden etc etc. It is just so odd that some people can be against that, but then again, those are people who just see it instead of living it. I get that my chest is attractive to outsiders and isn't that great for them!? Glad everyone loves to look at boobs. But isn't them who deals with it everyday. It is me who has to deal with the pain they cause, the heaviness, the difficulty of finding clothes and bras, the difficulty of dressing to not have too much exposed or be too sexy blah blah blah. Then she was like well it't dangerous! I would never volunteer for a surgery, that's so risky. And I was just like every day you live your life is at risk. Everyday you get into a car, your life is at risk Anytime you do ANYTHING, there is risk! How can you live your life based on the slim chance that something could go wrong?? I can't live in a bubble like that. I do like my chest and think its pretty, but it is painful and just simply too much. I haven't even had kids yet. How big and painful would they be then if I didn't have my surgery? I just feel like my quality of life will greatly improve. Everybody who doesn't have big boobs loves the idea of them, but they reality isn't all it is chalked up to be. I am thankful and blessed my only problem is a large chest. But just because that isn't a problem so some doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to take advantage of an opportunity like this, and again, improve my quality of life. I know I am doing what's best for me. I just had to share my experience from today! Anyway, two weeks from tomorrow is the surgery. My mom is flying in from out of town, I have put down the money, next week is the final consultation Wednesday and labwork Friday. I'm doing it and no one can stop me!

Pre-Op Today

Hey everyone! So I had the pre-op today and everything went well. I had lots of questions to ask and my surgeon answered every question and made me feel pretty good about the surgery as a whole. He said he is going to take off about a pound and a half from each side, probably leaving me with a full D. He is going to do the anchor incision, but the cut underneath won't be very long. I am going to have I think he said internal stiches that will just dissolve over time and I don't have to have drains! That part made me really happy :) My surgery is next Friday morning, so I do have to wear my bandages all weekend until I can go back Monday and have them removed :/ I asked him what is best to heal scars and he said he would recommend silicone strips, so I will be purchasing those soon. I was given my prescriptions as well ( a Percocet, and something for nausea). It is actually hitting me that this surgery is just around the corner and I am a little nervous, but mainly just really excited. I am going to go shopping this weekend for bras...I tried looking last weekend but could not find the sports bras that open in the front. I know Walmart has some, so I guess I will just have to dig through and see if I can find a few. I ordered a couple pair of really cute pajamas from forever 21 and I cant wait for them to arrive. I had a hard time finding cute inexpensive button pjs too...I am not spending $40+ for an ugly pair of stereotypical granny pajamas! Anyway, I think that is about it for now. Blood work and pregnancy test on Friday then the real countdown will begin :)

Silicone Stripes

Has anyone used silicone strips for their scars? Do you have a brand you would recommend? How much did you pay for them? There are tons of different brands and prices, not sure which to go with!

Old bra vs. current size pics for fun

Found one of my old bras and put it on the help visualize what I hope to be.

3 more days!

Hey everyone! So my date is getting closer and closer and I am driving myself crazy with worry and anxiety. UGH! I just don't even know how to explain it. I want this surgery, I am just afraid the after will be too small or too big or what if there is a problem, what if my nipple falls off, what if they are pointing different directions, what if I get an infection..as you can see, my mind is clearly running wild. So in order to remind myself why I am doing this I went through my closet and took some more before photos. Sometimes I can hide my chest and I think it looks fine, but most of the time, I can't even wear what I want because I look so huge up top. My top really doesn't match the rest of my body...my legs are pretty slim and I feel ridiculous most of the time if I am not hiding my chest. My wedding dress for example was a waist size 6/8 and a chest size 12/14. ick. Anyway, here are a couple pics!

Well, tomorrow is the day!

Well, tomorrow is the day. Can't believe it's already here! I am excited but anxious to get it over with. I have just been trying to stay busy all day to keep my mind off things, cleaning, doing laundry and taking lots of before pictures :) I'm sure I won't sleep at all tonight but oh well. Surgery is first thing tomorrow, have to be there at 6:30 and surgery is at 7:30. My mom will be here first thing Saturday morning to stay with us and help out so that will be nice. Anyway, I guess I will see you all on the other side!!!!

It's done

Wow. So it is all done. What a whirlwind morning. Up at 5 30, showered and headed to hospital. Then got into a hospital gown and had my iv put it. Let me just say THIS WAS TERRIBLE. She asked where I wanted it and I was like what options do i have? I know on tv you see a lot ivs in the tip if hand/wrist area so said the wrist area. So she put it on the side of my hand! Omg it hurt so bad, u was thinking like bottom if wrist it top if hand. Cleary we didn't communicate well and boy did I suffer the consequences. It would not go in well and she had to keep jiggling it while pushing really hard. To make things worse, it hurt the entire time it was in. Like I had a knife sitting in my hand. No I have not even been stabbed by a knife, and this may seem dramatic but it really did hurt. Really. Don't get your iv there. Then after being marked up and a brief consult with the anesthesiologist, I had to walk into the OR and lay down on the table. That was weird and a little scary, but before I knew it I was out and waking up. Then even more fun began! I was done at 11 so surgery was 3.5 hours, but it took be an hour and half to wake up and leave. When I first woke up, the pain hit. It really hurt underneath the most. But that stupid iv was right up there with it on the pain scale. Then over the course of waking up, I threw up four times :( luckily having not eaten or drank, there wasn't much there, but I was so shaky. Then finally my husband was able to take me home and has been taking care of me like a princess. To bad I feel like I got hit by a truck instead. I am so glad it is over, and so lucky to have such a great husband. I haven't been able to eat much at all, and I am still in a lot of pain. I am wrapped up until Tuesday so I won't know what anything looks like really until then. I was able to snag a pic of the dr's markings before so I will upload them this weekend as well as a pic of my poor hand where the iv was so you all know where NOT to get yours put in. Until then!

After pictures!

It has been 3 days since the surgery and I feel great! So great it is hard not to move around lol. I have been icing regularly, drinking tons or water, and I have had my bandages on non-stop since surgery. I finally fully took it off today and I am so pleased with the results! They look to cute and small and perky! They haven't bled a lot of anything and the incisions he did, especially under, appear very small. YAY! I go see him again tomorrow for follow up. So happy right now :)


Hey all! Went to meet with the doctor again today and he said everything looked good and that I could finally take the ace bandage off. It has been an uncomfortable past 4 days wearing it 24/7 so it was nice to be done with it! He also said he took out about a pound from each side and I am a little swollen, but for the most part, this is the size I will be. I put on the old D cup bra again and it seems to be a pretty close fit! Other than that I have just been tired. Getting ready and going to see the doctor today pretty much wiped me out. I came home and took a 2 hour nap after!

One week update

So it was a week since my surgery yesterday and I can't believe how great I feel! I know a lot of people are nervous about this procedure, so I am trying to share a lot of feeling and photos because I know that is what I loved looking at and reading prior to my surgery. To anyone getting ready to do this surgery I would say GO FOR IT! It feels so great to be on the other side! I went shopping a little bit a couple days ago and WOW! I didn't have to turn away styles or fabrics because of my chest at all. Everything fit. I loved the way I looked. I think before the surgery I had a bit of body dismorphia. I always felt fat and like I needed to lose weight because I could never find tops that fit correctly. My clothes I own now all fit better than they did before and I feel good about myself instead of always wondering if my boobs looked too big. I don't want to ramble, but it is SO worth it. And I know people are scared of the pain of recovery, but for me it has not been bad at all. I was off my hard pain killers day 4, and can truly the say the worst pain of the whole process for me was the damn IV! I still am icing often and get a soreness underneath my breasts, but it is mild. As for the zingers, I haven't gotten many, but they happen every now and then. But please do not let the pain get you worried. There are so many people who would love to get this surgery but can't because of various reasons. If you are fortunate enough to have this opportunity, DO NOT HESITATE! it is so worth it. The last couple things I wanted to share had to do with sleep. I was very worried about being able to sleep on my back for so long, as I am a stomach and side sleeper. The first couple of nights, I slept in a recliner with two pillows kind of up underneath my sides. I also found that a neck pillow like you would use on a plane has been so helpful and comfy when I had to sleep sort of propped up. If you don't have one, get one, it makes a big difference. Once I was able to move into my bed, about day 4, I slept with 2 body pillows again up under my sides, my pillow under my head, and the additional neck pillow if I wanted. That's all I can think of for now...I know I post lots of pics, but to me, pictures are what I wanted to see most when I was beginning the process :) This surgery has improved my life so much in just a week I can't help but share in hopes that someone else may have similar results!

Side by side before and afters again-different with camera facing me

2 weeks post!

Well I can't believe 2 weeks has gone by. It has been fine so far, but this part week I have been very tender and sensitive to touch. Even my seatbelt bugs me! I think the soreness may just be do to being more active and not just laying around all day. I have a couple good zingers in my left side today that have been strong, but that's about it. I went to the doc this past Tuesday and he took of the tape and said I could start using silicone strips. These are what he recommended. Yes they are a little more expensive that maybe lotion or whatever, but $22 at CVS for a 2 month supply doesn't seem bad to me. You can wear the same ones for a week and wash them every day, so that's what I have been doing. I still have numbness on the underside of both breasts, but both nipples can feel. The left side is the one that has been giving me zingers and still seems more swollen and erect (hehe) than the other side. In the photos, you can kind of tell the right side nipple is lower, I think it is just because that side is becoming more normal faster then the other and hopefully they will even out eventually. Other then that I am just still wearing bras with not underwire for another 2 weeks, but I am guessing I will be a DD when things are said and done. YAY!! I will update again at the one month mark :)

Spelling errors

Okay, just have to say I reallllly don't like spelling/grammatical errors! Especially the fact that you can't fix/edit anything once it is posted :( I have seen some spelling errors and grammatical errors in my posts and they are driving me crazy...so please disregard, I just type too fast then don't read back through until it's posted haha. Not a big deal, I just had to say.

3 week update

Hi! So I wasn't going to update again until week 4 but I took some pics today and figured what the heck. Things have been going fine still, just SO sensitive still. Continuing to ice when they feel sore helps. I am still using silicone strips and am happy with the results so far. The only thing I am noticing is that the right breast still seems a little bigger, the nipple on the right side looks like it hangs a little lower (probably because it is bigger), and I have this very noticeable HUGE vein on my right side now. Having olive skin my veins are green so it really sticks out. I feel like it is worse when I am cold, so maybe it will go away with warm weather or not be as noticeable with tanner skin? Hopefully! I know these are super nit picky little things, just things I notice is all. No one is perfect and I have been extremely lucky throughout this process so far. I went to target today and could not fit into the D cups :( I definitely wanted to be bigger as opposed to smaller but that still kind of stunk (not being able to find my size). But I'm sure finding a DD as opposed to an H will be much easier! I still feel so small so it's funny to think I'm a DD. But I'm happy with it and that's all that counts!

A couple more pics (hit "post" too soon!

Noticed an error

I just noticed I was saying the right side is bigger, I guess it's on the right side looking at the photo, but it is actually the left breast that looks bigger and looks to be hanging a little lower because of the slightly larger size. The big vein I hate is on the left breast looking at the photo, but it is my right breast. Just wanted to clear that up!

1 month post

Not much new to report here! Things are still going well for the most part. I have two tiny sores on my right breast. The one under the nipple that won't heal, and the one a little lower is closed, but just red. They don't hurt, I just want them healed. The left side is looking great, hopefully the right will get on track soon. Still having zingers every now and then. I have been steadily regaining feeling on both sides. I don't think I am 100% yet, but almost. I love my new size, they look a little uneven in pics, but in person they look fine, and the feel the same size. I have slowly started sleeping on my stomach again, but only for short periods of time. The only complaints I have that are sooo small are just that my nipples don't match and I may have mentioned the vein before on the right side...I HATE that vein! grrr! But what can you do. I'm not going to be doing any topless modeling so I guess it doesn't matter and I am lucky to have the problems I have. Hope everyone is doing well!

2 months!!

WOW! It has been 2 months and 2 days to be exact since my surgery. Time has flown by! I am still so happy I had this surgery. I have started going for runs and I have no problem with my chest causing me discomfort. There are so many things I do that I didn't do before and I don't even think about my chest. Then when I'm done, I'm like wow, my chest didn't bother me, I can't believe it used to! I exercise more, I can wear more, I feel more comfortable as a whole, I'm not embarrassed to wear low-cut or fitted tops. YAY! The only mild hang up I had was that my right side incision line was not healing as well because my body was rejecting the sutures used. My doctor prescribed me antibiotics to help which I took for a week and they seemed to have worked. Anyway, that's all for now! Happy new year!

3 months post!!!

Hey everyone! Today marks 3 months since my surgery and things are going great. Really not much to report except the occasional zinger. Also as you can see in my pics, my incision lines are still dark. Not sure why? I don't really mind though, they will fade eventually and no one sees them but myself and my husband :) Speaking of him, he really likes them, says he can get a full handful now instead of only being able to grab half haha. I know I may have said this before, but I feel SO MUCH better! I used to feel a bit insecure and worried that people were only staring at my boobs and commenting about them unless I hid them. Now I feel like people take me in as a whole. They see big boobs and a pretty person instead of just a pair of HUGE boobs and then they can't focus on anything else. Just looking at before pictures makes me cringe. Thank god I'm on the other side! They aren't perfect but they are a hell of a lot better then they were!

5 months post

WOW! 5 months have flown by. All has been well for the most part. My right side hasn't healed up as nicely as the left. At my appt. a few weeks ago, the doc said on that side my body didn't absorb the stitches as well but that it would heal/fade more over time. Also, that right side has not dropped down and rounded out as much as the left..so for now, it's the ugly twin sister :) I love them though. I was looking through old pictures from my honeymoon and YUCK! They were just so big before. I feel so much better as a whole and so thankful I didn't wait a day longer to get this done. I wish I had done it before my wedding but oh well, I don't think I had the money then anyway. I have resumed all normal activity and all has been well. I still can't wait for my incision marks to fade more but that's about the only complaint. I love the way I look in my clothes now, and shopping is actually enjoyable. I'm not embarrassed as I used to be. They are still big in general but to me they're perfect. I went from having huge boobs to big ones and I love showing off what I have now! woo hoo!

I dont know if these uploaded before...

well since you cant edit or change anything...here these are again. I couldn't see for sure if they uploaded originally :/

8 months post!

8 months out and feeling great! No major problems to report. A few months ago I was having really bad zingers but they seemed to have faded for now. I still love the feel and look of my smaller boobs. I have been exercising more than even before with no issues and it's awesome. So happy I made this choice! The only thing I don't love are the scares, I wish they would fade faster. However they are a small price to pay and well worth it.

One year!!!!

WOW. I can't believe it has been a little over a year since my surgery! Time flies. Things have been going well. I still love my new size. Everything is better with breasts that are a manageable, natural-looking size. I find clothes that fit correctly more often, I exercise more, I fit into more sports bras, and most importantly, I feel more confident. My breasts aren't the center of attention. They are a compliment to my body and still look large (what I wanted), but they fit my body now, they aren't insanely huge and I am so glad! I still have numbness on the undersides and a little in the nipples-hopefully it will come back over time. Even if it didn't, I would still be happy and never go back to the way it was. Just looking at before pictures of myself-yikes! No one needs boobs that big. Anyway- good luck to everyone out there considering this surgery! Don't be scared or worried. It is so worth it!!!

Updates :D

Wow! I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since surgery. I still have no regrets and am SO HAPPY I went through with it. I'm now almost 27 and expecting my first baby. Since many ladies on here are younger, I thought I would let you know how things have been going with my breasts through pregnancy. I am 32 weeks right now (crazy!!), and so far everything seems to be progressing normally. Nipples have darkened, breasts have gotten larger, and I'm hoping to be able to breastfeed as planned. I'll let you know if that works out in a few months! With regards to breast size, yes they've grown, but they aren't as big as they were before surgery and hopefully they won't ever be again lol. I still have numbness just in the undersides on each breast where the incision was but the nipples have feeling and are good to go. Speaking of incision oh my gosh!!! I can't even see my scars hardly. And I will say, I began using palmers belly butter and cocoa butter all over, and not only has it lightened my stretch marks, but it's lightened my scars!! I just noticed a few days ago that I could hardly see them and I had only been using the lotions diligently a few weeks. May be worth a try! Anyway, that's about it. I have pics for you all, still a little self conscious about the right. east and how it's the ugly step sister of the 2 boobs, but I guess we can't be perfect :D I hope this helps everyone, especially younger ladies who haven't had babies yet!

Baby is here!

Hi all! 6 weeks ago I welcomed my baby girl and I'm happy to report I have been able to breastfeed since day 1 and have had no problems. I feel so lucky to be able to breastfeed. I knew I always wanted to, but actually being pregnant and learning about how beneficial it is made me want to do it even more than I had probably realized. If I wouldn't have been able to, I definitely would have been upset. I just had to remember some women can't breastfeed without having had a reduction and being as uncomfortable as I was, I can't even imagine going another few years AND having them get bigger during pregnancy. If I hadn't had the surgery and wanted to breastfeed and did. How big when they become?? I am currently at probably an E which is more than enough. Anyway, just wanted to update you all and share with you the breast feeding is possible after a reduction! And the boobs still look great :) Good luck ladies!
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