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Tomorrow is the day I've waited on since middle...

Tomorrow is the day I've waited on since middle school! I'll spare everyone the story and just say that people are mean. I used to get asked why my front was as flat as my back. In MIDDLE school! Well college came and I got my boobs. I'm a full B cup presently. They are still small to me. I have a hard time finding clothes that aren't loose up top. So, I decided to finally proceed with my augmentation. I am getting 400cc moderate plus silicone memory gel implants placed under the muscle with my incision under my breasts. Cannot wait to fill out my clothes! Ill keep you all posted each day :-). Wish me luck and pass on a prayer my way.

Home and feeling great!

I had my procedure early this morning. Everything went smoothly. The staff was wonderful and my doctor was amazing!!! It still doesn't seem real! I've been sleeping a lot today so I haven't had a chance to update until just now. I'm not really in any pain, it just feels tight and sore like you just worked out. It only hurts when I have to get up out of the bed to use the bathroom or to eat. Once I'm up I'm fine though. I'm so glad the pain is less than I expected.

There isn't a whole lot to say right now so ill update more later (when I'm not so out of it)! Here's a picture from today. I did 397cc's silicone memory gel under the muscle with my incision being under my breasts. If you have questions feel free to ask!

Photo update

Thought I would add another picture from later today. I love them already! Hopefully they drop and fluff similarly :-)

Day after surgery

Feeling pretty good but was extremely itchy today. The nurse said I might be having a reaction to the Percocet so I'm trying two 500mg Tylenol. Let me just say that doesn't cut it. I'm def the most sore I've been so far but it's still not unbearable! The sides of my breasts are numb and in between them is pretty sore. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better! Here are a couple of pics from today.

Ready to re-join the living!

So I'm starting to wonder when these things are going to feel like they are mine? They still feel so tight and heavy. Yesterday and today were a little uncomfortable. I had numbness in my right breast and down my right arm. I got very dizzy yesterday to the point I almost passed out. The surgical bra is so uncomfortable but it's also uncomfortable not wearing a bra. I just hope they'll settle in soon enough and that I won't notice them after too much longer. Anyone else have any of the same things happen to them? Dizziness? To those that have had an augment, how long did it take before they felt like your own? I have slept all week! I'm ready to rejoin the living!

TMI Alert

So let me just say that this post may be TMI for some of you, but I wish someone would have posted this before I had my BA. So my husband has been picking on my severely bloated belly for a few days. I didn't think much about it until this weekend when I started becoming extremely uncomfortable. I hadn't been #2 in 8 days as of yesterday. I tried eating things that normally make me go on Saturday. None of it worked so on Sunday I knew I was going to have to do something about it or I would be miserable going back to work today (1week post op). So, my husbands parents grabbed some recommended brand of laxative that you have to drink straight out of the bottle. You can drink one half to one full bottle with an 8oz glass of water. So I did the half bottle and an 8oz glass of water because we had just come from lunch and I was close to miserably stuffed, therefore not wanting to do the full bottle. Plus, I am a tiny person and didn't think id need a full bottle. So a half hour goes by...nothing. Another hour and a half goes by...nothing. It started getting late in the day (4pm) so I decided it was all or nothing and drank the remainder of the bottle along with another 8oz glass of water. I was extremely uncomfortable!! So 9pm comes around and nothing happened and I decide I'm going to go to bed since I have to be up at 5am for work. Well, after an uncomfortable night and 5am soon arriving, I started to feel my stomach rumble. Needless to say, I wasn't able to go to work and have been home "relieving my bowels" all day. So, the point of this is to urge you to try to eat plenty of fiber rich foods during your recovery and to not wait until 7-8 days post op to try to go. It was at the bottom of my list of things to worry about and I would be back to work today if I had taken better care to "go".

One week post op pics

Tried on an old swimsuit top for fun!

I think it's safe to say I need a new top! Ha! So excited!!!

2 week photo

Two Weeks!!

Today marked two weeks for my boobies! I went back to work last week and things have been good! It was a little rough going back at first but I rested all weekend afterwards to make up for it.

I've been having some shooting "pains" (not exactly painful, but not pleasant) going through my breasts. I'm told that that means i'll be getting the feeling back because my nerves are just kind of rewiring themselves-which i've noticed some of the sensation coming back since having the weird pains. I did have a breast tumor removed a couple of years ago in my left breast (through the nipple) and have noticed more pains in the spot it was removed (actual pain that feels more like an extreme amount of soreness and strain). Its like a stretching sort of pain-not sure how else to describe it. I've also noticed in that nipple that I get these pins and needles type feelings. I was putting on a lacy top the other day (no bra) and the lace kind of rubbed it strangely-PAIN. That was the first i'd felt the pins and needles. Taking off the shirt immediately relieved it. Now, anytime something brushes it funny or even when I bend over after standing, or stand up after bending I notice it. It doesn't feel great! I'm not sure what exactly that is but I would probably assume its from the nerves reattaching themselves. The stretching pain (almost like a strained muscle) in the spot where the tumor was removed is so strange, BUT my educated guess is that the scar tissue is being rubbed and thats causing the pain. I notice that it hurts a lot worse by the end of the day when I get home since i've used those muscles so much at work. I'm still not lifting more than five pounds right now. Tomorrow is my second post op appointment so i'll address these things with my doctor. Nothing seems to be really out of the norm from what i've read though and I feel confidant he'll tell me the same thing when I bring up these little pains/annoyances. I tried to roll on my side last night-uncomfortable. My breasts almost feel as if they get hard and tingly when I do it. It's very strange. I also tried laying on my stomach to see how that would work, but bringing my hands up below my pillow (how I normally slept prior to the BA) and laying on my boobs also was very uncomfortable and gave me the same hard tingly feel along with soreness.

I am still SO early in my healing and I feel confidant that these issues will disappear in time. This website has helped SO much!! Anytime I wonder if something is normal, I do a quick search and find my answers here. Nothing has been bad enough that I wouldn't do this over in a heart beat! My breasts have gotten softer every day and have fallen more into place. I'm falling more and more in love with them and i've grown to be even happier with my doctor. He seriously took the boobs I showed him that I wanted and placed them on my body! I have such amazing results! I'm supposed to learn massaging tomorrow, but I've been doing some massage from what I've seen online and from how his office told me to over the phone. My doc was out last week so I'm getting my stitches out tomorrow. I'm glad I started massage last week because I find that it actually helps some with the little pains.

Let me know if you have questions or have felt anything i've described above. I'd love to know i'm not the only one having them on here :).

Had my second post op!

Went in for my second post op today! I got my stitches taken out and asked the doctor about the things I was concerned about yesterday! The shooting pains and the pain behind where my tumor was taken out are just as I expected-all normal and it means my nerves are rewiring which is a GOOD thing! My boobs felt very sensitive to everything today and the doctor said its just because of the size implant I went with. Since its a larger implant it just stretched my skin more.

Not much more to report on! All in all I'm extremely happy!!!!!!!!

Three Weeks Post Op!

I am feeling great! I went to Victoria's Secret over the weekend to get an idea of what size i'm looking at. I measured a 32DD! WOW!!!!! My jaw almost hit the floor! They looked amazing in the bras but I can tell I have a little more dropping to do. I'm in no rush with the bras since my hubby got me a couple of lacy ones from Urban Outfitters. I can't wait to see how they look in another couple of weeks-then i'll shop :). All I can say is that this was definitely worth it and i'm 100% happy and satisfied with the size, profile and doctor I chose. My skin is a little sensitive still because of the size of the implant, but all in all I feel great and back to normal! Yay!! Hang in there ladies!

3 week photo!

Long time no see!

So it's been a while since I updated and I'm not sure ill do another one after this unless anyone has a question. I had my 6 week post op earlier this week. Things are great! I've d&f'd right into place and even have bought several bras. I am measuring a 32DD but am able to wear a 32D in certain styles at Aerie. It definitely has to be a certain bra to be able to pull off the "smaller" size, ha. I can tell I have much more confidence now and I am super glad I went through with the procedure. My breasts feel so completely natural and they look natural as well. My surgeon gave me exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be more grateful for him. I feel 100% back to normal now and am having zero complications. I've been using silicone strips to help with my scars and I can tell they are helping. They should lighten up and fade with time. I got the OK to be back to my normal routine and to lift whatever I need to. I am massaging twice a day or more. Overall, I am completely satisfied :-). Let me know if any of you have questions!

5 months post op!

Alright! Things have changed a lot since my last review so I thought I would update again :-). I am still so happy with my results and can tell they have d&f'd even more. They feel soooo natural it's unreal. I had a recent fitting at Victoria's Secret and my true size is 32ddd but I like the results I get with a d or dd bra. They seem to give me a little more cleavage. I am still pretty numb from about nipple down. It actually kind of is like a stinging sensation if the hubby grabs them-I don't like that at all. But that's a risk I took with choosing 400cc's on my small frame (105 pounds/ 5'2). Here are some pictures of a couple of different bras I purchased about a week ago (VS) and a baby doll lingerie top I got today (Fredericks). I wanted you all to see how much things have dropped into place and softened. I am soooo glad I went the size I did! I urge anyone on the fence with similar stats to mine to do at least 400c's. I was a full B cup prior to surgery so I had enough skin to pull it off. An A cup might be pushing things. Listen to your doctor and make sure he knows what you want. If you have a good surgeon he won't steer you wrong :-). Good luck!


Thought I would update with some pictures from this summer :-). I never bought a swimsuit but next year I plan to!

8 month update!

Things have been great! Nothing much to update other than I still don't have a whole lot of feeling mid boob down. I can feel pressure but it's sometimes a stinging sensation if grabbed (husband), not hard of course. Grabbed in normally a good way? Ha! That's really the only thing that isn't the best but it's because of the size implant I chose. Other than that I'm absolutely in love! Best decision ever!!!!

Finally feeling good in a swimsuit!

It's been nine months already! I can't believe how time has flown! I started jogging again last week for the first time post op-sad I know!
I had a realllllly weird thing happen. My right breast went numb and for the rest of the night it was so sore on into the next day. It's better now but it definitely worried me. Since then I've doubled up on the sports bras and even wear a cami over the top for added support. I wonder if there's a super supportive sports bra out there?
Anyway, last summer I felt pretty insecure going to the pool even after a month post op. They still needed to do a lot of healing. I went to the beach this past weekend and got to try out my new Victoria's Secret swimsuit (clearance, heck yes!). I loveeeee the support and how natural my breasts look in it. I just really couldn't be happier!!!! Word to the wise, do not buy Victoria's Secret push up ANYTHING bikini. They look terrible! Stick to the bandeau tops like this and you are good :-)
Augusta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ewart is simply the best doctor! I love that he's a local doctor and that I didn't have to travel. He answered all of my questions and listened to any concerns I had. He absolutely made me feel extremely comfortable and subsided any fears I had. He came highly recommended and I am just so glad that I used him. During my first consultation his office took my vitals, allowed me to try on different implant sizes and showed me a 3D image of what my outcome may look like. It was a free consultation and I was extremely blown away by all they did. I visited two doctors before him and definitely did not get that kind of treatment. Thank you Dr Ewart for taking such good care of me!

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