35 Years Old, Mom to 3, Breastfed Each X1 Yr, 34A/AA, Natrelle Inspira

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I'm so excited! I've always thought about implants...

I'm so excited! I've always thought about implants but wanted to wait until after I had kids. Pre-kids I was a nice 34B. After breastfeeding, I'm left with sad, saggy skin with zero upper pole fullness. I can basically count my ribs through by breasts down to the nipples.
So, I went for my consult last week. It was a little chaotic because I had to bring my 1 and 3 year olds with us, and they were running behind so the boys got cranky and my husband had to get to work for a meeting.
Anyway, I feel good about the surgeon and office. I was able to view the Vectra 3d images, which is SUCH a help. I don't know what I'd do if I could only use sizers. Even now I'm a little torn about size. My pre-op is Wednesday, and I'm hoping to discuss size with my surgeon a bit more to get his professional opinion. I'll post a few of my wish pics, but I don't even know if these are realistic with my body. I'm about 5'3", 115 lb.

Pre-op done, 4 days to go!!

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, and now it's just the waiting game until Monday! They did the usual consents, labwork, pre-op pics, and I was able to talk to Dr. Ewart about size. Since my consult last week I've been wrestling with the size decision. I loved the one we settled on using the Vectra imaging, but it's hard to compare to others with the same size and think,"am I going too big? Am I going too small?" In the end I'm trusting his professional judgement. I think it will be a good look in the end. Bigger than I started off with, but not so ridiculous that I can't continue with my active lifestyle.

I'm attaching some pics of myself- the pink lady bra is an OLD VS one, size 34A. It used to fit small in the cup but gave me great push-up to make my B's look great. Now the cups curl in. The other is a sports bra that, again, used to have a little more fullness. I'm also including the Vectra image that I'm going with. It's a Natrelle Inspira 405cc SRM. He says it won't have such a defined border up top, but Vectra can't account for my sagging. I can't wait for Monday!

In the meantime I'm trying to push hard with my workouts since I won't be able to for weeks. :)

Tomorrow is the day!!!

I can't believe how fast this time has flown, but tomorrow is my big day! I'm excited/nervous! I'll post an update when I'm able to. :)

It's done!

I'm on the other side now! Everything went very smoothly today. They gave me some Versed in the OR, and that's the last thing I remember until I woke up in recovery. Pain was minimal. I got one dose of Dilaudid, and declined the Percocet before I got dressed to leave. That was unwise of me, because the water I'd left in the car for the ride home was hot, so I had to wait until we got home for the meds. By that point I had a fair amount of pain along my sternum. Took 2 Percocet and slept. I've been good since then (2 pm). Walking around and doing my arm exercises has been fine, but I just too a valium because I can feel the muscles starting to hurt again.

I've been really trying to drink a lot of water. I did eat a Fiber One bar after I got home to ward off constipation and bloat. I'm not hungry, but I'm sipping on some Shakeology (has a lot of pre and probiotics) to get some good nutrition and again, help with constipation. I may start taking colace tomorrow if I feel I need to.

The girls are looking good so far. Definitely swelling so they look huge lol. Ice packs off and on feel great. I haven't had a chance to ask hubby what Dr. Ewart said about the surgery, but as far as I know everything went well and he used the Natrelle Inspira SRM 405 (or maybe 400) as planned. He also went periareolar.

Size update

I found my paperwork and the device card. On got the Natrelle Inspira SRM (not SRM). On the left 415 cc, on the right 385.

Heading to my post-op appointment

I'll post pics later, but swelling seems to be a tad down today. I've also been taking colace and plenty of fiber to help counteract bloat/constipation from the pain meds, and I finally went to the bathroom today. Dont be afraid to start colace from day one! You'll feel way better for it!

Yesterday was a horrible day as far as swelling, and the pain (probably from trying to do too much) left me sobbing last night. The lovely combo of Percocet, valium, and ice packs allowed me to get a good sleep last night. This morning, however, I could barely move because it had been so long in between doses. Taking it easy today and trying to keep a steady level of meds in my system. On my way to my doctor's appointment, so I'll update afterwards and post some pics today!

2nd day post-op

Went to my appointment and everything looks good. Sutures will be removed next week. I'm still pretty sore, but better off than yesterday. I was able to take a shower after my appointment, so that always helps me feel better.

Here are some updated pics. Definitely some bruising and swelling everywhere, but I love them so far. Bloated (ugh) but that will be gone soon enough. I can't wait to see how these progress!

Pics didn't upload.

Trying again with pictures.

4 days post-op

Today I feel I've turned a corner. I swung my arm last night night and felt awful pain (and was terrified I'd messed something up), but ice and pain meds and a good night's sleep, and I'm feeling pretty good today! I'm exhausted, but that could be from the meds in my system or from chasing after 3 kids... :) Overall though, pain is pretty good. I haven't taken anything yet today, but I'll probably ice shortly. I'm going to try to stick to Tylenol and Ibuprofen today. I feel that's pretty reasonable. My range of motion is improving, my swelling seems a tad less. Overall a good day!

5 days post BA

If I haven't said it before, I'm so glad I did this!! I absolutely LOVE my results and they haven't even dropped. I can tell the size and shape will be perfect for my frame.

Today I'm definitely having a little pain, but that's also because I've been doing more activity each day. My husband has been at work all week, and my parents (who were helping with the kids) had to leave last night. I'm trying to be really careful, but I still have to carry the baby up and down the stairs and to out him in his high chair. Yesterday I took nothing but Ibuprofen, today I had to take a Percocet :( Ice is still so helpful.

Here are some updated pics!

10 days post BA

I had my check-in yesterday and had a suture removed. Everything looks good...still very high and tight, but I was instructed to start massage yesterday. My incisions look pretty good so far! I'm starting to apply silicone gel to them, but I'm really glad he went that route instead of a crease incision.
Pain is essentially gone, with the exception of a random muscle spasm here and there. There is a popping/crackling sound now since I started massaging, and that is very unsettling. But from what I've read this is normal. I am waiting to hear back from my doctor's nurse about my exercise restrictions (just for clarification). Right now I'm just walking and doing squats/lunges. I just feel like I'll go stir crazy if I can't do a good workout (omitting arms) for several more weeks. Hopefully I'll get some good news on that front. :) Still a tad bloated, although I've been taking colace twice a day since surgery and eating a fiber one bar every day. It is improving, but still noticeable to me. Here are today's pics! Please excuse the awful photo quality. ;)

15 day post-op

I figured I'd update with some pictures today. I've been doing really well. It's getting less uncomfortable to do the massages. Everything is still very high and tight. I did start getting some sensitivity/burning from the nerves around my nipples, but I had the same thing with my c-section incision, so that's nothing new. I know it'll be gone soon. Feel like I'm getting back to normal as far as movement and activity, although I'm still trying to avoid using my pec muscles (easier said than done sometimes).

I'm SO happy with the size and projection my surgeon chose. Even though they haven't dropped, I can tell I will LOVE the final look. It's so crazy going from literally nothing but droopy skin to having boobs again! And nice ones! I feel more confident and sexy than I have in a long time.

1.5 months out!

Just a quick update. I'm now about a month and a half out from surgery, and feeling completely back to normal. My healing went a lot easier than expected. I'm in love with the results. It's so scary to make the final size decision, and I was so nervous about being too big or too small in the end. I really trusted my PS and his judgement, and I don't think he could have made a better choice. As you can see in the pics, I have slight asymmetry, but he corrected the major natural one I had, so I'm happy with the result. What I do see, my husband doesn't. It's just a slight difference due to some constriction on my right side. Nobody has absolutely perfect breasts, so it doesn't bother me. Also, my right incision has had some irritation from the sutures, but it's healing better now. Using silicone cream, so it will improve with time. As far as size goes, I haven't had an official sizing at a reputable place. I know VS isn't reliable size-wise, but they're bras are super comfy. I'm a 34dd there. I also recently bought a Maidenform that is also 34dd. Interested to see what Nordstrom or someone like that would size me.

I'm started back at my full workout routine closer to 6 weeks (he told me I could ease in starting 4) and able to do push-ups and all of my normal activities.

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