30 Years Old, 1 Kid......36H down to 36D

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I am so happy to be writing this review as I have...

I am so happy to be writing this review as I have been lurking on RealSelf for a while now. I am scheduled to have my surgery in a week!!! I have been wanting this for so long and it's finally about to happen. No more physical therapy 3x a week, pain meds, or heat therapy. I will upload before pictures prior to my surgery! XOXO

5 days before Surgery (Before Pics)

I am both excited and nervous at the same time! I claim to be a 36G but I don't actually fit into my bra like I'm supposed to. I'm sure that I am an H but I absolutely refuse to buy a bra bigger than a G! I guess I'm in a denial! LOL Good thing this surgery is almost here. My back has been hurting all day yesterday and last night. This surgery can't come fast enough. I've heeded my doctor's orders and stayed away from NSAIDs. I can't wait to have my C/D cup!

Night after Surgery

It's 2am and I can barely sleep!! It feels like I've been hit by a Mack Truck! I have to take two pain pills to make the pain go away so I'm being very careful of when I use them. Right now I have chosen to use them during the day only. My surgery went really well. Dr. Ambercrombie, my anthesiologists, was very thorough and super nice. You can tell that she loves her job and very good at what she does. She called me the night prior to surgery and we discussed my allergies and family history. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30AM and I had to be at the hospital until 6:30AM. I arrived at 6:19AM and within minutes was already being prepped for surgery. The first thing that they did was a pregnancy test and changed clothes. Then my nurse put in my IV. I have very small veins which she noted. She took her time and found the right one and only stuck me ONCE! She (I forgot her name) is obviously very skilled at her job as well because very few people stick my small veins on the first try! Dr. Ewart came in and marked me for surgery. I was shocked that he used measuring tape as I haven't seen that when watching TV shows (I.e. Atlanta Plastic). He took his time and I can tell that he is passionate about his craft. I was nervous when I arrived but the staff's professionalism and excellent services skills quelled my nerves. 15 minutes later I walked into the operating room where Natalie (Dr. Ewart's Nurse whom I was wondering about was) along with Dr. Ambercrombie and my intake Nurse. Dr. Ambercrombie asked me some additional questions and the next thing I remember is waking up feeling like a Mack Truck hit me and was laying across my chest. My intake nurse was by my side the whole time! She was the first person I saw when I woke up! She asked about my pain level and I told her. She administered more medicine. Dr Ewart came to check on me and then I was being wheeled to my car where my best friend was waiting to take me home. The drive was an hour and 20 minutes back and the pain was bearable until I got about 20 minutes away. I called APS where Trudy (She is super sweet by the way) answered. I asked if I could get a stronger prescription as the Percocet that was prescribed did not seem strong enough. I had taken 1 right before leaving the hospital and it only too the edge off for an hour. She told me that Dr. Ewart does not prescribe anything stronger than Percocet and that it was ok for me to take 1 more. I was bummed but I trust Dr. Ewart. The 2 at a time seems to work. So far I am pleased with the level of service I received from APS. Both my mom (who was waiting for her 30 year old baby when I got home) and my best friend said they can see a difference with the clothing I had on. I will upload a photo of me in the bandages tomorrow. Oh and the best part is that I do not have drains!

Post Surgery with picture

I have been in and out of it because of the meds. I'm still in a great deal of pain. Here is a pic wrapped up after the surgery.

Ace Bandages Removed!

Actually they were removed 2 days ago but I've been in a great deal of pain so I kept myself on meds. I took my last of the meds today so I'm guessing I will have to tough it out. At times it's more soreness than anything else. My doctor noticed redness on my right breast so he prescribes antibiotics. The only thing I wasn't happy about was that I was told they my sports bra was not supposed to have wire in it so I had to take it back home. I was offered to purchase a bra (which wasn't a front open bra) or to be wrapped back up in another ACE bandage. I opted for an ACE Bandage bc I had a similar bra they were selling at home. My frustration comes from them not telling me to bring a bra to my pre-op appointment. I read the info from my pre-op appointment and that's where I learned that I needed a bra. I called the office and they told me to purchase a sports bra that opened in the front. I brought it to my surgery with me and they told me I didn't need it then. No one even told me to bring the bra to my post-Op appointment but I did anyway. Only to be told that it could not be wired. Huge disappointment. I was also not told if I could start sleeping laying down. I'm still sleeping sitting up until I can call them on Monday. I was cleared to shower and begin scar therapy when the tape naturally falls off. The scar therapy products came out to $100.44. My right boob still drains blood in the same spot. In this same breast, I have no feeling in the nipple. I do, however, have feeling in the left nipple.


I've been in pain all day. Out of Percocet and now doing 800mg of ibuprofen. Wondering if Tylenol will be better. Waiting on Dr. Ewart office to call back and tell me what to do. It's bearable if I lay down but once I have to move is where trouble starts.

More pics

I had a follow up yesterday. Dr. Ewart said that I'm healing fine. The majority of my strips were still on so he instructed me to take them off in the shower. These pics are from right after u took the strips off. My right breast (your left) is more swollen than the other one. My scar tissue came off with some id my strips so you will see my "meat" exposed. There is also some puckering of the skin that Dr. Ewart said will go away with time. I am concerned about an area under my left breast that secretes this yellow pus-like fluid. It's not a huge amount which I guess is a good sign. I've emailed Dr. Ewart's nurse, Natalie. I'm waiting on the response for that. I'm in an considerable amount of pain. It's more than I thought I would be in at this point. I've managed it with taking 800mg ibuprofen but today I tested a little "wine therapy" while my son was at school and I must say that it worked. LOL I had 3 glasses after I dropped him off at 7:30 and did not wake up until 4pm! Now THAT's pain management! Not a feasible solution for everyday. Ok, enough because I'm rambling.

New Pics

Incision lines healing great.

New Pics

Incisions healing great

How I'm doing at work.

I still get that random pain that shoots thru. It happens more when I'm doing too much at work. I stop for about 30 mins when these pains begin. I'm mostly sore when I get home from work. I take Tylenol extra strength to manage that. I work in retail so I'm constantly moving.

Scar Therapy products

SkinMedica Scar recover gel with Centelline and Epi-Derm Silicone Sheeting. I occasionally moisturize them with Vaseline that contains cocoa butter bc my skin will become dry and flake

***Picture Update***

I posted these pics to show my the progress of the healing of my incision.
Augusta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ewart is an amazing doctor! He is a very soft spoken man but very professional. You can tell that he Ioves his job and is very good at it. The staff is amazing as well. My friend who drive me (from Columbia, SC) to my surgery has said that she will use him as well. It was worth the drive!

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