23 Year Old Breast Reduction Surgery (Asymmetrical, Large Breasts) GA

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Right now I am 6 days post from my breast...

Right now I am 6 days post from my breast reduction surgery. I'm sure I will come back to this review and add more at a later date.
Right now I still have a lot of numbness in my breast. I also still have my drains in, which I know is fairly common.
The biggest cons right now would be:
-Drains - they are driving me up a wall! They dig into my sides and are causing me a great deal of pain
- Pain medication- makes me very moody and I hate being on it in general although it surely gets the job done

I can already tell a difference in the way my clothes fit and how well my back feels I already know this surgery was worth it. The healing and down time are imperative I'm still learning to deal with these things. They can be so frustrating.

Drains Removed

So today I am updating you guys fresh out of the doctors office! I had both of my drains removed today! I am so very excited this feels like a first step in many to full recovery. My appointment was scheduled for 11:45 am and I was alittle late.
First the sutures that held my drains in places were cut and removed and then the fun part, the actual removal of each drain. It was definitely a very sharp pain. My right side was worse than the left, which is ironic because in general the left breast has given me the most trouble.

Pre Op

Working backwards here alittle but I just wanted to take the time to show pictures of myself before the surgery. I was wearing a 38 DDD/ 36F
My breast were asymmetrical and I think there was at least a cup size difference between my breast. Hope this helps!

Pain Manangement ?

I got my drains removed yesterday and last night was awful. I refuse to take anymore narcotics (my body cannot take anymore) can anyone recommend anything that has helped with the pain? My sides are so swollen and sore from the lip and my breasts are numb in some spots but throbbing in others. I have tried Ibuprofen (800 mg) and Excedrin
Help :-/

False Alarm

So last night my sides were super swollen and I felt like after having my drains removed I see a lot of puffiness around that area on each side.
Called my surgeon and he saw me right away...seriously like within 30 minutes! (He's amazing) and he checked me out and said since I did have lipo on my sides not to worry I would be swollen like this for months maybe. So moral of the story I'm still glad I went. It put my mind at ease. Also he checked out the sports bras I've been wearing.


First day back at work and I have one word only EXHAUSTED! I don't have a physically demanding job AT ALL. And I'm ready for my bed lol. So excited about this new blouse that I bought in a Large! Omg a large! And it isn't tight!


This update is for all of my pre-op babies. Today was AMAZING. I felt so good today with very little meds, and by meds I mean two regular Tylenol at 7am and nothing else for the remainder of the day. (10 hour shift)
I have to admit although I have been pleased with my results since the moment I woke up after surgery I have been miserable in reference to the pain. Until today I felt like I was unable to manage my pain I was fearful that I went back to work too soon. I'm hear to say IT GETS BETTER! I said a prayer last night and just changed my attitude and today was such a blessing. I felt like my old self. If you are reading this review I hope you don't let potential temporary pain keep you from this surgery. It is life changing. I'm posting pictures from this morning, I am 11 days post op.

Hope ptII

Sorry forgot the pictures lol!


Okay so I'm working on removing my steristrips. My mercy I hate these things!! Lol they are coming off fairly easy though. Just sore afterwards. Only taking Tylenol once a day at this point.

Just a picture

Healing well ! Just wanted to share a photo. Ignore the flash tat lol


Got these bad boys today !
Excited to finally be at the stage that it's time to start manage potential scars. Anyone else using these ?


Wearing these pretty much all day
I take them off for showers and when I workout
I just went back to the gym today so restricted lol but glad to be back!


Hi! Just here with a little update. So I am still wearing the NewGels+ and I do think I can tell a difference already! I have been wearing them everyday since October 8th. The last five days I took a break, I saw a very small area that look little irritated and red so I just stopped wearing the altogether and nursed this very very small wound. Not sure if it was related to the NewGels+ because my other breast is perfectly fine. Like I said it is very small, I will post a picture with this update and it isn't visible. I did put the gels back on tonight. I have been logging the times I wear the gels and I will try to calculate the times for each day and come back with that update probably around November 8th after it has been a full month. Let me know what you guys think! Always interested in hearing what you all are doing for your scars and what other tips you might have. If you have any questions please ask! Have a great night!
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