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I have been looking at this site for some time...

I have been looking at this site for some time now, and have finally decided to post! ???? I am a 33 year old mother of 4. Had my first daughter at 17 years old and body have been shot since then. I am so ready for a new beginning! I have just started my doctorate program and can't wait to have a new body to go with it. I am so nervous about the outcome!!! Just praying it goes well and I am amazed! I have stalked my Dr's work for a while and truly feel that I have picked the best woman for the job! I will keep you all posted!! 10 more days to go??????????

How to update Review

Once I have my MM will I be able to update my "worth it" status, price, add photos...etc? I have thought about putting up before pics now, but I think I'm going to wait to see the results after making it to "the flat side" first... Because this current side is ridiculous lol!

Almost there!!!

Ok I am almost there.... This time next week I will be snatched... Prayerfully!!! I am getting more nervous by the second!!!! I had plans to try to lose a little weight before surgery but I have seem to over eat from stress and nervousness!!! HELP!!! Lol!!! Well 7 more days!!!

It's getting real

So I am 3days pre op!!! I'm headed to Walmart and suggestions on what I need to get. I have no clue lol! I am so excited and nervous and ready to get rid of this apron lol!!!

Tomorrow is the DAY!!!

Well tomorrow at 8am I will be at the hospital getting prepped for a new beginning! Yesterday was a challenging day. I woke up feeling blah. I signed up to work a double since I would be off the next two weeks. And I literally could not finish the day! I felt so overwhelmed and full of anxiety. The nerves definitely took over. Thank God for a phenomenal support system!! I will be posting picks of before and after but I just couldn't stomach posting the before.... Until AFTER... Lol!!! Keep me in your prayers for a safe and super successful mommy makeover. I KNOW I DESERVE THIS!

Well today is D-Day!!!

Ok my sister, mom and m oldest daughter are in the car driving me to the hospital! They have me cracking up!!! Thank God for a support team!!! #SQUAD Sx scheduled for 10:30am! Keep me in your prayers!!!

Well I made it to the flat side!!

2days post op... Nobody could have prepared me for this level of pain! But nonetheless.... I made it!

Just a few pic

A few more pic only 2 days post op


I decided to post more before pics so we can see how much Dr. Bootstaylor snatched me up!

3 days post op!!

Here a few more AFTER pics. While changing dressings. A lot of swelling and bruising but hey you get it lol!

2 out 2 to go!!!!

Sooooo excited!!! Just came from me post op and got 2 grains out my breast!!! Man that's awesome!! It was a task getting them out lol. Some discomfort but only lasted a second! Well 2 since I had them both done lol! PS told me I was doing too much because my other drains are draining wayyyy too much so sitting and laying I will be doing! So I can get these drains gone! I have a lot swelling which I don't like at all... It completely distorts my contouring she did. The first day I was flat as hell... Now a ball!!! :-( that has to gooooo!!!

I'm staring to feel sting and tingling in my stomach for I guess it's trying to come back to life! Everything looked well!


Today has been awful .... Mentally. And I am not the type to jus be down so idk what's going on. But I have been swelling for 5 days now... Swelling so bad it hurts. I now have a roll on my right side... Lord I know I was not expecting perfection but I have spent a lot of money and going through so much pain so to not see a flat stomach and now a roll it truly getting to me bad... My mom has been with me everyday.. Trying to convince me to stop looking and telling me it will be ok... But will it??? Because I don't know... I'm trying everything a can do to decrease the pain and swelling but when I saw this roll I broke down. Lord help me. This swelling is too much!!!

Bruised and Swollen but still healing

Ok so I am clearly still swollen... Ugghhhhh.... And bruised.... But my scars are healing nicely! Just wanted to show some updates! Prayerfully my drains will come out Monday AND my stomach will flatten. Because this swell is not the move lol! Nonetheless I have come a completely long way and overall no more belly and boob sag!!


Not sure why my pics didn't upload. But here we go again! Still swollen!!

Before and After

When in a rut sometimes you have to see a before and after side by side so you can remember where ya came from! Wow!! This helped. Been complaining about swelling but lord knows I've come a long way!!!

Current before and after pics

I don't know why my pics are uploading but here we go again. These pics went with my last post lol.

2 weeks today!!!

Today has been a full 2 weeks. I went to get drains taken out but PS said she only will take on out at a time. So the plan is to go back tomorrow if the last drains continue to remain under 30cc. Today I also weighed myself... I started at 220 now I'm down to 202!!! OMG!!!! Now that brightened my day!!! My stomach is still swollen but things are healing nicely!!

Trying to shake this Blah stage!!!

Ok it will be 3 weeks tomorrow. I went back to work last week and barely made it through the shift (and I work from home being on call). I have moments where I'm feeling good but most I'm feeling so down and don't want to do ANYTHING and can't find comfort ANYWHERE! It's getting overwhelming.

And now I have an issue with my incision. It's not opening but def have something going on. It doesn't smell so I don't think it's an infection but I'm so irritated because I've done EVERYTHING my PS told me to do! And now I even think I have some fluid in my belly. I'm so sad about that because I have literally sat on this sofa for 20days and did everything the PS said to do but still ended up with some mishaps. Nonetheless overall the results are still amazing but I need to get pass all of this so I can enjoy it!

Set Backs on Set Back

Yesterday i started feeling a sharp pain in my left groin area. It felt very hard like a knot. Today I woke up and it's larger swollen and red. I can hardly walk. Has anybody else experienced this?

Praise Report!!!

Ok I went to the PS today! No infections.... Looks like there was no concerning fluids in my stomach and the swelling in the groin area has subsided (not all the way, still some discomfort) but no main concern. So now I'm just focusing on getting that little opening healed... Along with the rest of me! Thank you all for your support, research and check ups!!! I appreciate it with all my heart!!!

Coming Along

Ok it's been 5weeks and things are moving along. I'm finally seeing less swelling (in the mornings lol). I still have this hole/opening, but it hasn't gotten worse just waiting for it to get
better. Completely went back to work today full force!!! It went well... I'm shaking and moving a little faster.... And I'm so happy about that!!!! I decided to post some progress pics from then until now.

Progress Pics

Idk why those pics didn't post!!!

Let's try this again.... SMH Come on RS

Sorry about the false uploads idk what the site/app/my phone is doing!

Let's try this again.... SMH Come on RS

Sorry about the false uploads idk what the site/app/my phone is doing!

Let's try this again.... SMH Come on RS

Sorry about the false uploads idk what the site/app/my phone is doing!

One more time

Progress pics round 30 lol!!!

Different view

Had another good morning with the flat flat! Yea it back swoll but at least we can see what I'm getting at! Lol!

RS didn't post my pic again

Here goes nothing!!!! This is a better view of the progress!!!

Wound Update!!

So my little opening seem to finally be closing!!


This is crazy!!! Same underwear!!! Looks so different!!!

It's been a min.

Ok well it's been a min. I'm overall still happy with my results. Def tired of wearing all these undergarments lol but hey... Have to do what we have to do!!

Still have to suck it in lol.

Here in the first pick is when I'm relaxed and the other is me sucking it in. I'm hoping when I lose some weight the suck in look will be permanent. My right nipple still isn't healed. I call it my bad boob lol. But other then that everything is healing. I have some places where stitches are staring to push back out of my body so I've just been pulling them out with tweezers lol.

WTH Is going on with my nipple!!

Help!!! Has anyone experienced this after a breast reduction and lift?? This scab on my nipple appears to be separating from my boob instead of healing. It's looks like a little pus may be under it. It's not getting better at all.

Nipple update!!

Ok I finally made it to my PS! She completely cleaned out the wound and I'm good to go!! Just have to let my body heal! Everything else seems to be healing well! And I plan to hit the gym next week... I have class this weekend lol! She was not too concerned and felt confident it will heal just fine.

Pics BEFORE debridement

Here is what the wound manifested into before I saw the PS!!! The scab fell off right before I went in today! No worries!!! It's all cleaned out now!!! And I'm packing it with gauze. Procedure was like 10min.

Coming along!!!

Ok here are some pics in some new outfits!!! I am still getting use to this new me!!! My bad boob is healing slowly but surely!! I've been doing a lot of shopping lately lol!!!

Bad boob is healing

Ok so my bad boob still has a whole but it is healing!!

Short torso problems!!

Ok so I have a short torso so it has been so difficult finding a binder or garment that fits comfortable! Well my friend was waist training and bought a Ka'oir fitness waist eraser. (Made by Keisha, Gucci man fiancé) well I have seen her and her fitness stuff before but I don't buy in to celebrity hype lol. But after trying hers on I really really like it!! It binds so well, support my back and hide my bra rolls well! I can even put my Lipo board on with it and it still fits neatly under my clothes even though it appeared so bulky. It's a little pricey, nearly $100 but hell I've spent more on after keep purchasing $30-$50 garments that don't last, hurt and just not tight enough. I will give an update in about a month to let you all know if it's worth the hype... But so far I wear it 24/7!

****Disregard that pallet in my floor, my five year old feels the need to make one in my room nearly every night instead of sleeping in her own bed... Smh!

It's been a minute!

Here are some new pics of my scars! My bad boob is healing well but still have a ways to go!!! My stomach still swells whenever I'm out of the binder! But last night I went out with a crop top on!! I was so excited I forgot to take pics lol!!

I can't believe it sometimes!!

I had to do a side by side 4 months after!!! Some days I just can't believe it!!! I feel like a million bucks!!!

It's been a minute

Hey y'all it's been a minute I know! I've been super busy with 4 kids, 2 jobs and a doctorate degree program Lordie!!! Lol! But I wanted to check in. Things are going well! I have gained 15lbs YIKES!! So I'm going to start working on that ASAP! However, waist still doing well! I must say I truly wish I would have worked on working out and eating better BEFORE surgery to be in a better habit because when you get this done you just want to dress cute and go out lol. And because I don't club that meant out to eat and drinks... smh!! Good news is I'm not in denial and I know it's time to get right!! STAY TUNED!!
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