Venus Freeze 10 Treatments - Atlanta, GA

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The first two treatments are finished, and I do...

The first two treatments are finished, and I do not see any difference yet, they say around treatment 5 I should see a change. Here are the before pictures. My main reason for me getting this is to break up scar tissue from very bad liposuction many years ago and to even out the lumps and bumps in my tummy. I need my skin lifted and thats the main thing Venus Freeze does

Venus Freeze treatment # 3

So, I was a little worried that this was not working, but then I noticed subtle changes with my bellybutton. It's so important to take your before and after pictures in the same amount of light, because too much shadowing can jack your perception up! Here are a couple pictures. Oh, I have 8 more treatments to go.

Venus Freeze 4th treatment

I did my 4th treatment today, which was great because she went up on the heat. FYI- try to be the first appointment for the day, because the technicians get muscle fatigue and tired after about the second or third patient. The machine is heavy, I just worry that your results will not be the same if your technician is too tired. More pictures! Anyone see a change???

5th Venus freeze treatment

I do see change, but not as much as I hoped for. Still have 5 more treatments left, so we will see.

Aftet Treatment #6

Still seeing very little change, it is better though.

10th and final Venus treatment

So, out a 10 rating, I would rate this as about a 7. I definitely see change, but not as drastic as advertised which is a bit disappointing for me. My next step to further my results is to do 10 treatments with the at home Derma rolling system for cellulite and scars.
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