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I finally have the time and money to get my...

I finally have the time and money to get my procedure that i have wanted for so long. I consulted with dr movagharnia. He is very attentive, polite, and funny. He assured me that all would go well if i followed all his instruction. The consult was lengthy. He answered all my questions and did not rush me at all. His office is very simple and he did not have all the technology that some of the other ps have such as computer imaging etc. Which is fine by me because he felt a hernia in my belly button that would probably not have been found otherwise. He did a visual and physical exam showing me where the tubes would be placed and where the scar would be. He also stated that he would lipo and contour the back. I have to respond with my decision in 30 days in order to keep my current price. Otherwise they add 20 percent. I plan on seeing at least 1 more surgeon. I will update with photos once i make a decision. Any advice is appreciated!

I went to see dr davoudi

I went to see dr davoudi and i think he is the one. He made me super excited to have the procedure. His staff is excellent. The dr talks very fast and i was tryinv to keep up. I understand that he sees many patients and has been doing this for years so he is. Constantly repeating the same things over and over. He was very nice and energetic. He seemed rushed but but he did answer all my questions, showed me pics, and examined my body to see what he could recommend. When i told the staff i just wanted a tt they asked no fat transfer? So i asked the dr about it and he said i dont need it because i have enough butt and i dont have much fat to use anyway. His price is cheaper than movagharnia, but thats not whats important to me. Dr davoudi made me feel excited. He explained how contour shapes the body. His tt looks good too. He said realself patients know alot about surgery so he educated me on some things that i didnt know. I will post my date soon. Please share any thoughts on this doctor if you had surgery by him.

Scheduled my surgery with Dr Davoudi in January!

I have scheduled my surgery with Davoudi for late january. I am so very nervous but i have put it off long enough. Thank you to all the ladies who have shared their experiences and motivation on this site. I feel confident that all will go well. I will post pics soon.

My reasoning for choosing Davoudi

1. He is double board certified in plastic and general surgery.
2. Part of the ASPS (spelling?)
3. He was very thorough during the consult. I had many questions. Bythe time he was done speaking he answered them all. I of course asked the questions again anyway.
4. He made me feel more excited than nervous.
5. His hospital offers the exparel injection vs the pain pump. Pain management is very important to me.
6. His pictures were the type of results I am looking for.
7. He explained things VERY well and i am in agreement with how he performs his surgeries. (Double sutures)

Update on quoted price...7,000 not 10,000

My new price with dr davoudi is 7000. 10000 was the price for another surgeon i saw and i am unable to update it. I am having a tt with lipo to my side in late january. I have bee reading more reviews and preparing myself for both the physical and emotional aspects of this recovery. I have to say that i am concerned with some of the things i am seeing. Not everyone is satisfied with their results. Just because it looks good in a photo doesnt mean it looks good in person. We cannot see clear details from a photo. Sometimes i wish i was lucky like some people i know that their body snaps back after pregancy. Since im not that lucky this is something i feel i have to do for myself. If you read my profile you can see that i have been wanting this for years. I almost did it a few years ago but decided to wait. Now here i am again, except this time i am willing to go all the way with it because nothing changed. It seems that my stomach get worse as the years go by. Im 30 and i spent my 20's hiding my stomach. Im tired of killing myself in the gym for minimal results. Im also tired of shopping for the same types of clothing that will camouflage my body. Wearing fajas everyday in the blazing heat of summer is really getting annoying now. I am surprised that i still want to go through this procedure after some of the things i have been seeing. I guess that shows how fed up i am. I am ready for a real change but it makes me a little sad that i have to take this route.

Recent pics

This is me letting it all out. For the those that know me you will be shocked to see this because i always have on a girdle. No one knows until i show them. Then they are like, " Oh okay, i see". smh.

Question regarding tt pain....

Could someone let me know what is the most painful part of the tummy tuck? Is it the muscle repair or the incision? I was thinking that the incision site would be more painful because it is in a very sensitive spot. Am i wrong?

I got my tummy tuck!!! It was not with Davoudi...

I did get my tummy tuck after all this anxiety. I had my tummy tuck with Dr Losken, not Dr. Davoudi. Although Dr Davoudi was great I chose a different doctor.

The recovery was very difficult for me as I was unable to stand straight for 4 weeks. I was desperate to get better. Thanks to all the ladies who took the time to discuss this with me. I knew exactly what to expect from this. This site has been so helpful. I am now 9 months PO. I still have slight side effects from the procedure but overall very happy with the outcome.

I will post more in detail when I get a chance.
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