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I have researched, interviewed, and decided on my...

I have researched, interviewed, and decided on my TT, MR, and lipo of the flanks for a about a year. I have 2 kids, and have NEVER had a flat stomach...even when I was 125lbs (that was a LONGGGG time ago lol). Having a TT has always been on my wish list, and now it's time to do something just for me. It took a while for hubby to get on board, but he very supportive. I will take some before/after pics after my surgery.

12 hours until surgery

I can't believe this time has come for my TT, MR, and lipo of the flanks. I am soooo anxious, nervous, excited, and ready to get to the flat side! I'm praying for a sucessful, and uneventful surgery. Also wishing my Realself support sisters the same.

UPDATE~4 Days 5 Post-Op

Well, I have finally made it to the flat side!!!! It hasn't even been a full week, and this has been a hell of a journey. I will say i am pleased with my results so far (however I've learned that it takes a while to see your true results)

I am truly convinced that all the women that have posted right after surgery, without pain, and/or are no longer taking meds within a week.....are a Superheros. This shit hurts. Plain and simple. No way to mentally prepare for it. You just can't.

This week has been a bit of a blur for me, but I do feel much better. I'll try to do a better job of posting now. RealSelf has been a huge help in my research, pre/post Op recovery!!! My hope is that my story can help some else. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask ??
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I'll update my review AFTER my surgery :)

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