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I will be securing my date after I return from...

I will be securing my date after I return from vacation in April. I'm planning for a March 2014 surgery date and I have selected Dr. Davoudi as my PS. I'm so excited and patience is truly a virtue in this case. I have chosen to wait because I plan to pay for my surgery without financing and it will be better for my schedule as well.

Ok ladies I need your thoughts. I have been...

Ok ladies I need your thoughts. I have been addicted to this site since I found it. I've had my consultation, have selected my PS and decided that I would begin making payments towards my procedure when I returned from vacation. Well tomorrow is that day and although I'm excited because I can't think about anything but a TT I am second guessing myself now. I'm the person that buys something for myself and end up taking it back. always deciding that I didn't really need it. And then there's the fact of having 4 children and feeling a sense of guilt for even thinking about spending that type of $ on myself. Have any of you struggled with those thoughts and how have you dealt with it. I'm saving to pay cash and have estimated that I will have it paid by the end of this year. In my mind if I were able to finance it I wouldn't feel so horrible. Just venting and hoping to gain some insight and advice. Thanks!!

I finally paid my deposit and scheduled my date....

I finally paid my deposit and scheduled my date. 12/5. And the countdown begins. My husband isn't supportive at all but I am committed and ready.

Getting closer

December 5 is approaching. I'm so excited and although I wish my surgery date was tomorrow I need these next 2 months to prepare, finish paying for my surgery and hopefully lose 15 more pounds. I'm just so thankful for all of you guys and your support!

More about me while I wait... Patiently... Ummm yeah

I'm a 38 year old mother of 4 ages 20, 16, 14 and 2 also married. I lost all of my post baby weight after my 3rd child but got remarried, had a tubal reversal, got pregnant with #4 and gained 20 lbs back. I am working out again, trying to lose weight pre-op. I'm an erotica author so if love to feel as sexy as the characters I wrote about. Lol. Oh well I'll be reading all of your reviews and preparing for my big day.

Ready for my pre-op

Okay my pre-op is in two weeks. What are the most important questions I need to ask my PS?? I don't want my increasing nerves to cause me to forget to ask the right questions. And what items are an absolute must for post-op?

Two week countdown!!!!

It's getting real now!!

More pics 2 weeks pre-op

Can't wait!!

2 weeks pre-op

Clothes help a little!

Had my pre-op on Tues!!

Well the pre-op went well. Had a moment of anxiety but it passed. I went to fill my prescriptions and they are pretty expensive. I'm also trying to decide if I should opt to stay in the hospital overnight. What do you ladies think?? Well I start my liquid diet tomorrow. Plan to hit the gym as much as possible too. Happy Thanksgiving sisters!!

1st day if liquid diet

Ok. This is the 1st day of my liquid fast and I can tell this will be hard. Any suggestions ladies? I'm used to my cup of coffee. I'm going mad over here.

5th day of my liquid diet and 2 more days til I'm on the flat side

It's actually getting easier. I'm sipping my smooth move tea now just trying to go over last minute stuff. Can anyone suggest a place to get a good, inexpensive compression garment? I was told to bring a spanx with me to the hospital but don't want to pay a lot for this one because the dr will cut holes in it. Oh, I've also lost 8 lbs since I started the liquid diet. Will hopefully be down a total of 12 by the big day.

Starting to get nervous!!

Hi ladies-

I am finally starting to get nervous!! The reality has just hit me. Please pray for me. Surgery is at 7am tomorrow. You ladies have been the best support system. I'll update as soon as I can.

Flat side!!!!

It's official ladies. I'm on the flat side. Of course I haven't seen it yet but was thankful that the nurse was Sao impressed that she let my hub and friend see. They said " hourglass". I'm feeling okay and can tell that the pain is def from the muscle repair but manageable. Well I'm going to rest. Will post pics soon.

2 days post- op

Hi ladies. I just wanted to check in. I'm still very swollen. Pain is manageable. The worse part is the muscle tightening but even that is not too horrible. God is so awesome!! Well here are a few pics with the garment on. I'll take more as time progresses. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and prayers!

Pain minimal but boy do I need a BM!!!

I am shocked at the level of pain I'm experiencing. I had my mind prepared for excruciating pain but that never happened. The most I can say is that the drainage tubes are definitely irritating. Today I also feel the desire to have a BM bit am having trouble making that happen. I did take a little MOM a lil while ago. Maybe it'll help. As I read on here and my PS mentioned as well..., my appetite is limited and I'm sure his strict 7 day liquid diet has caused this. I have no complaints. Any questions just ask.

Today! Oh Today!

By far today might be the hardest day so far. It's not because of pain. My discomfort is due to the swelling, tight CG and the inability to cough and relieve myself of this post surgery phlegm. Other than that I am fine. At 4 days post I guess that isn't so bad compared to what I initially expected.

5 days post

Still hunched over. But all is well. Starting to take Tylenol for pain in the daytime and 1/2 Percocet at night as needed.

Drains chilling with me over the weekend

Oh we'll. I was really hoping to get at least 1 drain out today (the right side) but no luck. I also noticed swelling in my feet so I've amped up my slow turtle walking and increased the water. My back is aching so very bad. And my tummy is tight. Yes, just as I've read it feels like I've been doing ab exercises for 5 days straight. Had a BM yesterday and that made me happy. Praying for all those that will be having surgery soon.

11 days post pics

Just a few pics with garment on.

I can't get my pics to show right

Every time I upload it never shows the entire pic. Any ideas why?

Sorry so many posts

I wasn't going to post again until after my 1st post op appt on Thurs 12/19 but I feel amazing. Why? Because my hubby washed my hair in the kitchen sink. I feel brand new. I still have the tubes so a full on shower was a no go. It's amazing how horrible you feel with dirty hair. Oh well. Here are a few pics with my binder only.

13 days PO

Well I had my 2 week post op appointment today. Drains are gone. Thank God!!!! I feel so much better. The only thing now is walking straight and this tight binder. Omg!! I can barely breathe.

16 days post

I'm still not excited about my incision but am very hopeful that it will smooth out. Still walking hunched over. Just took a shower and feel awesome. Here are a few pics. I'm not posting my incision yet but will soon.

More pics

16 days

Merry Christmas!!

19 days post. I'm walking a little more upright. Still hunched especially after standing for awhile.

Another pic! Almost 3 weeks post


4 weeks + post op

Well I am back to work today. I teleworked the last two weeks because I was still hunched over and not really feeling that I could sit in my office without being extremely uncomfortable. So far, so good. I start out about 90% walking straight and then hunch over a little more as the day progresses. I notice that when I'm walking my upper abs get extremely tight and that's when the hunching starts. I have one small portion of my incision that I feel is healing slightly slower than the other areas and I also am starting to get some feeling back where the lipo was performed (and because of that I'm feeling some residual pain but nothing that I even need to take tylenol to ease. I also slept in my bed all night for the 1st time since the surgery. There were moments where I was uncomfortable but I made it through. I'm still super swollen in my lower belly and at times I wonder it a revision might be needed. I also see the formation of a possible dog ear but I'll speak with my PS on my f-up appointment on 1/16 about both areas of concern. All in all, i am extremley excited about the changes in my belly and I weighed myself the other day and was happy to see that I am down to 179. I have not started working out yet but do plan to start at least using the sedentary bike at the gym. I'm not 100% sure about the treadmill yet. I'll post a few pics a little later today so you guys can see my progress. Happy New Year, Happy Healing and Good Luck with all of you Realself sisters with upcoming surgery dates. XOXO

4 weeks post op pics

One more. Fully dressed at 4 weeks

Being Brave and posting my incision

I still hate looking at my incision area, but it gets better everyday. In the morning when I wake up it's pretty flat but as the day progresses the swelling begins and for some reason i have a lot of swelling accumulating below my belly button on the right side. As I mentioned before I am also concerned about dog ears and my sides (hip area) is still extremely swollen and numb, but that is getting flatter daily also so i know it can only get better. picture coming in a moment

As promised pics 34 days post



32 days post

6 weeks post appointment

I'll be 6 weeks post tomorrow and I had my follow -up appt today. Everything was fine. My sides are getting flatter and the swelling is still coming and going. In the morning I nice and flat but a few hours in and I'm swelling. Mainly below my BB. Everything above is nice, flat and tight. He doesn't think I have dog ears but that won't and can't be completely determined this early. I have a very small area that is still healing so I have to continue using ointment there and packing it as well as packing my BB with ointment. I also had my stitches removed from my BB and one staple in my lower belly I didn't even know was there. I still have to wear my binder and garment and was told to go down a size with the garment. My issue is that my waist is like a 30 right now and my hips are 41 which would be xl in the butt/hip area and med in the waist. Guess I'll be squeezing my butt into a medium because that compression is so important. I can do cardio but no weights. That made me sad. I love weights and no ab work. I go back in 6 more weeks. I'll post pics in a min.

Day before 6 weeks post

More pics from today

Pics 6 weeks

7 week update

Hi guys. Just wanted to do a quick update and pic. I'm 7 weeks. Feeling great for the most part. Still dealing with swelling and my back is still sort of numb and sore from the lipo. I have one part on my incision that's healing slow. I can't believe it's already been 7 weeks. It's amazing how time flies. I still can't sneeze, laugh of cough hard without slight pain but I am so happy!

Life is pretty normal

I feel great. Would like to lose about 10 more lbs just to have a cushion to fluctuate. At 9 weeks I feel great! Hope all of you guys are doing great. Healing or getting ready for surgery.

14 weeks

Feeling great for the most part. I still feel sore from the lipo (back area). But other than that I'm back to normal. Prayers for everyone pre and post op. Xoxo

11 weeks

Loving my waist. Now working on toning my arms and upper back. Has anyone used the marble to shape their belly button. Mine is finally healed and I'd like it to be rounder.


I'm feeling great for the most part. Unfortunately I have allergic reaction to ointments and band aids and because of that i haven't been able to shape my belly button like id like with the marble or anything else. I took this photo later in the day so I can show the swelling that I still deal with later in the day. It might also be necessary for me to have a revision in August for a dog ear. I'm very satisfied. Way more confident and love the way I look in and out of clothes.

Another pic

16 weeks

Hi guys. Just wanted to update u. The photo is about 1 week old so I was 15 weeks post op. I am feeling great. Amazingly I do still have soreness in my back from the lipo but aside from that I am healing well and still very pleased. I just celebrated my 39th bday and 2nd book release last night. I hope all of the pre and post op dolls are doing well and am praying for all of u!!! Congrats and good luck!!

Quick update

16 weeks post- op and I'm loving it. Feel great. Worked out yesterday and lifted 30. I'm scared to lift anymore weight than that. Also ladies. I'd like to lose about 10 lbs so I can have a 5 lb cushion for the dreaded PMS bloating. Any suggestions? Thought about the diet I did before surgery but I'm not ready for anything that drastic again not yet.

17 weeks

How is everyone doing post and pre-op?? You guys are so awesome. A wealth of knowledge here on RS. Xoxo

Leonisa Garment Item #s

Here are the item numbers for the garments I've purchased

Belly pics

16.5 weeks. After a long day at work and then movies with the kids. Omg!! Can you say swell hell? Yes for many of us the swelling is real even after 4 months.

Before and 4 months later

Side by side comparison

Swell Hell 17.5 weeks

Oops. Made a mistake and deleted this photo. Repost



18 weeks

Hi luvs!! I was prompted to update by my reminders. Not much to tell but I just purchased a new workout outfit so I thought I'd share.

Just checking in...

Everything's going well. I still have slight soreness in my back from the lipo and my belly is still a lil numb so I don't lay on my belly at all yet. Uploading a pic from an event I attended a few weeks ago. Prayers for all of you!

New pic

It's been awhile. 6 months post

Hi guys!! It's been awhile since I posted because I've been a lil busy. Just had my debut into the world of theatre. Can u say my confidence has definitely boosted. The only thing I'm dealing with is swelling. Other than that I'm satisfied.

More pics 6 months

Just a couple of pics to show my waist. I'll do a few without clothes later today!

9 months post

Hi guys. It's been awhile since I posted on here. Life has been crazy busy. The super confidence I've gained has been crazy. Im super shy by nature. But I've been in a play and a movie this year. How awesome is that. As far as post recovery. I still get super swollen throughout the day. Getting up from a "lying on my back position" still feels weird. Muscles are tight. And yes I do still wear some form of garment every day. I just feel more supported. Good luck to those of you with upcoming surgery dates and congrats to those of you that have crossed over to the flat side!! ????

9 months post

So I did a side by side of my 9 months post op and pre-op. I'm definitely satisfied. Does anyone know if it's too late to use the marble. My belly button isn't round. I still swell a lil but I can deal with it.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

So far ok. Dr. Davoudi was selected via realself and so far I'm pleased and very comfortable with my decision. I met with Dr. Davoudi today and his professionalism and experience is outstanding. His staff was amazing as well. He answered all of my questions and was very honest with his answers.

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