Looking Foward to a New Me (5'3" 215pds) Tummy tuck w/ lipo Atlanta, GA

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Hello everyone, your experiences have helped me so...

Hello everyone, your experiences have helped me so much and encouraged me to share. I have been wanting to get a tummy tuck for a while now. I had my first child at 20 and the other 2 two years apart. I had 2 c-sections with my last two children and one of which they messed up. I try my best to eat right and my lifestyle makes hard to get a workout in consistently, I try to go at least a minimum of twice a week. I have been working on this belly for years, but still cant get it to go anywhere.Honestly I'm very nervous about the recovery but super excited to see results. I am hoping to lose 20 pounds before surgery, so I can have better results and a healthier me.I'm scheduled to go in about mid March.

Better me

I am now in the process of working to lose 20 pds before my surgery. So that I will be healthier and have better results from my tummy tuck. But I have not been able to find a clear list of must haves post-op to better help with recovery. So if anyone knows the basics of what you need. Please Help


This is what I look like now

60 days preop TT W LIPO

I'm 2 mths away from being on the flat side. But I am both nervous and excited, nervous because I'm hoping that I heal properly without any complications as well as being able to go back to work after the 30 days I took off with no problems. But excited because I'll be able to see my hooha again without having to lift my stomach. My fellow realselfers any advice and suggestions you may have I'll greatly appreciate it. I'm still trying to put together the list of things I need post and pre op in order to have a successful recovery so if anybody has a list please drop your girl line. Thanks

Going to be an Almonte doll

Looking for a sx buddy for early october. If any has any suggestions about RH's, traveling, actual supplies needed. please let me know

Tummytuck with full lipo/ bbl

So ladies I've switched drs due to insurance and cost. I will now be having my procedures done by Dr Almonte. I've done my research and am comfortable with my decision. I'm so excited and can't wait. But now I would like a surgery buddy, so if anyone is interested please let me know. My surgery is scheduled for the 5th of October.

36 Yr Old Mom Getting Her Sexy Back Tt/lipo with Bbl

I am looking forward to having back my sexy curves without the extra padding. Dr. Almonte will be performing my surgery. I have an awesome support system. just worried about the recovery process. so any advice from those that have done it already is greatly appreciated. Decided to get a bbl cause gravity has not been kind to my butt.

What would you say is a total waste of money to...

What would you say is a total waste of money to buy?

Wheres the best place to get Fajas?
What helped your TT scar go away?
Im staying in DR for 15 days will I return home able to tend to my 3 children?
Hows sex after a BBL and ?
Did your hubbies or significant other perform differently in bed?
If there was one thing you could tell a woman to prepare her for a TT and BBL sx what would it be? (Please dont be discouraging)
Thanks yall

Wish pics for the booty

Hotel Vs RH

Hello RS Vets,

I will be staying in a hotel for the 14 days I'm in DR due to the fact that two of my friends one of who was a nurse and one who is fluent in Spanish will be coming with me. Is there anything different that you should or shouldn't have or do if you're staying in a hotel verses an rh?
thanks lady for all your help

Lymphatic massage

Can anyone recommend a good place in Atlanta to get them? How long should you continue to get them post-op? Is there anything else that helped in you guys recovery?

Do's and don'ts pretend post surgery

Ladies what do you believe are some hardcore do's and don'ts pre & post surgery? Here are a few for me.
Be prepared for any and everything ( financial, mental,physical,relationship)
Don't rush your recovery
Disclose all pertinent medical history to PS ( cuz ain't no surgery worth your life or being jacked up)
Listen to your body

Letter to request time off

Question ladies, what should the letter say from the PS in reference to me presenting it my job to get the time off for recovery

Only Wish pic

This is exactly what I want and she's a former Almonte doll

Fmla approved

Yeah me, submitted my paperwork for surgery and thought I was going to be taken short term disability through my job and come to find out I am eligible for FMLA. Soyeah one less worry down just trying to get all my ducks in a row to make sure that I have the best possible recovery post and pre op. (Side note )hubby decides he wants to go with me the he'll stay about 5 days and I'll be there for however long it takes for me to get my drain out.

Decisions decisions

Ok so I've been put on a weight loss program by my doctor because I have hypothyroidism and it's difficult for me to lose it on my own. So far I've lost 7pds. I'm looking to lose about 20-30pds more. I'm trying to decide between staying in a hotel, all inclusive resort or renting a home. Im not going with an RH because theres been so much drama surrounding too many of them lately. Also I'm selfish like that for something so evasive I need one on one care.Also lipo foams or about boards or nothing. What worked for you ladies? So any suggestions ladies? Also I'm thinking about going down a wk early that I can enjoy the country before I can't do anything but recover. Sn:I'm learning Spanish, so I'm excited about that

Breasts too

I have decided to also get my breast done but that I will do here in Atlanta. Since I've started this blog I've lost 15 pounds and still counting . I've also decided to stay at an all-inclusive resort as opposed to renting a house or an RH my husband will be coming with me instead of my sister.I'm so excited I have more than what I need and some of what I don't need for this journey. But it still feels like I don't have everything or I'm not fully prepared. Some days I feel like October can't come fast enough and other days I feel like October is too soon. EIither way I'm ready for a new me
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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