My $3,800 Tummy Tuck w/ Muscle Repair & Lipo on Flanks (Videos, Blog & Pics) Atlanta, GA

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I elected to use the Emory School of Plastic...

I elected to use the Emory School of Plastic Surgery at Grady Hospital. because it's a well-established and affordable program. I had a Tummy Tuck w/ lipo on the flanks; total cost for surgery $3,871.00. I just had my surgery, so I'm very swollen and in a lot of pain....I will upload some pictures by tomorrow.

$3,800 Tummy Tuck in the A-Day 3 Post OP

I believe I have been to hell and back.....I have given birth to 2 children and had a breast reduction, but nothing compared to the pain I felt once I woke up after surgery. I have read the blogs, talked to friends who have had the surgery and watched the videos, and everyone except 1 person said that it was worth it. Now, I don't know how I will feel in 2 weeks, but right now......this was the worst decision I ever made. I'm in pain, my head is constantly spinning, I can't eat because it burns every time I try real food (from the tube down my esophagus), I have vomited, I'm hot, then I'm cold, I'm bruised, I can't walk w/out assistance, I'm just really miserable right now. BUT........I'm praying that this too shall pass. I have to get my before shots from my doctor tomorrow, but here is a shot from this morning, and I will also upload my YouTube video documentary, if allowed.

My $3,800 Tummy Tuck Journey in Atlanta, Week 1, Day 3-Pre OP

Pre OP Appt and Info

Day of Surgery....Quick Msg Before Surgery

I look a Hott Nervous and Anxious all at once, and I had reason to be! :-/

My Tummy Tuck Journey in Atlanta-Post Op, Day 4

Recovery-The things needed before, during and after the TT surgery.

My $3,800 TT w/ muscle repair, lipo to flanks-Post Op, Day 9

Good morning everyone. My apologies for the last video, I'm not sure why it didn't upload, but feel free to copy/paste the link in your browser to watch. I have been through a variety of things this week with my body, which led me to believe that this may not have been the best decision for me (surgery). I am so, so, so very swollen! My skin is so swollen & tight that when I eat, it makes it worse and I am miserable until it loosens some. Yesterday we went to a compression garment store to purchase my next stage garment. I understand that each doctor has they're own theory on wearing these, but I prefer to wear it. My doctor told me that it was not necessary to continue to wear my binder. :-/ I found that to be quite odd since it's the only thing that makes me feel like I'm not totally falling to pieces. lol.....Anyway, my 2nd post-op apt is in 2 days and I will bring my garment and a list of questions along with it, and they will remove my drains at that time. Yay!!! I have already started using Advanced Mederma for my stitches, and because I itch so bad, I have been massaging Palmers Vitamin E into my scar, as well. Any Suggestions for the itching, scar removal, garments or anything??? I accept them all, and thank you kindly in advance. I am still walking bent over, and cannot walk for long distances, so we have used wheelchairs the 3 times I have been outside. The weather is beautiful here, it's a shame I have not been able to enjoy it. My mother was here for the week to help care for me and that was a God-send.....she left yesterday. :-( And my fiancé works M-F, so I will be on my own, except for the few friends that I have dropping by. I have been sad a couple of times, but I have not hit the depression stage and hope I never do! I am actually planning my wedding (10/14), so I do have some (happy) things to occupy my time. My fiancé has no problem doing what I ask, but I'm like, why do I have to ask??? So, I will be happy when I am no longer dependent upon anyone for my basic needs. I'm praying that I do not wind up w/ dog ears.....I do not want to go through anymore surgeries in the foreseeable future. I cannot wait until the swelling goes completely away, and I can workout regularly again. My wedding dress should arrive around January, so I want my body to be ready for my first fitting, or at least a little closer to my goal size. :-) I guess I'll go back to bed now......nite, or morning, rather.

To Dream......

My Compression Garment (CG) aka a Faja

For the most part, I feel much better with my CG on.....I have fairly large breasts, so when I lay back in my recliner, I feel like I'm being suffocated. That's the only real problem I have with this suit. Other then that, I feel more secure in this.

My $3,800 TT Journey w/ Muscle Repair, Lipo to Flanks.....Contact info for Reduced Rate PS Program

If the video does post, please copy and paste the link. This video gives specific info and contact info for the PS program I used in Atlanta.

Today was a good day........

Today was a really good day... Hardly any pain. I still walk bent, but only slightly..... we spent the day touring our wedding venue, having lunch, and I stopped at the office briefly...... okay maybe for a couple of hours to get some stuff done. :-) My fiance works for the government so he's been off, (of course you know that's because of what is going on in Washington)....... :-( But it's been nice having him home to help me..... everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that. This will be my second night sleeping in my own bed... Yay!!! its still uncomfortable, but it's a little bit better than sleeping in the recliner at this point. I will probably make an update video this weekend until then, until then..... believe in yourself, or no one else will!

View this video for Contact info on my Plastic Surgeon

Here goes.......trying to upload the contact info to my Plastic Surgery Program here in Atlanta. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE VIDEO, PLEASE COPY/PASTE THE LINK ABOVE INTO YOUR WEB BROWSER TO VIEW THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE.COM. OR VISIT MY CHANNEL-SEXYSTEFATL ON YOUTUBE.COM, AND FOLLOW MY VIDEO JOURNAL. My YouTube Video Journal includes informational videos on medications, items needed prior to surgery, recovery items, updates, plastic surgery program info, etc.

My $3,000 TT-14 Days Post-Op

UPDATE........If the video did not post, then please copy/paste the link above to view my update. Thank you!

14 Day Post Op Pics

I am still very swollen, but making progress.

18 Days Post Op TT Surgery.....

I'm moving around a lot more.... I'm back to eating regular foods, overall I'm just feeling a lot better. I had to go buy another binder, medium (Yay)..... and that has made a world of difference in my recovery. My binder fits a lot better......making me feel much more secure, and more comfortable. It has been a mixed-blessing to have my fiance' off from work w/ this government shutdown.....I needed him, but now with both of us off, it's time they end this ridiculous stand-off and he gets back to work. my stitches are healing well, I'm still very swollen... But I'm getting better daily. I had some setbacks with my allergies, so I had to start a new medication... But I'm off everything today. I'm happy to be healing, and just happy to be alive.

22 Days Post Op

Good morning everyone. I'm feeling a lot better today. Yesterday was a hard day, because I was subpoenaed to court to testify for one of my clients..... so I was in court allllllll day. It was definitely very uncomfortable to sit on those hard wooden benches, without food, water, pain meds and then provide testimony. smh......
anyway, I'm better now. And my client's won! :-) (Not sure if I mentioned this, but I'm also a Realtor/Property Manager in Atlanta.) I woke up feeling confident and less swollen......I think I'll wear a short sundress today. My 3rd Post Op appt is in 3 days..... and I'm excited for my doctor to see my results. I'm still very swollen, but making loads of progress. It appears as though I can stand completely straight up, but I am still slightly bent. My stool and bowel movements are normal and I'm only taking extra strength tylenol as needed which is not often. In this phase, it just feels like my abs have done a thousand sit ups...... my stitches are healing nicely. I stop using the silicon strips, to give my stitches a chance to heal better. I just use vitamin E oil & Bio oil..... I massage it in really, really good....wait a few minutes and then I put cloth tape over my stitches. It has helped to flatten my stitches, and make them smooth. My doctor recommended that. That's it for now, happy healing ladies!

Update on My $3,800 TT Journey-4 weeks Post Op

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My $3,800 Tummy Tuck Journey-SWELLING Part 1 of 2

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My $3,800 Tummy Tuck Journey-SWELLING Part 2 of 2

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My $3,800 Tummy Tuck Journey-Buying the Correct Compression Garment

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My $3,800 Tummy Tuck Journey-Buying the Correct Compression Garment

Dr. Fang is Chief Of Plastic Surgery, but your actual surgery is performed by the senior residents who rotate schedules monthly. The doctor who actually performed my surgery was Dr. Shii. I met him briefly at my pre-op appt and again a few minutes before surgery. He listened to my concerns and agreed w/ a few simple requests. Very professional, and seemed very knowledgeable.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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