36 Years Old 2 Previous C-Sections. Ready to Lose The Pouch - Atlanta, GA

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I am 36 years old, post 2 previous C-Sections. I...

I am 36 years old, post 2 previous C-Sections. I have light stretch marks, "hangover" from the two previous c-sections. I have been dreaming of a tummy tuck for the past 10 years. My oldest is going on 11 years old. I've watched numerous you tube videos of the procedure. In the last two months I've tried lipo cavitation which is non invasive with very little results. I researched smart lipo, various plastic surgeons, and centers that perform the procedure in the Atlanta area. I decided to go to a free consultation at American Lipo Center and did not like the ambience of the office and felt that even though the plastic surgeon was reputable I wouldn't feel comfortable having my procedure at a place that looked like a "make shift office." I have a friend who had smart lipo done at Sono Bello two weeks ago and I drove her there and waited in the visitor lounge the whole time. It took them about 4 hours from the time they brought her back into preop until the time she was in postop and they called me to let me know that she was ready. The staff was Was very friendly and courteous to me as the visitor and the environment is very nice, clean and they are professional. All of their plastic surgeons are board-certified. I decided to do more research within the past two weeks and decided on a free consultation with Sono bello. I went today for my free consultation and decided to take advantage of my time off from work and put my procedure for this Friday, June 24 with Dr. Mark Jones. I am a little nervous but very excited that I am finally getting a procedure done on my abdomen and waist to reduce the cellulite and tighten my skin. I can only hope that my results meet my expectations. Dr. Jones is double board-certified and his credentials are very impressive. Most important he is a board-certified plastic surgeon. I go for my preop visit on Thursday where I will meet him. My procedure is scheduled for Friday in the early afternoon and I will post post up pictures. And praying all goes well.

Pre Op and Procedure Day

Pre-op visit was yesterday 6/23 with Dr. Jones and I met the PA who will be in the procedure room as well. The PA expressed having smart lipo done On his upper and lower abs and flanks and is very happy with his result. 6/24 Is the day. Wish me luck!

Procedure Day

So today was the big day. I went for my procedure and I forgot exactly how much they extracted in terms of the fat and fluids. But I am very bruised not sore yet, but I am still somewhat numb from the lidocaine and they told me that the nerves will be no feeling for several weeks. I will post post op post up pictures tomorrow when I shower.

Forgot to Mention Procedure was Done at Sono Bello Atlanta

Post Op Day 4. The hardest day was Day 2 but I stopped taking my Percocet and only remained taking Tylenol. Felt like I was bruised all over. Yesterday I felt more swollen and sore. Today the swelling was greater in the morning and the pain is decreasing. Still only taking Tylenol. My heart rate is a little high(96 bpm) but that may be from the cup of coffee this morning and the cup of sweet tea a couple of hours ago. I am still taking the Keflex that was given as prophylactic and I am on day four tomorrow will be will be my last day. I feel that this antibiotic is making me a little nauseous and I feel a little dizzy and lightheaded at times but that could be due to the lack of sleep and also because I just had surgery a couple of days ago. I am otherwise a healthy individual with no chronic medical problems. I've noticed certain areas in my abdomen and sides now are getting a little hard and my compression garment is a size large and I think it is slightly big but I don't have my follow-up appointment yet because I need to see what my work schedule is like but my follow up appointment should be next week. The compression garment is digging into my size at times not less I lifted up and I have a lot of bruising right underneath my abdominal shelf and I don't know if that is from the power assisted lipo or from the laser. I am hoping that this procedure worked and I know it is too early to tell or not and they couldn't promise that my skin would not be sagging, but what I don't understand is that there are some pictures of women that I've seen that their abdomen area was worse off than mine and after the procedures they have very little fat left in the area and their skin was tightened very well. I am not sure if because towards the end of the treatment when he was doing the laser I started feeling hotspots maybe he could not complete what he wanted to do. I just hope that the results meet my expectations because if not after six months I will be very unhappy because of the money that I spent and I really don't want to have to have a revision and pay even more money. Also, I've been feeling a little week since the surgery maybe could because of my age or because of my lack of sleep waking up in the middle of the night. I don't know, but I will keep everyone posted.

Swelling and Uncomfirtable

So today is day 5 post op and I've discarded the first CG because it was digging into my sides. I had no choice but to purchase a high ultra firm control brief from Walmart until my post op visit on 7/8. So far, i see very little results and am beginning to wonder if it was worth it. I have a lot of fluid retention that is pooling in my lower belly. It is very uncomfortable. My bruising is getting yellow so it's healing. I can only hope that this was all worth it in the end. I'll post pics later.

Post Op Day 6

My swelling continues to go down daily but still very prominent. Especially in my lower ab area. My skin looks orange peel effect in my lower abdomen and bruises are turning lighter and skin yellowing in those areas so I guess it's healing. I'd say as the day goes on my swelling gets worse and gravitates toward the lower belly. Will post pics later as I'm laying down in bed. Lol. Still taking Tylenol about 2x a day due to pain about 5/10. Gets better each day though. I am very impatient person and this whole healing process is teaching me a lot of patience. It is hard running after 16th month old and recovering but I am managing..my boyfriend and my oldest daughter have been a great help!

Post Op Day 13. See a Difference!

Today I am post op day 13. Today is the first day that I've noticed that my skin has retracted my swelling is almost gone but I do have some firm, lumpy areas which are normal. I'm taking Tylenol only at night time for comfort so I may sleep on my side or my stomach as one or two lumpy area still have some sensitive nerves that are healing. I do still have some mild bruising in the lower middle of my abdomen. I'm taking my Arnica once a day. And I am waiting for my second compression garment to come in the mail from Sono Bello. I will admit I had stopped wearing my garment for almost 5 days now and was just wearing high waisted briefs with tummy control but haven't worn that in that in two days . As I was reading up different plastic surgeon for offering different advice and one plastic surgeon said that the compression garment he recommends his patients to wear for the first week and if they're still having pain after that but he said that he never saw a difference with it in helping with swelling or results . I do notice a difference. I have not measured my waist but I do notice a visible difference. Now I know that it is worth it and if I do have some lumpy areas after six months I will look into getting Venus legacy or some alter sound treatment. It still hurts if I bend over to try to tie my shoes and stuff because of the hard lumpy areas in the sensitive nerves but otherwise I know that over the next year or is he healing process. I'm just glad that my swelling has gone down and that I am not feeling as much pain as in the first couple of days. Because I was highly regretting my decision and it was hard to deal with my 16-month-old and being there for her in the first week but my man was very supportive and helped out a lot and my older daughter who was 11 helped out a lot. And I had a go back to work four days after my procedure but I was not walking around all day long I was sitting in a classroom setting so that helped.

25 Days Post Op

Everyday i notice more shrinkage of belly and sides!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jones was very knowledgeable, educated and great bedside manner. I had tumescent liposuction done at Sono Bello and feel that more fat could've been removed, but I started to feel the laser heat a little towards the end. Overall, great physician though.

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