2 Week Daily Journal - Atlanta, GA

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Day 1 The night after surgery was not much pain,...

Day 1
The night after surgery was not much pain, just discomfort. I didn't sleep much and tried to drink as much water as I could. I woke up a few times feeling like my heart was beating faster than normal and I was soaking wet from all the drainage. I had some nausea, but was better after eating. During my first day, I slept as much as possible and drank plenty of water. I was still draining fluid and my body felt very sore. After 24 hours I was able to take a shower and it was difficult because the water felt like pins and needles. I used my hands to wash and a rag to squeeze water on my body to rinse off. My pain is minimal and my soreness is bearable.

Day 2
Last night was a much better night. I slept thru the night and woke up with some soreness. Today was my first day back at work and most of the day I stayed on my feet and running around. The garment and binding became very uncomfortable because it rolled up a lot. I was able to make it thru the day with Tylenol and after making it home I took the Lortab before going to bed. At this point I am no longer draining and able to see some results. It was difficult though to drive with all the binding on.

Day 3
Today is a better day with less pain. My binder is getting worse with the rolling up and my skin is starting to itch. I had minimal moving around today at work and was having to reapply my binder. Lee showed me an alternate technique to putting on the binder to make it more comfortable. I didn't have to take Tylenol all day, just when I got home before going to bed. Driving is still a challenge with the bruising. My shower was better and I was able to stand the water hitting my skin. I no longer have to wear any bandages and I am able to just wear my garment and binding.

Day 4
Well, my days are getting easier. Last night, I slept better and woke up less. Today I got my body magic and trying to put that on, I really thought it was too small. After the nurses got me in it, I felt like it was much more comfortable and supported my stomach better, which also minimized the pain. I have to wear this garment for 4 days straight without taking it off. When using the restroom in this garment, I required the help of my husband to snap the crotch area back.

Day 5
Last night I slept great. At this point, I am no longer taking any medication for pain and I am able to be more active with work and the home life with less pain. The garment is still pretty comfortable and when I have to use the restroom at work I just leave the snaps undone. The shoulder straps on the garment are very tight and very uncomfortable. I have to put wash rags under them to keep them from irritating my shoulders. I was told to get extenders, but haven't done so.

Day 6
Its now my 3rd day in the garment and I am over the straps. The garment is tight enough to hold itself up, so I am no longer wearing the straps. Sometimes the boning in the garment will irritate my sides but the appearance in my stomach has changed drastically. Although I have swelling, I can tell that I no longer have the hand over and the stomach is definitely flatter.

Day 7
The days are much easier now and I have returned to my normal activities. Today was my first day trying on a pair of jeans and they were loose. I went grocery shopping and after returning home I was exhausted. The garment is now starting to bend into my sides, making it very uncomfortable. I only have one more day before I can remove the garment and take a shower. I have also noticed over the past week that I eat less than normal and I am feeling full faster.

Day 8
Today I got to take the garment off and take a shower. The break was great although having the garment off brought back some of the soreness without the support. I put the garment back on until I went to bed. I took the garment off before going to bed and just wore a spanks and the black binder.

Day 9
I continue to wear my garment during the day, which is now starting to put an indent between the upper and lower abs. I asked if that was normal and was told that it was fine but that I needed to wear a binder on my upper abs to even everything out. Taking a shower is now normal routine and my ports have started to really heal and become less noticeable. I still feel some pain every now and then. It feels like a pinch or a poke with a pin.

Day 10
Today was another day at work. I am getting use to the garment more, but take it off once I get home. I have been massaging my stomach and side to help with some of the knots I feel from the welling. I am almost at the point of getting a smaller garment because the one I have is feeling tight enough in the stomach area.

Day 11
I ordered me a new garment today on the body magic website. The garment looks like it will come up higher on my stomach and has adjustable straps. It's also more of corset because it doesn't have a bottom for your legs. I am still unable to really bend over well because its painful. I am still noticing changes in the way my stomach looks and already like the way a tight top looks without the love handles and stomach.

Day 12
Today I didn't wear my body magic. I wore 2 binders. One for the lower abs and one for the upper abs. The body magic has gotten to the point that its digging into my ribs and making it more painful than it should be. I am hoping that my new garment will be more comfortable to wear and give me even more results. I am almost at the 2 week mark and hope to see a lot more changes in the next 2 weeks.

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