silicone bilateral buttocks removal (oily substance) - Atlanta, GA

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I received butt injections years ago with an...

I received butt injections years ago with an unknown substance. The substance has begin to harden and move up towards my back. I am getting it surgically removed(cut out) by dr. Julian gordon(atlanta, ga. He is going in through the crack of my butt, to prevent scarring. I will have a indent in my butt where he has cut out the hardned substance, but I will be fixing it by doing a fat transfer once I have healed completly from this surgery. I am having the surgery this week, so I will update you all with the results and pictures.

I received my surgery today!!!

The doctor was able to remove one side of my buttocks, due to me losing too much blood. Dr. Julian Gordon ( Atlanta, Ga) made a call that saved my life. Listen ladies, this is a serious and risky procedure, that why a lot of Doctors don't want to do the procedure. If you find a doctor that is educated about the subject and is willing to take the risk to help you, go for it. I see a lot of posts asking about scarring and deformation, to be honest who cares. Your life is more important than a scar, and as far your buttocks, that can be fixed. We have bigger issues, like a foreign object being in our buttocks, which causes way bigger problems! I have to have the other side of the substance surgically removed in 2 weeks. If I would have removed it then, It would have been too much of a risk. I'm so happy I chose Dr. Julian Gordon, he is the best!!!!!! My surgery was very difficult because the substance had become a part of my own body! I'm posting a picture of what was cut out of me. It was hard like a rock. I cried when I seen this. He also removed the substance from my back, which was causing me to have severe back pain. This is a very graphic photo! I didn't want to post it, but I'm hoping to make a change!!!!!!


This is just the side Dr. Gordon removed. Yes I have an indentation. This is going to be a long process.

Change of Doctor......... Going to Dr. Gallirani

I went to do another consultation yesterday with Dr. Gallirani. I decided to let him complete my surgery. I decided that I want all or as much as possible out. I trust Dr. Gallirani, and I know he will get the job done correctly! My surgery amount did increase from my last consultation. It was $14,775 in 2015, now it's $16,700. I plan on doing the surgery hopefully in April. I will definitely keep you all updated.

Finally got my drains removed!!!!!

7 weeks later, Dr. Gordan removed the tubes. My tubes were still draining but he believed where the drain was, was getting infected. I don't know what to expect but hopefully the fluid doesn't cause any problems. My indent had filled in almost 100%, but they didn't do that until he pulled the drain, so I'm sure it's the fluid that's migrating there, which can be a bad thing. Only time will tell. I ask that everyone keep me in there prayers, and I'll do the same. This process is scary, but we will get through it!???? I will post pictures later on!!!!! Thanks for all the support!!!!!!! Also I started this blog to bring awareness and to inform and encourage people who are in my situation, not to cause drama or criticize eachother...... If you're on this blog, most likely you have either made a bad decision in getting these shots or you are thinking about getting them, or you may know someone who have gotten them. This is a serious situation, that no one wants to talk about, because their embarrassed. I'm not embarrassed and frankly I don't care what people think of me! I'm probably one of thousands that don't care to tell you anything you want to know or my experiences involving this subject matter. I'll show pictures etc. I Ask that we be respectful to eachother, because we're in this together!!!!!!!!

7 weeks after surgery picture

This was an attempt to remove the hard problem area, done by Dr. Gordon. Dr. Gallirina will be fixing this. That skin will be removed along with the rest of the substance that's still in me. Then he will perform a butt lift. I know my buttocks will never be back 100% normal looking. But I'm okay with that. I just want this mess out of me and also to be healthy inside out!!!

8 week after surgery

Had my surgery yesterday with Dr. Gallerani!!!!!!!!

I finally had my surgery with Dr. Gallerani!!!! The surgery was a success! My butt looks beautiful! I'm actually up walking and pain is bad, but not that bad! He removed 13 pounds of substance from my buttocks! Dr. Gallerani is the perfect person to perform this procedure. He is a perfectionist and he really cares about his patients. Feel free to ask me any questions!
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