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Hello! So I have been wanting a nose job for quite...

Hello! So I have been wanting a nose job for quite some time now. I'm twenty currently and I've been wanting a smaller nose since I was 12 or 13. That's when I started reading magazines and since they're littered with women with tiny noses I've been trained to think beautiful women have thin, small noses. My nose doesn't have a large hump, but it does have a visible bumb and the tip is QUITE bulbous. I want to achieve decreased projection and the tip refined. I'm still trying to figure out if I really do want a nose job. I'm terrified that I may pick the wrong doctor and no one wants that. I don't want to come out having a worse nose than before or having a breathing problem.

I made this review so that it will hopefully help me realize what I do really want. I would appreciate any advice as what to look for in a surgeon. I've seen quite a few already: Dr. Fardo at the Swan Center. He was very nice and the staff there is amazing, but I don't feel his style is right for me. I feel he takes down the bump all right but leaves the tip too long. I've seen Dr. John Leroy. I very much like this doctor even though I could barely get a smile out of his nurse and the first time I met LeRoy he came out a bit short. I had shown him a before/after picture I created online using a software to show what you would look like with a nose job. He went on to say that there is no magic wand that magically gives you a perfect nose. I assured him I understood this but wanted him to see what I desired and pictures say a thousand words! Other than that I remember looking at his book of past work and being wowed by it. It was like he transformed large, ugly noses to beautiful natural noses they could have been born with. One problem I see myself having with him is that he says he can't fix my enlarged turbinate or deviated septum. I need to call him again and make sure this is what he said, since it's been a while.

I've also seen Dr. Fara and he was very nice. I'm a little concerned with him though because he is not American Board Certified, just "Board Certified" and I'm not even sure what that means. He also had one bad review on some site, but that was for breast surgery. I went to him because I liked the pictures of his work. I've seen two ENTs as well who do rhinoplasty. Dr. Locandro at the Northwest Center in Marietta was alright. I didn't really have much time with him at all, and it was frustrating that I couldn't look at his pictures for long and there weren't many.

I've also seen Dr. Parikh. I felt rushed with him too and there weren't many pictures to look at but the few I did see looked nice. Very subtle which is what I'm going for. He has had 5 years of experience which concerns me since the other doctors I've seen have at least 13+ yrs experience, Dr. LeRoy having 25. I liked that he focuses on the function of the nose so that I will be able to breathe better as well. These are all the doctors I've seen so far, should I see an ENT who has had more experience and shows more pictures? Is an ENT more qualified for rhinoplasty than just a plastic surgeon? Let me know what you think, please!

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