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I'm 57, and getting busy. After 5 consultations,...

I'm 57, and getting busy. After 5 consultations, I made my decision. I will be getting a TT, BR, and lipo of my flanks by Dr. Larson. I have quit smoking, taking Chantix for that... and I'm eating clean. Surgery is in a little over 3 months and I really hope to drop a few lbs. I'm concerned about gaining weight, but so happy to be smoke free. I can't wait to stop the Chantix, because I just don't feel like myself. Anyway, I'm happy to share a bit as you have certainly shared with me. XOXO

Roller coaster

Tell me, how do you deal with all of these feeling that say I'm crazy for considering spending this kind of money on something for me? I've scheduled my surgery with a GREAT team and I feel so comfortable about that, but It is so much money! on me?? This is where I am having a problem. I think I will get the insurance to cover the breast reduction/lift and am willing to go ahead with it even if they won't............but HAVE I LOST MY MIND? The smoking is gone, Thank you LORD! I haven't gained an ounce, so I'm happy about that. My mother has been in the hospital, and she wants to go into assisted living "the first of the year". I'm working on that now, but surgery was scheduled for 1/4/17. I may have to wait a few weeks for that until I get my mom situated and happy. Thanks to all of the girls that have gone before me, you are such a great help by posting your stories here. XO


Oh my goodness, I'm back! I had to go away for a bit because I found myself spending too much time on this site! I am doing great and getting so excited about my surgery! It was hard to quit smoking, not going to lie. It is something that I have been trying to do for a very long time, and I guess I just needed the right motivation. The ups and downs in my mood have been historical and I'm very grateful to my sweet hubby for hanging in there. I'm so excited, we are inside the 30day window now. I got my labs done yesterday. I had my mammogram taken care of, that was scary because I had to go back for more views to make sure, but all is well. I hope everyone is doing well, I will have to see whats new on here and check on my old "buddies".

Almost ready, 11 days out

Everything is all set! Ready to go and excited! I am in a very good place with amazing support from my husband and family. I have had excellent guidance and instructions from my PS and his staff. It's only 11 more days. Hopefully I'll be able to stay busy!!! Goodness, who is going through this with me?

The pre-op appointment

It went really great. I enjoy the office staff and the surgery coordinator. They are friendly and very informative. They are minimalists. After reading many reviews on this site, I felt the need to spend lots of money on supplements and medical supplies and tons of things that have been deemed necessary by many. I was discouraged by the sxcood to do anything different except I can start Arnica Montana and Bromelain if I want to but not mandatory. I did. They informed me that at my age, I am at a greater risk for complications. I quit smoking in Sept, so that is a huge plus!!!! Actually, Dr. Larson wouldn't do the surgery if I was still smoking. I appreciate that he is so particular. He also required a mammogram and lots of lab work. Everything checks out. I was told that I would come back on the 5th day, and to stay bent over. I can stand when they stand me up. No rush, nice and slow. Weeks, I guess. Drains for 7 to 10 days. My surgery should be around 7 hours, and I am happy that I will get such a great nap. Just kidding, not excited about that much anesthesia in my all! I have gone through all kinds of emotions since September 22, the day I scheduled my surgery and quit smoking for good. All over the extreme emotions map have me, myself, and I been. Between the nicotine w/d, the Chantix mood swings, and me feeling guilty about taking care of me.......WHEW! I am happy to be in a very good place emotionally and spiritually, hopefully for good. The Dr's office gave me a paper that has the emotional roller coaster timeline for after surgery which I think is very good to know and expect so I can roll right on through that. Basically I am ready! I have a walker, a recliner, a raised toilet seat, heating bad and ice packs. My meds are waiting for me to pick them up. I bought a cute PINK sweat suit from Victoria Secret to wear uncomfortably to the surgery but comfortably home (without the large tummy and large boobs). I hope to get the courage for full disclosure....the pics. We'll see.

On my way

I'm thrilled to say that today is the big day. I'm so ready, so excited! I'll post when I can. Good luck all you lovelies, next time I'll be on the flat side!

2 days post op

I did it! SO happy to be on the flat side. I love Dr. Larson. He came by at 10pm to check on me, then again at 7am. I'm doing well, staying asleep a lot. Good luck everyone! I'll give more details later.

Home sweet home

I'm sore and bruised. I've slept a lot. I have the BEST caregiver that I could ask I won't be able to see my new body until tomorrow. I don't have a lot of pain, unless I cough. I'll try to post pics tomorrow.


I can't believe I am sharing this before shot. When I first saw it, I was shocked. I knew I looked bad and was overweight, but this is not how I feel. I feel much better than I look. I have had lots of difficulties in the past 10 years including 2 seperate fusion surgeries on my spine and a car wreck that I was thrown from the vehicle about 30 feet and that nearly killed me. I have overcome a lot and found true love. After my wreck in 07 I was sedentary for several years and gained a lot of weight. It took some time to get my fighting spirit back, but I did. I lost about 70 lbs and was left with what you see here. That isn't the real me though. I adore my ps and his staff because they seem to see the light inside me. With the support of my husband, I am beginning to match the outside to the inside. I am one week post op and feeling great. I'm not pushing it. I am doing exactly as I am told. My results so far exceed my expectations by a mile. I will post a pic of me today. Just do it if you are on the fence. It isn't easy, it hurts a LOT. But that passes. If you are in Atlanta, see Dr. Larson. He is kind, funny, serious, and oh so very talented.

After pic

I'll add more pics, this was the night of surgery and I am completely blown away! Never dreamed I could be like this again.
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