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I'm 57, and getting busy. After 5 consultations,...

I'm 57, and getting busy. After 5 consultations, I made my decision. I will be getting a TT, BR, and lipo of my flanks by Dr. Larson. I have quit smoking, taking Chantix for that... and I'm eating clean. Surgery is in a little over 3 months and I really hope to drop a few lbs. I'm concerned about gaining weight, but so happy to be smoke free. I can't wait to stop the Chantix, because I just don't feel like myself. Anyway, I'm happy to share a bit as you have certainly shared with me. XOXO

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Tell me, how do you deal with all of these feeling that say I'm crazy for considering spending this kind of money on something for me? I've scheduled my surgery with a GREAT team and I feel so comfortable about that, but It is so much money! on me?? This is where I am having a problem. I think I will get the insurance to cover the breast reduction/lift and am willing to go ahead with it even if they won't............but HAVE I LOST MY MIND? The smoking is gone, Thank you LORD! I haven't gained an ounce, so I'm happy about that. My mother has been in the hospital, and she wants to go into assisted living "the first of the year". I'm working on that now, but surgery was scheduled for 1/4/17. I may have to wait a few weeks for that until I get my mom situated and happy. Thanks to all of the girls that have gone before me, you are such a great help by posting your stories here. XO


Oh my goodness, I'm back! I had to go away for a bit because I found myself spending too much time on this site! I am doing great and getting so excited about my surgery! It was hard to quit smoking, not going to lie. It is something that I have been trying to do for a very long time, and I guess I just needed the right motivation. The ups and downs in my mood have been historical and I'm very grateful to my sweet hubby for hanging in there. I'm so excited, we are inside the 30day window now. I got my labs done yesterday. I had my mammogram taken care of, that was scary because I had to go back for more views to make sure, but all is well. I hope everyone is doing well, I will have to see whats new on here and check on my old "buddies".
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