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After years being unhappy with my stomach and...

After years being unhappy with my stomach and breast, I am finally doing something about it. I am 36 years old and a mother of 2. I am 5'6 and weigh about 160. At 11 I had a pretty serious surgery that left me with a scar that extended from my sternum to below my belly button. I have lived most of my life with out a belly button and embarrassed to let anyone see my tummy. With my first child I gained nearly 80 lbs and lost it very quickly. With my second child I only gained 16 lbs but my son was 12 weeks early and had many complications after he was born, The emergency C-section lead to my incision not healing correctly and to have a hernia repair surgery. The doctor that did that surgery made my incision straight across my lower abdomen from hip to hip. This lead to "dog-ears" at each end of my incision. Since the initial surgery I have had 2 additional surgeries to repair hernias. As you could imagine this lead to even more insecurity about my appearance. Clothes have not fit properly in years. I have never really had large breast, which hasn't help matters.

After years of research and talking to friends who have had similar procedures, I decided to have a mommy make over. I will be having a breast lift with augmentation and a full tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks. I am so excited I can believe my surgery is a week away. It really sank in when I went for my pre op and laid down the money for the procedures. I will post before pictures in the next couple of days. In the mean time, is there any advise any of you could offer?

Well it didnt go as planned.

I went in for surgery on the 20th. I think I must have been feeling all the emotions one person could possibly be feeling. My gynecologist went first. He tacked my bladder and tied my tubes. During his part he noticed a couple masses in my abdomen that raised some concern. After calling in a general surgeon to take a look all three of the doctors decided it would be better to hold off on the cosmetic procedures until the could look in to the masses. As you could imagine I was utterly disappointed. I stayed in the hospital for a couple nights and the doctors ran some test. All the test results came back normal. However they did diagnose me with Mesenteric Pannicultis. Basically it is inflammation of all the connective tissue and lymph nodes in my abdomen. In very rare cases this can lead to different types of cancer. All the doctors that treated me agree this is just something I will have to monitor once a year for the rest of my life and at this time I have been cleared for the rest of my surgery which has been scheduled for July 9th. I am glad I have such wonderful caring doctors. Better safe than sorry! Thank you Dr. Bobby Tackket and Dr. Tom Lintner for show that there are doctors that care.

So the emotions and nerves get to continue for 2 more weeks.

Im so excited I may spontaniously combust!

My (second) pre-op is scheduled for next Tuesday and surgery is set for next Thursday. Here are a few pre op pictures. Cant wait to post some post op.

It's a new me!

I can't believe the difference and it's only two weeks later. These pictures wee taken at one week post op.
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I chose Dr. Lintner because several of my friends have used him and their results are amazing. So far I have had a wonderful experience. Everyone in his office has been amazing and more than attentive to answer questions and assisting me in getting ready for my transformation.

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