1 year post op 5-24 & still loving it #teamSalama

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I decided to join realself.com because I have...

I decided to join realself.com because I have become so inspired by all of the wonderful posts on here. I have been reading several posts and let me say that this site offers a WEALTH of information. I am looking to get a tummy tuck w/lipo and BA (silcone)

I am 33 yrs old. I live in the Atlanta, GA area. I am married and I have two kids. I have one boy who is 6 and one girl who is 3. I am currently a little over my normal weight because I have been out of the gym for a few months, but I am about 5'5 and 140lbs. However, my normal weight is around 130lb. I am now about a 34 A- lol. I never had big boobs. I was a 34 B before kids and breastfeeding.So, I was about 26 yrs old when I had my son and I was about 120 lb before I got pregnant with him. After I had him I stayed around 128-134 lb. With my second pregnancy ( 2009) I gained SO much weight. I was 180lb at the time of delivery. I worked really hard and got back down to 130lb. This year I have been up and down between 130lb- 140lb due to stress, work schedule, etc.

I have been seriously considering a mommy makeover for about 6 months.
I am tired of the muffin top and my flat chest. My stomach looks a bowl of chitlin's LOL! I HATE wearing bathing suits. I look like a boy or a big ass pear in bathing suits. ( I have some hips/butt) I dont feel sexy any more. I want to be smokn' HAWT like those chics walking around South Beach, Miami .

My husband is so awesome. He loves me the way I am, but he will do whatever to make me happy. So after complaining about my body for years he made me a appt with Dr. David Whiteman on December 27th. Honestly, he/we chose Dr. Whiteman because he did NeNe Leakes ( (real housewives of Atlanta) surgery AND because he has his surgery performed in the same hospital my husband works for. We love the fact that his surgery suit is apart of a hospital ( just in case ...) We did our research on Dr. Whiteman and he is a very well experienced PS. He was very polite, thorough, and very clear about expectations. I felt very comfortable with him. Im kinda sold on Dr. Whiteman :o), but I may see one or two other PS (maybe). But I loved Dr. Whiteman he was really helpful. He recommends a tummy tuck with lipo. He said that my belly button was higher than most women ( strange ?? lol). Also, for my BA he wants to go with a 390cc to 420cc. I THINK Im gonna go with the silcone. I am a little nervous about the size because I dont want to be too big. He said that would put me at a small D.

I am hoping to schedule my surgery for the 1st week in June 2013. I am hoping to secure that date by the end of Feb.but we will see how finances look.

I forgot to add that both of deliveries were natural.

I forgot to add that both of deliveries were natural.

New Pics** So I am adding some post pics eeek! I...

New Pics** So I am adding some post pics eeek! I am also researching now about having surgies overseas. I have contacted Dr. Robles in the D.R. I have also reached out to a couple of PS in Cancun. But I emailed Dr. Robles on this past Friday night and by Saturday afternoon I was contacted asking for pics and to filll out some medical history forms. I was pretty impressed with the fast response even though it was the weekend. I am very nervous about going overseas. You hear a lot of horror stories, but I have had read some hideous reviews about PS here in the USA also. But what has me intrigued is of course the lower price tag but a lot of good work that I have on here from women that went overseas. I am currently keeping my options for choosing a PS open.

I am currently working out to shed those 10lbs I gained. I am hoping to go into surgery weighing 130lbs or less.

Its some hard work researching and looking for ps....

Its some hard work researching and looking for ps. Just when you think you have found that one....boom!..another variable pops up. My head is spinning. Im still looking...

I have lost 5lbs (my weight is slowly going back...

I have lost 5lbs (my weight is slowly going back down) Im now 135lb from 140. (posted new pics)
I have been still shopping around for PS. As far as consults in the Atlanta area, I have had consults in person with Dr. Whiteman, Dr. Okoro, and Dr. Davoudi.

Let me tell you, if you are looking for a great down to earth ps in the Atlanta area, Dr. Davoudi is it! It was such a pleasure doing my consult with him. His suite is attached to Gwinnett Medical Hospital and like Dr. Whiteman they both do their surgies in the hospital. His office is just GORGEOUS! His staff very nice and helpful. He took his time with me and went over every detail of the surgery(s) I was interested in. He walked me through his photos showing me exactly what I needed know. He was very personable. What I liked most is he spend the entire time with me during the consult. Some PS will leave you in the room and have their PA's or nurses do a lot of the work, not Dr. Davoudi. He is very hands on. His prices are good if you are paying cash. 10K-11K (with lipo of the back included ;o))

Dr. Okoro office was very nice as well. His office was very hi-tech. I did my consult with his PA Uma. Uma was very informative and sweet. I like the staff and office ,but the prices were a bit on the high end. $14,000 for tt, ba (silicone), and extra lipo.

I love everything about Dr. Robles except that she is overseas. Her quote for me was $5900 for tt/ba.lipo. She would be my first pick however I am struggling with going out the country and am concerned about post care.

The cheapest in-state PS for what I am looking for tt/ba(silicone) is Dr. Salama (miami) $8300, Dr. Pinella (miami) $8000, and Dr. Hedden (Birmingham). I have been researching safety, reviews, location, follow-up care and prices and these three are best fit for the price. Dr. Salama is so packed I dont think I will be able to book with him.

I am narrowing it down to instate: Dr. Hedden, Dr. Pinella, Dr. Salama (if his schedule opens) and Dr. Davoudi. Over seas: Dr. Robles is still a possibility if I can muster up the courage and nerve...I am scared to go overseas.

*Dr. Hedden is around $8000

*Dr. Hedden is around $8000

Wow!!! It still has not sunk in!! I finally put...

Wow!!! It still has not sunk in!! I finally put down my deposit for my plastic surgery...I am officially #TEAMSALAMA May 24, 2013. I've been waiting and bugging Nancy since December 2012. Yay!

I have been mia due to have the flu for two...

I have been mia due to have the flu for two weeks, then my two children getting getting the flu smh. My household was sick for about 3wks. I just have back from vacation ;). it was great took an exotic cruise. I can not believe my surgery is May 24. It's official I have purchased plane tickets to Fort Lauderdale and reserved my condo. I'm just waiting on my packet from Dr.Salamas office. Well, I will post s
again once I receive my packet.

21 Days to go #teamSalama... I am down to 130 lbs...

21 Days to go #teamSalama... I am down to 130 lbs now. I finally had all my tests and physical results faxed over. Its the waiting game now. Dr. Salama wants you to take 1000mg Vit C and 325 mg of iron daily. The iron amount is very high. I am not even anemic. My primary care thought it was odd as well but he prescribed an iron supplement with a built in stool softener. Yay ! My primary care said ferralet 90mg is kinda like hopsital strength used to bring anemic patient iron levels up but with out all the constipation and multiple iron pills. I have been doing some exercise. Oh, I am bringing my entire fam ( mom, hubby, 2 kiddos) to Miami. My husband wanted the kids to come Mostly to give my kids some kind of summer break. I understand but at least I have will two adults with me to help me and to keep the kids away lol. We are staying on the beach so im sure that will not be hard lol. So I will check in again soon. Well that's all for now

11 days to go til I'm on the plane headed to ...

11 days to go til I'm on the plane headed to Miami! I'm definitely looking forward to my results. I'm not Dr. Salama's norm, the bbl. I'm ready for my tummy to be gone and some air tobe pumped into these flap jacks. I'm mostly excited at this point.

Wow! My surgery is next Friday, May 24,2013 #mommymakerover #teamsalama #7days left

Can't figure out why I can update my Dr's name. I am still #teamsalama. I want it to say Dr. Moises Salama instead of just dr. Salama.

Rambling session 1: I have read a lot of great reviews on tt recovery. So, thankful for people on here that keep it real and detailed. I thank you guys so much. I hope I can help someone too. However, this one chic was so negative. I am not going to name any names, but I really wanted to tell that her that maybe she should have talked to someone professionally before and after surgery for mental support. The review from pre-op to post-op was negative. I was thinking this chic is clinically depressed. The low self esteem was truly internal and NO SURGERY could ever fix what was in her head based on her review. I dont like my body and even hate it sometimes but I still LOVE myself. I kinda felt she didnt love anything about herself. Like that country song I like "Buzz Kill", her review was a BUZZ KILL lol, should have poured those beers out lol.

Ramble session 2: I am so broke! I have pinching pennies to pay for my surgery, plane tickets, hotel, etc in cash. No credit cards or loans. Thankful to God for blessing us. However, Im so broke I can't pay attention. Iam the point where I need to cash in cans to get my supplies to take with me lol j/k.

Ramble Session 3: I felt like I have read read read and now I feel like I am forgeting everything that I need to do, to get, to pack before the big day. I must start packing tomorrow 5/18/2103. I feel all over the place. Im not nervous it really has it kicked in yet that I am really about to get a mommy makeover. I just going through the motion. Besides, work has kept me extremely busy to keep my mind off the surgery.

Welp, thats enough rambling. Cant' wait until i have some juicy interesting stuff to post like post-op recovery pics. #God'swill :o)


Thanks newtimeme! I got this from her page!
Decreasing Swelling:

- Water Detox - (pre op) Try to include intermittent "water only" fasts to rid the body of toxins - the body is able to go into a rest mode from digestion, and is able to focus on healing (especially the liver & kidneys) and restoring thru cleansing (especially the blood). It is good preparation for surgery, as less toxins are in your body while your body is trying to heal. I personally plan a 3-5 day fast per month for a few months, followed by 1 day fasts per week...drink drink drink.. *Not recommended if on medication*
- Arnica Montana and Bromelain for fluids (and swelling)
- Ice, elevate
- Fresh pineapple with cottage cheese (Daisy only - natural)
- More water - more water helps you to lose extra water weight - also carries toxins out of the body
- Less sodium (Low to no) - Sodium causes water retention
- More protein (leans) - Less Carbs (and keep carbs separate from fats & proteins at least an hour or more, to allow the enzymes to break the food up more efficiently)
- Wear compression garment religiously and only take it off for showering if possible
- Don't eat as much - eat smaller portions more frequently if possible - snacking
- Don't get the cardio up - this gets you swelling more - Stick to keeping it slow paced for a while. As your body rests it can focus on healing.
- Lymphatic massage - light rhythmic massage with circular strokes and some pumping techniques. Light strokes circular toward the heart and down toward your lymph nodes in your thighs.
- Endermologie (LPG) - Treatments are performed by a professional using machines. (rolling & sucking) Stimulates the venous and lymphatic systems, eliminates toxins - It also enhances scar softening/maturing.
- Rest - when in an upright position, the lymphedema cannot cross the fresh incisional scar to drain into the inguinal lymph glands in the groin, so it tends to get "hung up" in the lower abdomen, producing more swelling above the scar. At night time, while lying down, the swelling drains dependently around to the back, but the cycle resumes when the sitting up/stands up the next day. *Chronic lymphedema (swelling) can turn into chronic fibrosis (scar tissue) resulting in a bulge or step off above the scar. Avoid any bouncing or twisting for several weeks…Don’t try and exercise too soon…Just do gentle things
- **My personal thought - Have drain tubes coming out of sides of incision to collect fluids traveling downward and resting on incision scar while sitting upright. This makes the most sense to me..


- Massage the scar to produce blood flow and release tension on surrounding skin
-Honey - spread honey on incision scars and cover with sterile strips/coverings
-Fresh Aloe
-Vitamin E
-Cocoa Butter
-Steri Strips
-Silicone sheeting strips
-Scar Guard or Mederma

Regain feeling in abdominal after TT:
-Gently massage abdominal area to help stimulate nerve feelings

A couple other pointers to remember:
-Be sure to get up and walk shortly after surgery to decrease chances of blot clots forming in legs. Also, getting massages on the legs is another great option while laying in resting positions.

Tip for keeping swelling down

When I was researching about going overseas to have surgery, I read where a lot of ladies were drinking a mixture of pineapple and cucmber juice and also lots and lots of water to keep the swelling down. I think I am going to incorporate this as apart my healing routine as well . I got this from newcurves35.

"drink a whole pitcher of juice 3-4 times per week. You dont wanna drink it everyday cuz you'll start losing lots of weight, and you're not supposed to do any type of diet the first 2 months after surgery. I blend a whole pineapple, 1 cucumber with the skin, 1 apple with the skin and 2 celery sticks and add some honey to sweeten it, NO sugar".

benefits of the pineapple and cucumber juice

correction I got the last recipe from *newcurves25.
I went ahead and researched the benefits from pineapple and cucumber and it's really good for you after surgery. I went to this website. http://www.hailmerry.com/blog/2012/12/raw-cleansing-recipes-pineapple-pear-cucumber-juice/

wish pics

Finally getting around to posting some wish pics

pre surgery pics taken 5-19-13 (lost over 10lbs)

2 days left then I will be flying out Thursday (5/23/13). It still has not hit me. I am literally going through the motions. I guess I just have so much going on right now in my life its crazy. I am actually just looking forward to just getting it over with. I have had so many curve balls thrown at me. I will be paying my final balance off tomorrw with Dr. Salama. I am trying to wash and pack for me and my entire family. I have to clean my house (which is a haaawt mess). I have so many things to do but I thought I'd post my last pics before surgery. If they let me take pics of being marked up.. I will post those.

Comparing my back fat lol

last pic but I am comparing my back fat lol

made it to the flat side

doing fairly well cant type much right now... I'm sleepy....so stay tuned

Dr. Salama is so cool

He has a great sense of humor and most definitely know his ish. He is very confident in work. I go tomorrow yes on a Sunday to see him for my first post op visit. I will post pics then probably. these drugs have me so loopy. I got 397cc in my left boob and 425 cc in my right. I'm supposed to be a full C or small D. My breast do not bother me much at all but my left drain does.I have not peeked at tt line but my boobsb look. Good from what Ican see . I will keep you guys posted my drugs are kicking n .

a couple of new pics

Had my first post op visit today. I had my gauze and stuff changed . I was placed in a new binder and a new bra. The ones prior were to big. Here are a couple of pics

It feels like the fog has cleared...Day3 post op

I slept mostly the first couple of days which is good because it was harder getting up and sitting down. Day 3 I'm feeling really independent. I getting up and going to the restroom by my self but sometimes I do need help after sitting for long periods of time. The pain is much more tolerable. honestly, my binder is what causes my discomfort. I am pretty swollen around my tube area. Call it TMI but today was the first day I actually passed gas. since the surgery. It didn't hurt however I also got the urge to cough and that did hurt. My. next appt is Wednesday 5/29/13. I will hopefully post more pics before then

T.U.I= typing under the influence

These pain killers really have me loopy. Sorry in advance, if my thoughts are coming across all over the place lol. I do want to say overall, I feel great. I’m just chilling. I am taking it easy and relaxing. I don’t have a juicer with me as I planned so my plans changed as far as juicing. I am drinking Gatorade, ginger ale and water. I realized in my previous post that I said I have 397 cc in my left and 425 cc in my right breast. Well, that's incorrect I have 457 cc in my right. I think I am a small D or a full C. I like them though. My boobs are pretty tight still. I can’t wait until they soften up. So I had my 2nd bowel movement and shower today (first time was post day 3). Nothing is really bothering me too much. I go tomorrow for my second post op apt hopefully it will be with Dr. Salaam. I will post more pics then. My boobs are really tight feeling but I guess that’s normal. Also, the area around my tubes, my pubic mound area, is really swollen. I have had some itching mostly in the areas that were lipo'd and my booby area. I take Benadryl and I use the cream. My husband said it’s a side effect of the pain killers (he is a RN).
But I did want to mention that Dr. Salama has two offices. He has one office that is attached to the Aventura Hospital it seems fairly new plain not much décor but new looking. I went there for my preop and 1st post op visit. But the weird thing is where I had my surgery at. It was just weird. It was literally around the corner from his other office but I wasn’t expecting it to be in a building with all different types of other businesses. It was weird to think that the building had a law office, surgical supplies store, and surgery going on all at the same time lol. I guess that's how he cuts down on the overhead cost. His surgery suite is very secure you have to be buzzed in, then you are in a small/tiny waiting area, then you are buzzed in to his office. It's just weird. It’s very plain though. His anesthesiologist was very cool. He was very patient and really tried to make me very calm and assured me he was going to take care of me. He gave me a drug cocktail through my IV and I remember saying that felt great...then I was out. Next thing I woke up in another room. So, those of you having fears of being put out (I was secretly freaking out) it not bad at all. Well, I will check in tomorrow and tell you what the doctors say. Meanwhile, not sure if I mentioned but I am staying in a 1brm condo that sleeps 6 at the Hollywood Beach Resort. I found the condo and rented it from valgal.net condos. It was mentioned on Dr. Salama's website as a place to stay. . It’s a pretty good deal for the price and the location (beach). You can't beat it. Valerie is the owner and she will work with you. She owns a lot of condos and other properties in the areas. Well that’s all for now....ttyl

misc pics

Hospitalized with blood clots post op.day 7

I started feeling sore in my left thigh and then my knees were swelling after I would walk around for a while. This had been going on for a couple days since Wednesday. I decided to give Dr. Salama a call. He made room in his schedule to see me. He looked at my legs and he saw the redness in my thigh and said swelling is normal but the red sore area is not. He called the Aventura hospital and arranged for me to have an ultrasound done on both legs to be safe. Thank God he did because they found a blood clot in my left leg. So, the tech called Salama with the news and he immediately had me arranged to be admitted. So, as I am being triaged guess who shows up and is by my side?Dr. Salama! I know this man has a super slammed schedule but that doesn't affect his quality of care for patients. He was genuinely concerned andwanted to be there for me. He is a great doctor. My husband is so awesome. ladies, I didn't mention all the drama we had going before my surgery but just to let you in my husband lost his father right before my surgery. I wanted to cancel my surgery but he wouldn't let me. He has been flying back and forth from ga to fl to be my side and to play with the kids and give my mom a break. He flys in today without any sleep and has to deal with me getting hospitalized smh. I feel so bad having the surgery but I know it was just bad timing of things that happened and was out of our control. I love my hubby so much. He is so patient and supportive. I'm gonna pray the clots go away and that I don't have anymore complications. Rough Day today. My advice is definitely pay attention to your body and no matter how small or insignificant the problem may be ask or tell the doctor about it.

Pics I took 5-31-13

I took these pics as I got dressed "thinking" I was going to go eat lunch with my family after visiting Dr. Salama. Not!

im busting out of this joint! :-)

Good News!! I got discharged from the hospital today! I'm waiting on my husband to pick me up. It sucked a lil not being able to go to dinner with my family yesterday. Man, I had to share a room with a lady who kept calling the nurse to our room every 10min.That sucked too! lol They kept coming in looking at me and asking can I help you .I'm like its not me it's her that needs you lol. it got to the point where I just pointed in her direction when they came in lol the nurse would just roll her eyes like why does she keep calling us lol. Well, the bad part is I have to take blood thinners for 3months and the brand im taking is Xarelto. It was going to cost meWITH insurance $450.00 for like 21pills wth!! But God is good and Walgreens found me a coupon and I only have to pay $10 bucks. Yes lawd!! God is good. Now back to happy healing.:)

Taking it easy.....

I guess reality finally set it that I could have died from the blood clots. it's scary and I'm still not all the way out of the woods yet. I feel great. I'm praying and staying positive. I'm off of my pain meds now. Just a lil recap of my experience. I had no nausea really on the first day of surgery. I was able to take a shower post op day 3. Dr. Salama said he wasn't concerned with showering and gave me the okay. I had swell hell in my tummy from day 1 and I still do. My breast are about a full C to a small D. I was an A cup. I started having swelling in my legs with pain around post op day4. The pain in my thigh felt like a throbbing bruise. it didn't really hurt unless you touched it.However, the big red flag for me was when my knees (I have chicken drum ssd tuck legs)had so much fluid I them they were the size of a large grape fruit. My right thigh was so big it made me walk funny. That's when I made the call. Also, while waiting for Dr.S to see me I got on his scale I weighed 142. I was 131 the day of surgery. That's how much fluid I had. Now, my legs look normal.My thighs look good too. I still have a tender spot in my inner thigh. I'm praying that off. Today, post op day 9 breast are dropping in place. They are still hard feeling though. I have been putting pure vitamin e oil on them too help soothe my stretching skin. I use Eurcerin body lotion on my body. I'm only putting neosporin on my bb. I still have my drains in. I'm only taking antibiotics and stool softener. nothing else. I guess that about it. I was planning to stay in Florida until June 9. Let's hope everything (drains out, clot issues) gets taken care of by then. I see Dr. Salama on Wednesday. My hubby flew back home today ,:(. But My mom and my kiddos are here at the condo with me. Honestly, I feel really good... I'm just taking it easy :))

was out and about today for a lil while

I arranged after my surgery to rent a wheel chair since my condo is quite a ways from the elevator. It has really come in handy since I have to take it extra easy having the blood clot. So, I guess you can say I " rolled" out today. My mom and I took the kids to chuck e cheese and to the beach. I just kinda sat watched but it was nice finally getting out the house and getting some fresh air. I'm feeling good. No complaints. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I ask that you guys keep praying for me :)

Nothing really new today

My boobs have finally softened up. They were tight and hard feeling for the longest. I finally feel a little softening. I still have a ways to go.This week I can start my breast massages. My swelling has gone down a lil bit these past two days in my whole body. My legs look like drumsticks again so I guess that's a good thing lol. I see Dr. Salama tomorrow hopefully he will take these drains out.... so I guess until then that's all for now.

Quick look my body transformation

140lb down to 130lb then the surgery. Lipo is like magic on my love handles OMG!

Goodbye binder but hello Fajas?

I saw Dr. Salama yesterday and I was ready to have my drains removed yesterday at post op day 12 ,but me and the doc said that I should wait a couple of days just to make sure . We want the best chance of having NO more complications. So they are coming out Friday. I'm cool with it. Salama says he will remove drains as long as you are producing less than 30cc. Well, I have doing that thinnerfor about 5 days. I'm literally down to less than 5cc. in each drain. But we both agreed better to be safe than sorry.

I was very excited to kiss my bra and my binder goodbye. But this dang Faja is sucking me so damn tight I feel like I am a walking spine and rib cage lol. I'm sucked in to the CORE lol. This forces you to sit and stand up with good posture. I am still sleeping in that up position but last night this dang thing Made me lay flat. Your are very erect at all times lol. So with about two pillows behind my head I finally stretched a lil and laid kinda flat. This thing is like glue, it holds everything up, tight, and in place. I wish I would've tried one of these before my surgery. Forget the spanx, you need one of things : http://newsite.bodyshapetech.com/
This is the brand Dr. Salama uses. The nurses said it would be tight and uncomfortable for a few days and then it will because more comfortable. She said this my shaper. So, I'm about to wear the heck out of this thing.

I have been in Florida for 14 days and by time I leave it will be a total of 17 days. My husband flew in yesterday yay. He has to fly back and forth because of work. But my boo is here with me until I leave. I'm so happy to be with my love, my protector :)). My mom flew out yesterday. I'm walking really good I feel great, no pain in my legs, no swelling, and taking my Xarelto (blood thinner) like clock work for it I my life saver.
I'm blessed. I don't know if I ever mentioned but my husband is a cardiac nurse/nurse supervisor so between him and Dr.S I'm in good hands.:)))

I forget one thing about the fajas you can't pee normal in those things. I wasn't able to get a pee cup thing, so my husband made me a bootleg one lol he cut the bottom of Gatorade bottle, and kept the cap on tight, and I pee'd in that.

Well that's all for now! Thank you all for your prayers!!

pics of me in my garment and the pee contraption lol

I'm using my cellphone too update on here so sometimes it just does what it wants. sorry about all the typos. it wouldnt let me upload my pics with my last post so I'm gonna try now.

The drains are out!!!!!!

Today marks my two weeks anniversary lol of being on the flat side. I had the drains taken out. I kept them in a long time to reduce the possibility of getting a seroma. The drain removal. process wasn't that bad at all. I took a a Percocet before. He has you stand up, then snips the stitches around the tube, counts to 3 the pulls the tube out, it was about a lil.tub but at the end was this lil device that resembled a plastic white knife with lil holes in it. That thing was about 6inches at least. It probably a total of 12inches in me. Didn't hurt much at all. He also took off all my steri-strips and put micropore tape to help with healing of my scars. He also said I could use scar creams and the silicone strips. I should wear sports bras and a lymphatic massage only on my lipo area. I'm still swollen so hopefully my lil tummy pudge will go down. He said no real bras til about four weeks so I have guess two weeks to go. He also no sex for four weeks. I guess I have two weeks on that as well. Not, sure how long I can last lol. Overall I'm feeling wonderful today. I'm standing straight and laying flat on myback. Now, I gotta get my juicer and get my health in order. I leave Sunday and I'm ready to go home. Thats all for now ttyl :))

Scar Treatment

Since, it's pouring outside and really much for me to do I have been researching scar treatment for my tt scars. I found this site very informative and thought I share. I got this info from realself.

Faja and no drains pic

Bored but took two pics in my faja WITHOUT my drains yeah baby :))

internet/wifi sucks

I not sure what's going on but my pc and phone act up all. the time in the hotel. the internet speed is snail's pace... sometimes it a 2sec pause between every letter I type arrrgh... Let's see if the pics post this time...

Enjoyed a lil beach time

I dipped my toes in the water for good luck (winks ;) at @Sunsets). I'm feeling great moving around well. I'm still swollen pretty bad but I love my new body. I'm actually about to go out and have a nice lunch with my family probably at the Rain forest Cafe. Well, that's all for now ttyl.

Georgia....Georgiaaaaa!(singing in my Ray C. voice)

I'm soooo happy!!! I'm home and in my bed!! Yes!!! I was gone for 17days and spent $$$$$! Now, it's time to nurse my bank acct back to health... it's probably in the red and needs some band-aids lol it's bleeding lmbo!! I have absolutely zero pain and walked through the airports just fine. My hubby carried my purse lol. My own bed feels so awesome Omg. Ttyl I'm about to crash zzzzzz

My body said you are doing too much

When you can overcome major obstacles like showering on your own, putting that tight a$$ faja on w/o help, and walking just a tad bit faster than a zombie's paced you feel great! On top of the world !! lol that was me earlier. I walked through Fort Lauderdale aairport and Atlanta's huge a$$ airport, came home cooked us brunch, washed dishes, showered, and then the swelling in my both my legs start again, this time I have sharp shooting nerve pains going down my right leg (left has the clot).#ouch. So guess what, I slapped in mirowave meals in the microwave for me and the kiddos and I'm laying with my feet elevated. This is what happens when you " think" you are back normal!!....Not!!! My hubby had to work tonight #sigh #hopethispaingoesaway

My breast feel like a bad sunburn. I guess these implants are really stretching my skin. I.have been. icing them and putting vitamin E oil I them. the bother me really unless I rich them.
guess I'm putting myself on bed rest smh ttyl :

I'm so swollen I look 4 months preggers

I'm pretty annoyed with the up and down my body is doing. I know I could do better with staying away from milk and carbs. However, I'm not sure if this is normal but I'm so hungry! It's like the garment makes you not wanna eat a lot and as soon as I finish eating in like hungry again. I will be 3 weeks Friday. I hope I see some improvement by week for this can be a lil discouraging. I'm so afraid that I will be stuck with this pooch. I'm drinking cucumber, lemon, lime water only for the next few days , , fruit, high protien and see what happens. I know Dr S. used a different technique than other ps. He pulls you inward to give you curves, lipo your flanks to enhance it, he cut me hip.to hip ( longer scar) to reduce dog ears, and he didn't pull my tummy skin real tight ddownward to reduce the chance of my scar rising. I'm wondering if he could have pulled it tighter. I'm a lil frustrated today. I know.... time will tell.#sigh. But on a positive note my tt scar and bb are healing pretty good.

3weeks today

it's been three weeks since I had my surgery, man time flys. I'm definitely back in mom/wifey mode. I know I should take it easy (I am to an extent) but it's hard for me to sit around when there is so much to do around the house. I'm not an ocd clean freak but clutter gives me anxiety....I just can't take it, clutter puts me in a bad mood smh. Plus, I'm home for the summer ( teacher) heck naw!!! .icant just sit and look at it all day lol. I have all wood floors in my house ...I hate walking and getting crumbs and ish on my feet or socks. So at snails pace (5 days working slowly): I used my shark 2n1 wet vacuum to sweep and mop the floors. I have managed to do a couple of weeks worth.of laundry times 4!!#omg get my kitchen and living room straight. Slowly making my way to bedrooms and bathrooms. I feel good....I don't hurt... I just swell pretty bad and my back gets tight at the end of a busy day. Now my boob are still a lil sore but are softening and settling. Where my drains were is itching like crazy. I told myself I want gonna stress and obsess over the inevitable SWELL HELL... I. have read and read and read on RS It's too early for me to be fussing lol. I'm doing everything right, I wear my garment around the clock, Im eating fairly well...... I lost 9lbs of water weight that the blood clot put on me. I'm now 132lb..... I'm one pound heavier than the day of surgery.... I'm hoping reach my goal of 125. I can't wait to start doing my Zumba classes. I've been doing Zumba for years. I will try to take a pic of me in the morning when I'm less swollen and post it.

I look like Humpty Dumpty in pants :(

I went to Ross (Wal-mart was too packed) looking for cheap sports bras and I caught a glimpse of me in the mirror with these sweat pants on and I look like a damn egg.smh Lord, please say this ain't my final results. I know I said I wasn't gonna obsess but damn...I look an egg.... stomach sticking out and my butt sticking out just creates this rounded egg appearance yuck!! #badday #humptydumpty=POD 22 lmao

So I'm 4 weeks...

I'm still obsessing lol but thanks to Jenyphur on rs advice about wearing both my faja and cg at that same time I have a small improvement. My appetite is outof this world. So, that's probably not helping with the maui bloat. However, I never was a horrible eater so... maybe its all the water and lemon I'm drinking.

So this week I can start my scar treatment... what's the best scar treat ment out there? Also, I went to lipo express.com and found out they have several stores called perfect bodies. They have a couple here in Ga, I went to one the other day and the lady recommends I get a smaller garment. I will after my massages next week. I get my first massage next Wednesday. Maybe that will me look like a soft boiled egg lmao.

I have no pain really, my boobs are still softening, my right boob needs to drop a lil more. My left boob hurts after wearing my bra too long. Nothing major really....when my stomach goes down maybe I will take more pics.. right now its just pisses me off so that's why I haven't been posting pics much. You really do go on an emotional roller coaster after these surgeries lol.

So ttyl gators!

week 5 ... with a lil surprise?

I got my first lymphatic massage ( finally) on Wednesday (5/27/13) at BellaForma. The massage was not painful at at very relaxing. They use a probe hooked up to a ultrasound and wand your tummy and breast (I got my boobs massaged too). It looks like the thing your OB/gyn uses when they take internal pics of your ovaries or early pregnancies. She used this other thing that vibranted ( tummy only), and then she a manual massage with her hands. So, here is the surprise they think I have a small seroma.WtH!!! Oh Lord, here we go again... I'm like Dr. Salama's problem child. I didn't want the ps at Bella to touch anything so I left and went home and called Dr.S' s office. Here is my feelings I feel the bloat is subsiding so if it is a mild case maybe it Wil resolve on its own. I plan on flying back to Miami between my 6 and my 8thweek for my check up. Nomie, advised me to purchase foam and a board. I did yesterday. it's hard to tell, because I don't know what a seroma feels like... but I had those drains for ever smh.. it's always something. I was advised to stay in touch with them about the progresses... and call today.

Positive Note:
I am slowly going down in size and bloat. when I went to but the foam etc. I actually ended up buying a new garment. I had to get an xS. So, I'm down from a medium to extra small. I starting to feel sexy again and I'm now a soft boiled egg lol instead of hard boiled egg. I have been walking 1.5 miles every other day to. every two. days. I'm easing my way on up into exercising. I feel great...I will keep you guys posted on the possible seroma.

Feeling so much better about the swell hell

I have been in contact with Nomie at Dr. salama's office about having a possible seromas... I think I'm gonna fly down in a couple of weeks. I have a workshop to attend next week and others the following week.. it's hard getting advice over the phone.

Omg wearing the foam+pear shaped board+ garment+compression garment has done wonders to my egg shape... I'm very flat now. ...of course I swell up like a balloon by the end of the day but it feels great to know that "egg shape"in the front is not permanent. Finally I can I'm happy with my results. ... love my boobs love my tummy #nomorespongebob #nomorehumptydumpty lol

Week 3-5.5 tummy transitions

7weeks doing well

I finally booked my flight to see Dr.Salama about the "possible" seroma and for my 6-8week check up. I'm really not happy with Nomie right now. She failed to follow up with me. She comes across very blah....like she is an introvert, not a people person. Everyone else Suni Nancy....very nice very helpful. However, she did help me but i guess sometimes that's just how people are, that's their personality, no harm intended I'm sure. ..I will let you guys know how it goes in a few days. ..take care

saw Dr. Salama yesterday

NO Seromas! Yay! He is such a great doctor. He's such a sweety. I love my ps. He has an office apart of Aventura Hospital and other suite 10min away where he does his surgeries. The surgery site is right down the street from the beach. He said everything looks great. He even considered putting me on the website omg *flattered*! I signed the papers to waive my rights lol. If he uses my photos great and if not that's ok too. I will definitely dipped my toes in the water for good luck. I only stayed a day. I flew in and flew out same day. He gave me the okay to get back to the gym ie Zumba. Its just one thing holding me back lol...

I went to see a podiatrist today because of heel pain for several months turns out I have a stress fracture. ..smh I have to wear the big boot now smh.. call me the bubble baby... my spirits are high ...Dr thinks I should be able to take the boot off in a couple weeks. So, another few weeks before I can shake a tail feather. The good thing is I can still function normal. ..Dr said I have to attend an event and need to wear heels for a bit than that's fine. .. just wear the boot afterwards. Welp, I guess I have to diet until I can get back in the gym. ...ttyl

Oh posting some pics of my scars. ...excuse the swell hell....had margaritas and something bloating lol

Day 59 I'm just now starting scar therapy

I'm using a brand my girlfriend gave me who works in medical sales. These silicone strips are reuasable and washable and supposed to last me up to 3 months. She used it first and showed me where it helped her 2nd degree burn wound. I couldn't tell she was burned at all...we will see how it works. ... the hard part is trying to get more. ..I guess I will ask Dr.S if he can order me some. I'm posting pics...

Day 66 the scale is not my friend

So I haven't had the chance to have good workout since before the sx. I thought I was going back full swing but this stress fracture is holding me back. I'm racking up on the lbs .Isee my podiatrist tomorrow so hopefully he will sayI'm ok to exercise and take this dang boot off. I'm drinking my lemon lime cucumber water which I think has helped me to not gain as much weight as I should. I have gained about 5lbs and I'm (as of today) focusing to get rid of them asap.

Still doing the scar therapy. .. the silicon sheets are a pain they come off sometimes. .... but iwill keep you posted. My breast are feeling like real boobs very soft at times and after no bra for a while they still firm/swell up........

I'm still on blood thinners and will have to continue taking then until December 2013 :(...but I feel normal I eat drink and do what ever. )..in December they will examine to seeifthe clot is still there....make sure you get up and walk walk walk walk after sx please ..... ttyl

79 days post op and I feel sexier than ever.

Just like It takes time to get used to your newborn it takes time to get used to your body and all of the issues after surgery. I'm so in love with me right now. I feel like the sh*t when I step out. I have heads turning and whistles lmao. I still bloat and blow up at the end of the but I think its gotten a lil better. My waist is so as small and with this D cups omg I love it! I'm still driving cucumber lime and lemon water. I'm juicing now yay! I haven't started exercising yet but I'm watching what I eat m-f. I still splurge on the weekends though..alcohol pizza etc. I love everything and I have no complaints. It's only gonna get better! I know I sound conceited but after you go through your surgery you will feel the same way. #worthit

out and about post 79


geez almost 4 months... time for nice bras

Hey Everyone! I have been m.I.a because I have been back at work. It seems like summer break flew by! I'm doing great. I'm using the silicon sheets for scar therapy still. Still taking my blood thinners. ..I can do in November. I have been jucing and watching what I eat. However, I have been splurging a bit since the labor holiday break. I feel great and I'm enjoying me. I still have swell hell but I have noticed the more weight I lose the less swelling I have? ? No matter what weight i am..I still swell at the end of the day. Excuse my messy bathroom..

Love me some me??

I'm feeling great. I started with a medium size garment now I'm in extra small. I get my fajas/garments from lipoexpress.com. Im so busy from work I hardly get to come on here. Just a tip for you guys just getting your surgery make sure you get that extra comestic insurance. My final bill from my hospital was 8K. After my health insurance paid, I was left with 2K, I forgot to file my comestic insurance but I just did last month, hopefully they will take care of everything. I will keep you posted.

I have been slacking on my scar therapy. ..I need get with the program. .. it's been a good month and I have used anything.

Well here are some pics ttyl

I more pic

tt with vertical scar pic

6 months and feeling great

I am now six months and man time flys. I'm still wearing my garment everyday. I sometimes alternate between the garment and binder. I still swell after eating somethings .also I get sore around my incision line when I sweell or go without my garment. I feel really snug and secure in my garment. I haven't worked out yet smh I will soon.. I'm maintaining my weight by being so busy at work...I do plan to start working out soon. That's all for now.I will post pics later. Ttyl

6 month post op pic w/o ever working out smh

Here iam in my lounge wear... excuse the mess..6 months post op

7 months

7 months and I still haven't worked out smh I really need to....I am still wearing my cg and faja off and on..I feel great. ..I just need to work out more.

Im 1 year Post -Op & still #TeamSalama

Loving me! Self Confidence is through the room! Sex life is through the roof! It's amazing what a Lil more confidence can do for ya! Dr. Salama is a beast! I will post more pics later but I wanted to check in with you all and let you know that after a year later I'm still loving it! #teamSalama
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Found out about Dr. Salama on realself.com. I quickly discovered that he is the BBL king. Although, I was not getting a bbl, the reviews about his craft, perfection, and professionalism drew my attention. He is world known and has an excellent reputation. He so good that he books out a year in advance. But don't worry Nancy, his assistant can sometimes work miracles in get you in. If not, believe me, its worth the wait. This guy is busy but will be by your side in a heartbeat to attend to you. That's what he did for me when I developed a blood clot in my left leg. He was so attentive to my body his quick calls helped save my life . He is the BEST PS!! I highly recommend him. He doesn't let his high volume affect his quality of care...I promise you that. Im teamsalama all day!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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