TEAM DURAN!!!!!! Dominican Republic :) BBL, TT & swapping BI From saline to silicone gel

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I am reading all of these reviews after obsessing...

I am reading all of these reviews after obsessing for 5 years over this procedure. I scheduled an appt for the webinar for Dr.J but I am not happy with the reviews I'm seeing! I was also interested in Dr.Mandata in Miami. Does anyone have any info they could share with me of experiences with either of these doctors?? I would really appreciate it!


I have officially decided on Dr Duran for my procedures! I am getting a BBL, TT & I'm switching my breast implants from saline to silicone... She quoted me $6000 If any ladies would be so kind as to share any info you have with Dr Duran also Angela's recovery house I would truly appreciate it!!!! :) thank you so much!!!

Too many procedures at once????

Hey ladies!!! Do you think my body will go into shock doing these major procedures all at once??? I just want to do it all at once rather than separate. But, not if I'd be putting myself in serious jeopardy... Thoughts??


I have a question!!! I'm setting my date tomorrow with Duran and I wanted to know if its true that she allows students to operate on her patients??? I saw this on a review... My gf is booking also and she's freaking over this. Is this accurate info? I never know what to believe and what not to believe.

I'm starting this review completely over! Sorry lol team Durán!

I have totally decided on Dra Duran for my procedures.... She is caring and absolutely amazing at her craft. I have wired my deposit and set my surgery date! The obsession has begun and I am totally and completely obsessed with wish pics and finding the BEST recovery house! I've spoken with "Real Recovery Armonia" which seems like its completely "top notch" this is the info I've gotten thus far-
"Real Recovery Armonia" it is in a luxury apartment building, 24 hour nurses, 24 hour AC, Hot water, all meals & transportation included, 24 hour restricted access with a security camera in the common area, fully enclosed area, located on 2nd floor with elevator, 3 bedrooms (2 full size beds per room) 3 bathrooms, terrace, laundry, they will fill prescriptions for you... Call them! 809-997-2218... The cost is $75 per night!

She seems very very nice and speaks fluent English. I think this RH is fairly new so if any of my fellow Duran dolls secure accommodations there, PLEASE let me know your review!

Just in case that doesn't work out I was looking to find another RH. 24 hour AC, nurses (not just regular people, actual NURSES) and hot water are a must for me. I'm also hoping for a hospital bed in the room, but haven't found that yet. I will be bringing my best friend along (who also scheduled with Duran for same day SX) her husband and mine are splitting the duration of our 12 day stay in the RH. Any info regarding pre and post op meds would be GREATLY appreciated!!! And if you could also share with me what compression garments to buy and from where that would also be greatly appreciated!!! Well, I'm nervous and super excited, this experience is for sure a roller coaster of emotions. Both, my gf and I are both mothers of 2 with loving families and are just hoping the decision we've made is a good one and not one that will turn out bad... It's scary to go out of the country for such a huge procedure... But I'm all set and ready to rock, but I'm also 4 mos POST op so I'm sure my feelings will fluctuate greatly as my sx date approaches lol :) that's all for now!!

Nurses for hire in DR

Does anyone know of good nurses for hire in DR? I need one for my gf and I after sx just in case the RH doesn't work out. Thank you so much!

Starting to get prepared, early I know :)

So I've copied and pasted all meds needed pre and post op and I am ordering my garments this week and also booking my flight! I'm so excited right now... I just look in the mirror and try and grab all the flank fat and back fat and envision what I'm going to look like without it. I am so nervous at the same time. I keep writing the same things lol I'm shot.. I am just ready, you know??? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Meds post and pre SX and other necessities!

SX PREP LIST. (Taken from another well prepared BBL Sista) :)

3o Day Cocktail

(PILL ORGANIZER, pill cutter)
4weeks Pre-sx
Vitamin C 500mg
Iron 130mg

3weeks & 2weeks Pre-sx
Vitamin C 1000mg
Iron 260mg
Bioflavonoid 1000mg (1 w/ ea meal)
garlic,tropical fruit, citrus fruits,
RedBell Peppers -raw form)
•support blood circulation, as an
antioxidant, and to treat allergies,
viruses, or arthritis and other
inflammatory conditions

B-100 Bcomplex vitamins (1/day)
prevent vitamin deficiency
due to poor diet
Zinc 30mg
vital for growth and development. Zinc is instrumental in immune response, brain function and the ability to reproduce/helps control the release of hormones and the transmission of nerve impulses.zinc-rich foods. These include red meat, poultry, crab, lobster, nuts, beans, milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grain bread and fortified breakfast cereal (oysters no more than 3/ highest zinc source ) max 40mg in a day

1week Pre-sx
Arnica Montana 30c (3/day)
Bromelain (3/day) helps w/ swelling bruising healing and pain after sx (from pineapples)
Iron 325mg
Arnica 2/day and gel as needed
Vitamin C 1000mg
Pineapples/pineapple juice ( slow blood clotting)
Water (often)
Percocet/Oxycodone/(pain) 1/ 2hrs on schedule vs just when in
Bicorneum (scars)
Acidophilus (yeast and bacteria infections ( can be caused from pills)
Sleep Aid (ask doc)
Stool softener (colace) /laxative
Benadryl pills and cream (itching)-or.
Tynelol Pain cream
Muscle relaxer
Motrin PM

•no sodium/salt
•no vitamin E
•no aspirin
•no diet supplements (during 30daycocktail

**compiled from bbl vets with common lists***
Sx Item List Stage1&2 Garment ...
2 Dec 2012 4 months post
Sx Item List
Stage1&2 Garment •Vedette,LipoExpress,Faja,Veroniqe
Waist cincher
Tank tops/female tees(smooth)
• Wear under garment
Maxi dresses
Over sized pajama top (mens)
Compression Stockings/long socks
Robe, gloves, anti-septic spray,shower cap, toothpaste/brush
Rolling pin -self massages
Suction hooks or headband
•to hang drains
Female urinal
Anti-bacterial body wash (Hibiclen)
Sugar scrub/olive oil, loofa, body scrubber
Heating pad for stomach and back
Ice packs for booty
Maxi pad va-jjswells wear beneath
Pillows (many) boppy, body, neck, roll
Sheets towels shower curtain ( for bed) dark in color
Small trash can
Firming lotion
Foldable chair (cut out bottom) bbl sista
Wet wipes,Tide pods, Carmax
Neosporin (lipo incision) gauze(clean around drains) band aids (lipo incision)
non stick medical tape, qtips, cotton balls(navel reform)
Steri strips (nexcare) lipo & TT scar
Scar guard (fades scar)
EpiFoam, Mederma
Silicone sheeting, gel zone gel wraps, kelocote
(Some items are used to treat the same just diff type/brand) Show

Flight is BOOKED!

I'm all booked and getting prepared! If anyone knows of a trustworthy driver in DR, please inbox me their info I'd really appreciate it ????

My new wish pic :)

I want this!!!!! 97 more days!!!!

Ladies in the secret fb groups beware of the shady admin LESLIE LINGALA!

I simply spoke my mind saying I wanted to have more post op dolls added to the group so we weren't the blind leading the blind during pre op, and myself along with about 25 girls who agreed with me all got deleted from both groups by Leslie Lingala. This is supposed to be our advocate??? Check this picture out and keep on mind she's speaking about me, and all the members who agreed with that one statement.

Plastic surgery coordinating!

Contact Jazmine Navarro at and let her plan your entire stay in Santo Domingo.... She is amazing! I am one of her clients and I'd be lost without her.

My post sx regimen!

I'm posting a photo of all the things I purchased for recovery after my sx. The only thing I'm not taking a photo of is the female urinal. But def get one!

New date!

I'm going in 3 weeks! I couldn't wait anymore! :)

Another death.

A girl in our fb group died today after having complications from surgery with cabral. Is this really worth it ?? I'm thinking not. Unbelievable. So fkn sad :(


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Messed up the upload here's the rest

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Here it is.

The final countdown!

It's almost my turn! I'm so scared, excited, nervous, anxious, happy, stressed, hopeful...... What a rollercoaster! I'm so mentally drained I'm losing sleep, the days are short and the nights are long... I'm leaving in a few days and I'm going to leave it to god. I feel as if I'm in good hands with Duran... She's very precautious and caring. My hemo is low, I've been upping my iron with pills and liquid also trying to eat iron rich foods. I know Dra won't do the sx if my levels are below 13. With all the procedures I'm getting, I'm hoping I can get my iron up over the next few days. If anyone has any suggestions I'm totally open for them. I'm so afraid to leave my kids and not come back.... I got a life ins policy god forbid anything was to happen to me... I need prayers right now, very overwhelmed. :(

Officially 1 week post op!

Hi dolls! I had my surgery on September 19th and everything went perfectly. I got a TT and BBL with liposculpture. I ended up not switching my implants because Dra Duran advised that it was not necessary to do so at all. I've had my breasts done since 2002, I was told every 10yrs I need to replace the implants, she said that is absolute false information and to save my money. When she marked me up, she said that I don't need a TT and she could give me a nice result with just lipo alone but if I wanted my tummy super flat, she'd do the TT. I opted for the TT. I took the little blue pill and was wheeled into the OR and off I went.

I will tell you this, I woke up a bunch of times during surgery, I felt NO pain when I woke up, but I did feel Dra working on certain areas of my body. I felt the pressure of the lipo but no pain at all. I remember she looked at me and said, "everything is ok don't worry" and I went back to sleep.

When I woke up... Whoa, the pain. It was no joke. I got muscle repair on my abdomen and felt immense tightness and pressure with extreme pain. I was having shortness of breath because of the tightness of my tummy. It was serious and painful. I stayed at cipla that night, the nurses were OK. There were some better than others and there was definitely an issue with the language barrier. No one understood me and I understood no one. I was feeling very helpless. I was there alone and could not understand one solitary word of what the nurses would say. The emotional rollercoaster was now in full swing.

I left cipla on the 20th. I stayed at Yasmin's RH. I really liked Yasmin and her mom was super nice. They were attentive and caring, the good was very good too. By the 3rd day I was feeling very depressed and unhappy. The pain was getting worse not better and I was starting to get frustrated. I had a lot of questions and I didn't like the answers I was getting. For example, I was asking when the pain would be a LITTLE less unbearable for me and I was told I should be 100% fine by day 3. And that all the other girls are walking and getting up on their own and there was no way I was in the amount of pain I was in. As if I enjoyed needing them for everything. I was completely turned off by that and was ready to leave at that moment.

So day 4, I was supposed to get a massage... The lady came, I had a serious burning sensation in my side and asked her to just stop and give me one minute to relax. She didn't understand and I asked for her to get yasmin since she speaks good English. I just let yasmin know that I needed one minute because of the burning and after about 2 mins of them speaking fast Spanish, Yasmin said to me, she doesn't have time for this, the lady has a lot to do today and let's try again tomorrow. I'm pissed at this point, because what am I paying for?? The lady HAS to know how uncomfortable these massages are! Is she really leaving and saying she doesn't have time for this?? I didn't even want to see her face after that and wanted to be left alone. That was 2 strikes for me. I was done. That was all it took.

The next day, I was calling for a nurse because I had to go to the bathroom and couldn't get up on my own. Calling calling calling for an hour. Now I'm extremely upset and on the verge of tears. Yasmin comes in my room and says what's the matter mama? I tell her I've been calling and screaming for a nurse for an hour and she says ohhh no you haven't mama I just checked on you 5 mins ago and you were sleeping. STRIKE 3. I'm done. I said to her... Seriously??! I've been calling and calling why would I lie?? I have to pee and I'm freezing, the remote for the ac was out of my reach and I needed them to help me at that moment. She told me I should be able to get up on my own by now and the remote is "right there" which right there was out of my reach. Towards the bottom of the bed. I knew I needed to relax, I was alone, in DR angry, upset and just wanted to go home at this point. I knew I had an appt with Dra Duran at 9:30 the next morning which was when I decided to pack my bag and bring it along because I knew I wasn't staying there another night. The nurse packed up all of my stuff for me and Yasmin came asking what is wrong that I am leaving.... I couldn't believe she even asked at this point but whatever. I told her I can't take it anymore and I need a change of scenery. I didn't want to fight, plus I was paid in full and wanted my money back for the remaining 7 days I was supposed to be there. She asked me to sign a waiver stating my leave had nothing to do with the service. I told her when I have my money back I will sign whatever she wants. She told me I can have it back in $100 payments every 2 weeks until it's paid off. I was not having it. I said no. So long story short, I got reimbursed $300 from what should've been $375. Because since I was leaving the 6th day she was deducting for transportation and nurse fees. WHATEVER I had $300 and I wanted to go. So off I went.

I got to cipla and saw Dra Duran for my drain removal. I was very upset and had no idea where I'd stay for the next week. I cried the entire visit. The drain removal was uncomfortable for sure. I hated it. The drains are inside of your waist wrapped from hip to hip on both sides. It didn't feel good coming out, but it took 2 seconds and then I was fine. Dra wanted me to stay at cipla for te rest of my stay. She handed a nurse a handful of pesos and said to take good care of her girl. That made me feel a sense of relief. She is just so caring and genuine. She was truly an amazing dr from day 1.. I was taken to my room and I went to sleep. My dinner came and I walked around for a bit then back to my room to sleep. I woke up several times wondering why no one checks in on me there to make sure I'm ok. Then I realized where I was in cipla was basically the "hotel" part. And there was really no care. Just meals. She did send her nurse the next day to clean me up and check on me etc.... I only stayed that night. I left the following evening to go somewhere else where I'd have the aftercare I needed at this point. I am now in a house where the care is AMAZING and I am so happy and finally feel a sense of relief. I am 7 days post op today and the pain is 50% gone and now I'm just dealing with the tightness and pressure in my stomach. But I'm able to get up on my own even though it takes about 5 mins, I'm walking faster and breathing better. I think I'm on the road to recovery now. Thank god. I will post more when I get home. Including driver info and the name and number of the person who is caring for me now. Please understand that I am in a foreign country, alone and my safety is key. I need to get home to my family. So I will post all info within the next day or so. That's all for now...... Xo

My results...

I know my last post was more about aftercare than actual results so let me tell you about that now lol.

I got TT, BBL and lipo of back, waist, flanks, arms and back of my thighs. I am still numb from the lipo everywhere. I don't feel like the lipo is as bad as some other girls experiences. Everyone is different, pain tolerances, healing etc... For me the TT was the fkn BEAST. So I'm all bruised and extremely swollen... I feel better today than yesterday for sure. I feel like I have a Kim K body right now. My waist is super tiny, my boobs are a 36D and my butt looks just like hers right now. It's personally too big for me, but I'm not mad at all lol I know the swelling will go down and I'll love it. My TT incision is perfectly straight and beautiful. Duran is truly a master of her craft. I look like a sexy animated cartoon character lol I have to keep reminding myself that the swelling still has a loooooong way to go and this isn't how my final result will be. I'm happy either way honestly :) once I can get up and move around like I'm used to, I'll be one happy chick. :) so my hypothesis is..... Even though I'm super swollen, I can clearly see I have a big round butt and a teeeeeeeny tiny waist and a super flat tummy. Ill def post pics when I get home. Team Duran all the way! Oh and I'm 5'8" 155 pre op by the way.

The BEST driver EVER!

Here is the info for Josè! He speaks perfect English and he has ALL access to the best nurses, chefs and anything else you need for a smooth, stress free recovery. He arranges EVERYTHING for you and it's worth it. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON RECOVERY HOUSES. I stayed at Yasmin's which I posted my story about that already and Armonia which I was better off taking care of myself because I paid $85 a night and had to do EVERYTHING by myself anyway! They didn't do anything except bring your food. Rides were "included" yet I still had to hire a driver for additional cost because no one was EVER in the house. They left me alone all day every day with the cook who spoke NO English and couldn't understand a single word I said. They even brought 5 guys into the house and were drinking and partying while I was dying in pain and needed help. All they care about it the mighty dollar... I even tipped each worker $50 American and they still did absolutely NOTHING for me. This was the worst experience of my life and I wish I would've just stayed in a hotel and hired a nurse. The best part of the experience was the drive to the airport. But once I got out of the car, it was all hell again for me. I even got kicked in my leg by a security guard who took my bag for me, I needed to change a $50 for pesos so I could tip him but he didn't understand what I meant so he said something in Spanish then kicked me and stormed off as I lay on the floor. DONT GO ALONE!!!!!! It will be the biggest mistake of your life.

Don't order from fajas diseno prada NJ

I spent over $400 on fajas... Sent them my exact measurements and they sent me NOTHING THAT FIT. I messaged them numerous times and they did not reply. They have horrible customer service and are money hungry yet don't give a shit about us.... Just like everyone else on this journey. (Except Dra Duran) I now have to order from another company because they refuse to address the situation. I wasn't even asking for my money back.... Just to exchange for garments that will actually FIT me. They don't care, they made their $400+ off me and then it's F U. I'll get the info for the company I ordered my garments from that are way better quality and they actually FIT. I'll be back with that info in a few. I just need to go thru my email. I'm sorry for all of this negativity, if you knew me personally, I'm a really cool person who is extremely nice and caring.... I am truly just trying to help anyone and prevent them from making the mistakes I made that landed me in a ton of horrific situations. I love you all and I just want things to go smooth for you all. No one deserves to endure the pain or mental anguish I did.... So if my posts help even ONE future doll, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

A few post op pics for you... Nothing crazy, but it's all I have for now

Here's a few pics... I am starting to finally feel better so I will def take better ones so you can really see the amazing job Duran did on me :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Duràn has been such a doll! I'm excited to get to DR and meet her and Elizabeth... November can't come soon enough! :)

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