33 with 1 Child.. 450cc moderate plus overs silicon Breast Aug - Atlanta, GA

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Tomorrow morning is my pre op and blood work day,...

Tomorrow morning is my pre op and blood work day, at Buckhead Plastic Surgery with Dr. Larsen. Very little nervousness but most of all ready to get it all over with. I'm a 32 b and was thinking about the 375 cc saline over the muscle.. Now I'm set on the 450 cc after much research and everyone saying they end up with Boob Greed.. I'm kinda afraid of needles so hopefully I can get through the whole IV fear.

Pre Op

Hey guys, so today I met with Dr. Larsen. Extremely nice and he smelled great.. Lol anyway, his staff is so awesome and comforting. I didn't need to do any lab based on my health history. Pretty healthy . Just need more water intake. Blood pressure was a little high but he assured me if won't be a promblem for now but I should take care of it soon. I decided on the 450 cc moderate over the muscle. And I don't need to get a breast lift... Whooo. Was nervous about that. Rather not deal with so many incesions. My surgery is this Friday April 1st.. What a day huh . Can't believe this is really happening. But thx to my Bestfriend it is..

Surgery day

The morning of surgery. Had a lot of anxiety last night but I'm better this morning. Appt is at 1:30 surgery is at 2:30.. Wish me luck

Done with surgery

Guess I can say boob land now. All done. Still doped up on meds but pain is tolerable . My boyfriend and son are taking great care of me. Surgery was a breeze. All I remember is taking deep breaths in the mask, then waking up in the recovery room. Dr Larsen was so awesome. His staff were great as well. I was nervous for nothing. They gave me a Valium for anxiety and that calm me down. My blood pressure was high so they gave me a pill to bring it down and a prescription to keep my blood pressure down. I'm all wrapped up. But I can use the bathroom by myself and move my arms . Over all it was a smooth process. I can say I was nervous for nothing. I'm actually feeling fine.

2nd day post op

Hey guys. Been sleeping pretty good with the Valium . Not one did I need the Ativan for sleep. I barfed only once from nausea in the car right after leaving the hospital. Anyway I to take another Percocet and Valium around 4 am from small pain and tightness and dozed right back off. I'll take another around 1pm if need be. Started my bloody pressure bill this more, hope that it helps. My mom is surprised I have high blood pressure at my age, but I know I need to change my diet, exercise, and water intake. Anyway, still wrapped up. Been trying to peek at my girls. I'm pretty much able to do things on my own, like get out of bed, use the bathroom, brush teeth, stoop down if I need to get something, all using my abdominal and legs but never reach up. Also get bendy straws and lots of water. Helps a lot. And make sure u elevate your feet for blood circulation as well as walk around. Other than that pain is minimal.

3 day post op

Been feeling fine. Pain is very minimal sometimes no pain. Only been taking antibiotics, percocets, and Valium . Sleep has been fine. Back hurts a little from this one sleeping position but other than that all is well. I see Dr Larsen on tomorrow. Guess I'll get to see my new boobs. I'm still in shock that I actually went through with it. I'll keep you guys updated with photos tomorrow . As of now, still wrapped up tight.

Day 4 Post Op

Didn't see Dr Larsen , only his nurses and staff. They showed me exercises today and took my wrap off. So far so good

Implant size

If I forgot to mention. I have smooth round moderate plus profile . 450cc

Trying on clothes

Trying on some of my dresses today. And I must say I look 100 percent better. So very pleased

6 days post op

Ugh I need to retire the meds . Can I switch to something else do o won't be so tired and on bed rest all the time. Anyway, feeling fine besides the soarness and tightness sometimes. Going my exercises and my back pains are no joke.

Boob Greed

Loving my boobs, thinking maybe I should have done the 500 cc instead of the 450cc. Hoping I don't lose much once the swelling goes down.

128 pounds
33 years
1 child
Started off 32B

Day 8 post op

Okay this is the worst. Hypersensitive breast. It's so annoying and tender. Very heavy. I just wanna lay in bed all day. What can I do about these sensitive nipples.

Day 10 post op

Still a little sore. Been massaging , it feels better when I do. Off meds. Only taking Tylenol . Nipples are still sensitive. But over all I really like them.

2nd Post Op Tomorrow

Post op day 12.. Almost 2 weeks. Feeling fine except a little sunburn feeling on my skin. Still sensitivity to my nipples and I'm massaging a good bit. I've attach some photos I've taken today. Still have my surgical tape over my sutures

2 weeks

2 weeks post op. So far so good. Dr. Larsen said everything looks good and get are getting soft.


March 28, April 4, April 10, April April 14

Post Op Day 24

Feeling great so far so good. Numbness underneath my boobs and my incesions sorta ache sometimes. Just started using my scar scream , totally forgot it was there. Anyway loving my boobs and hoping they don't drop too much from how they are now.

1 Month Anniversary

Today makes a month since I got my Breast augmentation. 450cc mentor moderate over the muscle. Started with a 32b..

1 month and 6 days

Here's a little update on my 450cc moderate plus silicon overs. I was a deflated 32b now I'm not sure what size I am being that I haven't been sized yet or do I really need to wear a bra . I just love them. Very soft and squishy, still a little numb underneath , my incesions are a little tender sometimes but are healing great .

1 month and 9 days

Just a few photo updates . I'm 5'4", 33 years old, 128 pounds. With 450cc silicon moderate plus over the muscle.

1 month 12 days

Just a little before and after. Don't know my size yet, just been going bra less ..

Almost 2 months

Feeling great, still massaging. They've dropped a lot

Almost 3 Months

July 1st makes my 3 month anniversary. Still have zingers here and there but overall I feel great. Very little discomfort when I lay on my side or stomach , mostly on my stomach. Feels like I'm laying on water balloons. Anyway very soft and natural looking. I get so many compliments. No problems at all so far. My incisions sometimes have little sharp pains here and there but nothing major.

Happy 4 Months

Feeling great looking great. No problems . My incisions from scar tissue kinda pinches every now and then but nothing major.

Boobs are still doing Great

Boobs are still great and softer than ever. Have little small pains here and there but that's only when I forget to massage them. So love them and how natural they are. I have all of my feeling back.

It's been a year

Boobs doing great. No problem at all. They've gotten so soft I can't feel the implant at times. Really happy with them.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Best doctor . He's so awesome and caring . Great staff as well. Super cool Doctor

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