25yo, 32A Looking to Get Full C/D with 375cc - Atlanta, GA

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Im 5'1, 105lb, petite, fit body, was initially...

Im 5'1, 105lb, petite, fit body, was initially looking at 400cc, but since my diameter is narrow, I am thinking of moderate plus 375cc to avoid the high profile, projected bubbly look. I'm not a fan of the balloon look, and I want mine more round and full. I go in for surgery 4/28 and am hoping to have the girls ready for beach vacations in June!

Preop. 2 days later.

I haven't been able to sleep!! I went in for my preop and met with the nurse on Tuesday and after much, MUCH back and forth, we decided on 325ModPlus. I'm getting silicone unders either way. After looking at more pictures, I'm now thinking if I should've gone with what she said and all the other girls at the office at 400high profile!! I just don't want to regret it but I feel like high profile will get me the balloon look that I hate (pics) too. I'm meeting back with my PS tomorrow because I legitimately can't stop thinking about it. I really do think 325 mod plus will get me the look I want with the frame I have, but just want him to confirm it and really get his opinion. Ive gotten all my scripts and surgery is next Thursday!! Eek! More wish pics and hate pics!

Final consult with my PS

Had my final consultation with Dr Colgrove and we had a good talk. Colgrove is funny to me. He's not real personable, but he does explain well. Maybe 20 years of doing BAs on hundreds of girls will do that :/ I showed him my wish pics and hate pics and told him I was thinking on 325mod plus. He said that based on the volume that I want and even the fill and the size, that 375hp would be the best way to get there. He said that under the muscle and 375cc hp won't get me the bubbly look, and that I'm not choosing an erroneously large size for my frame either. The mod plus at 325 would be stretching it too bc I'm right at 12cm diameter and that requires 12.3 so I'll need 300, which, after the muscle settles will end up being .:::cue dramatic music::: 275..and that's really small, I feel. I tried on the sizers for 350 and actually really liked them (pics..not very good ha sry..I should've brought a tighter fitting shirt for the consultation) so, he said that 375 will really be my best option. He said it's tough to judge post op pics taken so soon because they take 6-12months to really drop and have the full effect. I asked about my 6wk vacation and bikinis and knowing how paranoid and neurotic I am, his eyes widened and he actually made eye contact with me as he said yea...they're still going to be really high and may have your "fake look". I appreciate his honesty and even hearing how long it takes and the realistic time frame expectations of them dropping to a natural look really helps. Plus, one of the nurses actually had 400s done 5 years ago and hers didn't look very big at all, granted she started with a bit more than me, but she let me feel them and play with them a little (LOL) and they weren't bad! Not fake looking. I'm actually really excited now and think that 375cc hp will be right for me!

Monday night and surgery is Thursday!

Okay. Final few updates of me preop. I'm so nervous! 375cc HP unders are less than 72 hrs away and I'm..anxious!! I'm just staring at all the meds to start taking and debating on getting a final leg work out in tomorrow. I feel like I've finally relaxed a bit about the size I'm choosing. I have to tell my boss tomorrow in our meeting why I've been weird about my schedule and I'm going to tell him. It's weird that all the bosses are male. I've only told one coworker and my really good girl friends. I haven't even told my mom. Wow. Tomorrow is going to fly by and Wednesday will be over in no time!!

Hours after surgery!

Don't feel too bad. Avoiding taking my pain meds unless needed and honestly, it doesn't feel any worse than a heavy workout!! Ps said not to come out of wraps yet until tomorrow so I'm so anxious to look!

25 Yo, 32A with 375cc HP Unders, 5'0, 105lb

I've always wanted breasts and have finally decided that now is a better time than any! My husband and I started doing research and found Colgrove and his great reviews! I had a difficult time choosing between a smaller mod+ or the HP and decided going HP for my 12' diameter. Colgrove reassured me that to get the volume I want that we'll have to go with 375cc, mentor, HP, and that they'll look great under the muscle.

Anything for bowel movement?? Omg!!

This may be TMI but this by far has been the worst! It's just this queasy, gasseous feeling and nothing is coming out. I kept waking up in the middle of the night bc of it, and I can't get anything thru! I was given stool softener but it's not helping! It's worst than any other pain I've had so far and I'm not taking the morphine or loritab, anymore and am just taking the antibacterial. I really want to shower but I also want to get a BM out! Right now it's just a pit, bloaty, gassy feeling in my gut. Anyone have any suggestions that helped them?

Post op Day 3 - pics

Really want this bloating to stop and have a bowel movement! Anyway, girls are still riding high and tight and really wanting to get a BM out before I shower. I'm so happy with them! I love the projection! I'm going for my post op tomorrow so I'm excited to see what he says! I'll be driving too and working remote so I'm excited to get back in the swing of things. Ahh! Everything's been going so well I can't complain about anything!

Finally happened! Post op 3rd day

Had a BM which was amazing. Took a shower afterwards and tried my best not getting the sutures wet but then they started welting up a bit...pictures below. I go in for my 1st post op tomorrow so i should know more and if there are any concerns I should have. I'm starting to have a pain in my right side so hopefully it's nothing but I haven't had it before so I'm nervous. It's like a nagging twitch too, so idk what's up. I work remotely tomorrow but will be driving myself. I haven't been on meds since yesterday and haven't even took any at all today. I'm ready for them to soften up a bit lol and they're still high and tight. It still hurts to laugh. Hopefully I get over it soon and I get my questions answered tomorrow! Yay!

First Post Op / 4 days post op

Post op went well and PS said everything looked good! Asked him if I could start using scar gel and he said it's not needed until it turns into a scar. He said not to push myself thru too much and I mentioned the pain on the side and he said that its normal and it's the nerves reactivating. After my post op, I decided to meet a client for work very briefly and I can't believe how winded I was afterwards. Practically came home and pass out immediately. Tomorrow will be my first full day of work so I'm hoping it won't be too bad!

1 week post op

Not a bad day. Full day of work. Feeling a lot better. Getting some feeling in my nipples which feels pretty funny. They're still sore and tight. I can't get the markings off and it's frustrating. The bloating is going away and I feel like I'm on a regular schedule again for BMs which is nice. Things are going great and can raise my arms level with my shoulders which is nice. Still feels funny trying to raise overhead though so don't want to overdo it. Happy overall.

Showering still tough and sleeping..

Everything is going great, except showers are still very difficult for me. It just proves that everyone heals and recovers at their own pace. I haven't been on the pain meds since post op day 3, and there really hasn't been much pain. The things I've noticed are that its still a bit uncomfortable lifting my arms overhead, and showers are still tough for me to wash my hair and dry myself off. Finally have pictures of my incisions without bandage, since I'm supposed to change them every 3 days but I haven't changed them in 5, maybe 6. It just kind of hurts and I dread showering at this point. Anyway, brought the girls out last night for a concert and it was fun. Didn't wear my bra either which was a new feeling also. Oh, and first time I've tested sleeping on my side; sleeping on my back is killing me!!

First time w/o surgical bra, lots of pics, 12 days post!!

Okay, so I've been paranoid about not wearing the surgical bra and not having the support that comes with it and wore my first wire free bra today with a regular shirt versus button up and it went great! I noticed that my nipples are always hard now and that this particular bra doesn't do a good job of covering that so I got some toilet paper and just used that as an extra layer between the bra and my nipples to help hide my nips a bit more. It was 10 bucks from Walmart, can't complain. Anyway, wasnt going to post another update until 2 weeks (5/10 today, 5/12 is Thursday and officially 2 wks) but I couldn't help myself!! This was my first time in a regular bra and even trying on old bathing suits! I've been limiting my arm movement and even had my husband help with bra sizing when we went to Walmart, so I gave it a shot and just tried one bikini and included before shots from like 6 years ago and afters and wowZa. Oh, and yes, the bra is a size 34B but it's massive I feel, and I'm on the 3rd clasp trying to make it as tight as possible and really need a 32 but couldn't find any wire free bras at 32 there, so just making do. I love the look so far, and that's what matters to me, and I can't wait for them to fully drop and fluff!! Stats: Petite, 5'1, 105lb, 32/34 hardly fill an A cup from VS, went 375cc HP Mentor, under muscle

10 pic limit?

More pics from previous post

3wks 2 days starting to massage and stretch

Wanted to take pics of them before I started massaging and stretching. It's a weird feeling and I feel like I'm catching my breath when I do it. Can't wait for them to drop and fluff more in the next 3 weeks!

4 wks

A bit late on updating this but new pics at 4 weeks. Getting squishier and squishier but still a ways to go before they fully drop. I love them so much!! Yesterday we went to the pool and I had so much anxiety about taking my shirt off for the first time in public. It went alright and after the first shock of doing it, it was totally fine. Can't wait for our trips coming up!

2.5 months and loving them!

Just an update with pics at 2.5 months (BA 4/28/16) and loving them so much. PS said I still shouldn't do any upper body lifting or anything too rigorous since I'm healing really well and we should keep it that way. I haven't been doing my massages and exercises as often as I should but I probably do them 2-3x a week. Been so busy with traveling and work. It feels so great not having to wear padded bras. Everything fills out better, it's great. 375cc mentor hp unders

Boobs in clothes

Pics of boobs in clothes/bathing suit. Just love how they fill everything out!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

First time meeting with Colgrove for my consultation wasn't very personable and detailed. Then went in for my preop, and again, wasn't very detailed and the nurse and I went back and forth on size. Needed to get my anxiety addressed so asked to meet with the Doctor himself. Met with Colgrove again, and he spent the extra time to talk to me and reassure me that 375hp were the best way to go versus the 300 mod plus based on my wish pics. I had this stigma that HP we're going to give me the bubble look that I hated, and Colgrove did a great job explaining to me that it wouldn't! He spent the extra time and it was what I needed!!

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