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How I heard of it... So my girlfriend are at the ...

How I heard of it...
So my girlfriend are at the gym and she's telling me about some new treatment that she's doing on her inner thighs (since she swears they're big just cause they "touch"). Anyway, at that time she had only gone in for 2 treatments. After telling me how much she had paid ($4k for her inner thighs & abs), I figured I would let her be the guinea pig and just tell her "I told you so" later on. 

Fast forward to 3 more wks later and she shows me her thighs and I couldn't believe that the little bit of saggy skin she had a little higher up in her inner thigh was actually tightened up...but I don't know if it was because I always thought her thighs weren't really that flabby (at least not compared to mine) but I really didn't see a difference in overall size. Until....she showed me some pics (I guess her before pics that they took from when she had started), and YES, I saw a big difference. So naturally, I had to go see for myself. Luckily, she had told me that anyone she referred would get a free treatment.

How I decided to do it.....
So I went in for my appt and met w/their patient consultant. After explaining what Venus Freeze is and how there's 2 parts to it (the rebuilding of your elasticity/collagen fibers and the shrinking of fat tissue), I was still skeptical. Granted, she even showed me a video of them being on Inside Edition or Extra or something, but a part of me just thought that w/my luck, I wouldn't get the same results as my girlfriend. Needless to say, I only bought a package for the back of my thighs (and she ended up giving me 2 treatments for my inner thighs which I was soooo excited about but still kept my poker face, ha!)

How I fell in love....
So my weekly treatments start about 3 wks later. I was shocked at how booked they were and how they how everyone in the lobby was buzzing about making sure to book at least 3 or 4 at a time or else they wouldn't have space. Anyway, my first treatment was not bad at all. It took about 45min cause the other girl took pics and talked to me about the machine. Before she started, she put a thin layer of gel on the back of my thighs then started to go over them w/the machine. I felt it get warmer & warmer but never cold (which I was expecting since the name has FREEZE afterall). But it turns out the name "freeze" comes from their tagline "freezing the aging process". Whatever, I really didn't care. Anyway, after 15 min on each leg, I was almost a little confused since there was no pain, or overheating, or zap or anything. It almost seemed like nothing really even happened. But as they explained, it wasn't suppose to hurt. So I continued on w/ my weekly treatments. It wasn't until I got to treatment #4 that I thought I started to notice my skin looking firmer....but didn't pay much attention. Then comes treatment 6....... HOLY SMOKES!!!!! I went home that night and took a pic and compared it to my starting point. I couldn't believe it!!! Sure enough, each treatment after that just transformed my thighs right before my eyes (see pics below). I kid you not, I would literally stare at my butt in the mirror almost EVERY NIGHT after that in shock that it was actually mine!!!!

Since then....
So it's been 5 wks since my last treatment and I am still a bit shocked!! I actually bought short shorts the other day and prepared myself to be disappointed at how they would look in the fitting room (since it seems that lighting is the worse). But....nope, my thighs looked just as good as they did at home, lol. So, if you're looking to tighten your skin & basically tone up your thighs, I totally recommend Venus Freeze!!!!! Sonobello is really good about giving you free treatments & trials and even let you pay in payments!

By the way, my "maintenance" will now be just 1 treatment every 8 months... I'm also happy to report that I'm now doing it on my abs & face (since I didn't like how botox froze my face). The more areas you buy, the cheaper the packages but thank goodness for the freebies they give you that way you can save them and use them for maintenance. Pics to follow soon for those areas, too! =)

From comment on June 21, 2014

It's very sad people called me fake and are so mean with their comments behind a computer screen. This forum is to share ones experiences...not to be responsible for others' bodies and disappointments with the same treatment. I am happy to report that I ended up getting smartlipo for my inner thighs and finally feel great about them! VF became very costly after a while and I didn't have the time to invest for maintenance. But I still believed in it and glad I did it. Good luck with your journey.

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