34 and i want my body back

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My goal is to get the body ive always wanted. I am...

My goal is to get the body ive always wanted. I am very nervous but i have been researching over a year i originally wanted a tummy tuck but after further research i decided to do lipo fat transfer. My husband loves big butts but i dont have one lol. How ironic. He's very supportive my kids arent as supportive neither is my baby sitter they think regular dieting will solve my problems but of course my sister never had kids stomach is nice and flat and she looks great in almost anything. Anyways im about to come into a little money and i decided to do this for me. Today i reached out to Dr.boutte in Atlanta where i live im not willing to travel i have heard good things about her so far. I just emailed her office and already a reply and voicemail from crystal. Im excited my kids cant believe i sent the pictures lol. So ladies who knows of any good doctors in Atlanta being that i just started to actually seek out doctors my options are still open.

Talked with dr.boutte coordinator

I spoke with a really sweet person today from Dr.boutte office name Crystal she was very nice very informative. After sending her my pictures she advised me of what would give me the best outcome she said something like do you want to be 2pc ready or 1 pc ready lol. I thought that was a good way to differ the look lol. She emailed me 2 treatment plans 1 for tummy tuck lipo contouring for 17,000 and another for 7,741 smart lipo fat transferred to my buttocks. Of course im going to go with smart lipo thats a no brainer lol. She then sent me a picture of someone my size height and weight with smart lipo i like the look its not flat as a pancake but its nice. I plan on doing this procedure in august 2016 or sooner. No i wont make bikini time lol but i will be looking great for the hoildays im so ready. I will keep you guys posted.

Kind of freaking out about it now!

After wanting to read bad reviews out there about my doctor im more nervous than ever about this procedure. Thou everybody will have unsatified customers im most confused about her not greeting her patients before surgery, thats just common courtesy to help put a patient at ease. I dont understand her concept on that. I dont know how many of these reviews were accurate however some were disturbing. Especially the one that speaks on a patient waking up in the middle of surgery and seen someone other than Dr.boutte doing her procedure. It got me to thinking is this why she doesnt meet her clients before hand? I dont know i just want the best results be treated fairly my health to be a priority a doctor i can trust if you ladies know any doctors in atlanta please reach out to me. Thanks
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

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