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New to this trying to get n touch with dr.Yily...

New to this trying to get n touch with dr.Yily just need to get a quote I need numbers and email address please. ......thanks!!! Been looking on this site for a while now seen some of yilys work and said 2 myself ....Damn shes a beast I need her n my life ...see im 33 and have 3 kids my body held up for years but the last 3 years been crazy im like wtf breast all saggy now and got a gut...people always say 2 me gurl u look good in my head im like yea with clothes on lol just tr of hiding behind the clothes I just want my body back you know want to feel beautiful again and I know that yily can do that cant wait to get n touch with her and get my quote.....then it's on ?

waiting on the right quote"

Waiting on the right quote....send n pictures and got a email says 7, 000 im like oh hell no" all I want is lipo, tummy tuck, breast implants.....i never seen anyone pay that much on here so I email her back and called talk to her assistant told her want I wanted ...now just waiting on my new quote


Really been calling the office for 3 days now everybody is putting me on hold....tryn 2 be patient I wanna start planning for my trip don't like doin things at the last minute. ..heard some of these story on here im like yikes" lol but I know everthing going 2 be just fine. .........right?

change of plans im going with dr.fisher now

I'm Just have a tummy tuck pay my deposit and my date is for May 28 2015 ...I did wanted a bbl but I already have a ass I Just need to tone it up... Can't wait Fisher is getting me a lil waist and a flat stomach.. I live in Atlanta ga will be flying to Miami


I Wish I would have look these people up..before sending my money they are a scam so where to start...well I find this site call real self... going through people profile so I'm liking what I see..I find a doctor that goes by Dr.Fisher he seems great and have great reviews I'm thinking to my self OK let me give them a call... call the office everyone so pleasant told them that I wanted to get a tummy tuck done so they told me to put down deposit so I did they said half thought pay pal half directly in there account... now this should have been a red flag !!! So of course I was excited days started to fly it's getting closer to my date well.make a long story short I wasn't able to get it done my levels was low.. they have a policy 100% money back guarantee .. so I thought " call the office ask for a refund was told that would and would get a full refund oh and I end up paying 4,000 for a tummy tuck they said it will take up to 4 to 6 weeks 6 weeks pass still waiting got a email saying that I need to get in contact with pay pal and get my refund.... I raise hell it's 8-1-15 and I still haven't received my money I started to do some research and behold these people are known to scam I went on better business bureau OMG!!! They took a lot of people money smh...so I'm got me a good lawyer and pursuing to Sue... so if your reading this please go on better business bureau and you can see for your self they even got video when they was on the news
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